ASUS EeeBook E403SA

Set to retail later this year for $299, the EeeBook E403SA is designed to go head to head with similarly-priced Chromebooks.

Although targeted at the entry-level segment, the EeeBook E403SA shares design commonalities with the manufacturer's more premium offerings. When it comes to the hardware, the notebook sports a 14-inch display, an Intel Pentium processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB SSD along with a 13-hour battery life, with the specs matching those on offer with several Chromebooks. What sets the EeeBook E403SA spart is that it runs Windows 10 out of the box, allowing users access to a wider range of content.

The EeeBook E403SA will be hitting store shelves sometime in Q3 2015. With Lenovo also announcing the entry-level Ideapad 100 last week, it is clear that Windows OEMs are looking to sieze a chunk of the market share away from Chromebooks this year.

Source: Blogging Windows