iStunt 2 and more Miniclip Xbox games for Windows 8 and RT free right now

Windows 8 and RT gamers recently survived a dangerous outbreak of gaming deals thanks to the Microsoft Studios Sale, which only just ended. But now, another rash of Xbox Windows 8 deals threatens players’ well being – if not their wallets. Miniclip has made three of its games free for a limited time only: iStunt 2, Monster Island, and Gravity Guy. Can your Windows 8 or RT device handle so many free games at once time? There’s only one way to find out…

These games all have In-App Purchases, so Miniclip stands to profit even when giving their titles away. But you can enjoy and complete most of them without spending a cent, except perhaps for the ultra-tough Gravity Guy.

Update: All three games plus Fragger are also free on Windows Phone this week!

Head past the break for download links and our game descriptions!

iStunt 2

iStunt 2 for Windows 8

In iStunt 2, players steer a snowboarder around 2D courses, collecting stars and trying to earn high scores. Your border will have to survive crazy loops, buzzsaws, gravity portals, and other hazards in order to reach the finish line. Steering on a tablet is as simple as tilting the device to adjust the board’s position, while swiping down on the screen crouches and swiping up jumps. On a PC, you'd use the arrow keys for all functions, which is even easier.

iStunt 2 has four sets of levels containing more than 80 levels in total. The coins earned from completing levels can be spent in the game’s shop to unlock new rides, boards, and level skips. You can even unlock Gravity Guy and the protagonist from Fragger.

Windows 8 Store Link

Monster Island

Monster Island for Windows 8

On Windows Phone, we probably have way too many physics puzzle games. But for Windows 8, they are still a rare and mysterious breed. Monster Island is basically a monster-themed version of Fragger, both of which play quite similarly to Angry Birds. Instead of a grenadier of bird slingshotter, in this one you play as a kindly monster that must defeat less kindly invading monsters. Aim and throw five different kinds of monster grenades to destroy your stationary enemies.

With more than 200 levels, Monster Island offers plenty of bomb-throwing fun. It features a robust in-game shop in which players can purchase new characters, level unlocks, level skips, and level solutions using in-game currency.

Windows 8 Store Link

Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy for Windows 8

Gravity Guy (here's our review) is a super tough endless runner/platformer that mixes things up with the hero’s gravity-defying powers. Instead of directly jumping, players reverse the hero’s gravity, sending him flying up to the ceiling or down to the ground. Left mouse clicks and the space bar flip on PC, while tapping the screen accomplishes the same thing on touch screens.

The graphics are lovely and the core gameplay proves addictive, but the game is definitely designed to make you want to buy PDLC. Even with the paid time-slowing powers, it’ll kill you over and over again without mercy. By all accounts, the recent Windows Phone 8 sequel Gravity Guy 2 is a much better game, but you can’t beat free.

Windows 8 Store Link

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