2flicka and Weather+ pick up impressive features in latest round of updates

Official apps are fun and all, but sometimes it’s the indie developers that really push the platform and make some amazing apps. 2flicka and Weather+ are two apps we’re happy with around here and they are definitely doing their part to push Windows Phone forward. Both also received some new updates, let’s check them out!

2flicka adds notifications and more!

Let’s not beat around the bush, the official Flickr app is garbage. It has been nearly two years since the official Flickr app picked up an update, that’s just inexcusable. Thankfully apps like 2flicka exist that make using Flickr on Windows Phone a joy. The latest version of 2flicika, version 1.4, brings the following changes:

  • Notifications added
  • Live tiles fixed
  • Added notes to photos
  • Main page redesigned to reduce the number of tabs
  • Photo viewer redesigned to avoid duplicate actions
  • Re-Flickr support added
  • Context menu added on all photos
  • Bug fixes

There’s nothing like an app getting notification support, which is exactly what 2flicka just did in version 1.4. There’s also a redesign for the main page to reduce the number of tabs and the photo viewer will avoid duplicate actions. All in all, a great update for 2flicka. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store or use the QR code below. (Trial/$1.29)

QR: 2flicka

Weather+ improves Live tiles and more in latest update

We’ve got a handful of killer weather apps in the Windows Phone Store. Weather+ is new to the scene and already one of our favorites. Its clean design and gesture support make it top notch. Here’s what’s new in version of Weather+ for Windows Phone:

  • Location bug fixes
  • Reduction of duplicate location results
  • Live tile improvements
  • Debug background agent page
  • Use white instead of accent color (under settings)
  • 16 new app themes (Pro) (under settings)
  • General fixes and improvements

The initial release of Weather+ had a few complaints about location errors, those seem to have been addressed in this latest update. 16 new app themes have also been added, which you can get if you’re a pro user of Weather+.

You can grab Weather+ from the Windows Phone Store for free, but for $1.99 you can unlock pro features like more themes, Live tiles, and notifications for alerts. 

QR: Weather+

Thanks for the tips everyone! 

Sam Sabri