3 Group and Razer team up in co-branding partnership

Gaming hardware and software company Razer has announced a new partnership with 3 Group as part of what they call a "strategic alliance" focused on co-branding and more.

From Razer:

3 Group and Razer have today announced an exciting global strategic alliance. This is the first-ever collaboration between Razer and a mobile network operator.Together they will focus on co-branding to reach out to the gaming community and youth audience, mobile devices and tariff plans specifically designed for the gaming community, as well as the distribution of Razer's virtual currency, zGold. Razer will distribute their award-winning gaming products, leveraging on 3's leading mobile data networks, for the gamers to enjoy a spectacular experience.

Exact details of what we might see come out of the partnership are a bit vague at the moment, but it's clear initiatives around Razer's zGold may play a large part. One of the first tangible parts of the newfound relationship is that 3 Hong Kong and Razer will be jointly opening a new RazerStore in Hong Kong this June. Other gaming promotions, Razer says, are also in the works.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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