32GB Nokia Lumia 925 also heading to Germany's Deutsche Telekom?

The Lumia 925 is Nokia's latest Windows Phone, along with the Lumia 928 but many have been concerned that Vodafone appears to have the 32GB version of the Lumia 925, while everyone else has to deal with 16GB of internal storage. It's now come to light that T-Mobile will also be picking up the model with 32GB of storage, which will surely please many to know that it may not be that much of an exclusivity.

WP Area Lumia 925

WPArea.de has received a screenshot of an internal terminal at Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) showing the new Nokia device, but that's not the surprising part of the story as the product information details a 32GB version of the Lumia 925. This could well be an error in the system, but it's always better to keep hopes up and look forward to such an option. We'll keep our eyes open for more operator news as the smartphone is launched across Europe.

via: WPArea; thanks, Bezzi, for the tip!

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  • I wouldn't buy a 16Gb smartphone without a micro-SD slot.
  • Hmmmm...interesting.
  • Agreed even my 1st gen Focus had one and was 8gb. I'm fine w 32gb w no slot. But 16gb is getting tight. No go on 925. Lumia 920 all the way!
  • Are you on T-Mobile?
    If not, were you thinking about buying it outright and using it on ATT? If by chance you aren't on TMo, and you wouldn't be considering buying the 925 outright to use on another carrier... then keep it to yourself.
  • Have you thought that maybe there are other countries than the USA where Nokia sell phones? The clues included the mentions of Vodafone and Deutsche Tekekom....
  • With OTHER bug in store, I wouldn't buy a phone with 1 terabyte storage 
  • Other storage bug is pretty much solved by Nokia's Storage check ..
    Still problems persist though
  • Not quite solved yet.  I am still not able to use the Storage Check app on my phone (Lumia 822 with 16GB internal, with a 64GB micro-SD card).  My "Other" is now 9.23GB, with the "System" at 1.91B and "Apps" at 3.44GB.  My free space is at 272.88MB, which fills up quickly.  I have all of my music, photos, and videos on the micro-SD card.  I continually have to delete lesser used apps to free up space internally.  I have tried a couple of the available storage cleaning apps, but they really didn't do much.  I believe that I need the GRD2 to be able to use Nokia's Storage Check app, which hopefully will be available sooner than later.  I really do not want to do a full reset of my phone.  I love my phone, but its usefulness would be extremely limited with only 16GB of total space available. 
  • "I wouldn't buy a 16Gb smartphone without a micro-SD slot."
    I might, but it would not be a preferred situation for me.   I would also tend to not call any 16 gb device a "flagship" device.
  • I still think 16gb is not enough. While I know most users don't need 32gb, 16gb puts you in the constant situation where you have to pick and choose and think about what you want to install etc.
    Wahoo! First!
  • Darn
  • Lol Fail!
  • 32gb is more than enough
  • See edit. I meant to say 16 not enough 32 plenty
  • I Agree!
  • Well I have 8gb right now with my 820 and it sucks, and I have a 32gb SD as well for it but apps and and games are saved on the phone so it takes up all the space and it's very annoying that only music and video can be saves on the SD card and I think also soon Maps also which is a cool addition but they should let everything be saved on an SD card...just saying...but yea I would be satisfied with a 16gb I think.
  • concur, except for the juvenile and incorrect "first" statement.
  • The T-Mobile CEO said he'd look into it.
  • Yea I seen that on Wmpoweruser, I really hope the 32gb comes to the US! Even though I'd probably still get the 16gb version because it's still an awesome phone!! :D
  • I fear, it'll be 16Gb; still will pick it up. I have 25Gb on box 
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the "32GB Vodafone exclusivity" thing would go away even before its in place. They'd have a hard time selling 16GB variants of something like the 920 I'm sure. Not only because there's no such thing as "exclusive devices" in Europe (every country and carrier got the L920 if they expressed desire in having it). But specially, in this case, when T-Mobile Deutschland also has the 920, and they sold like hot cakes, with people having to wait for way over a month to get the phone (I was one of those lucky few who actually got it in January).
    Those specifications are hand-typed. So I think people can get hope. Also, T-Mobile Deutschland has an exclusive gorgeous grey tile accent which I think would go well with the 925's metallic look, way better than those colourful standard accents (apart perhaps from the "steel" one).
  • Can't wait to sell my Lumia 920 and get this phone instead. The lighter weight is a big deal for me
  • Me too! 920 was to big and heavy, finally got HTC one from att after 5 replacements for dusted ffc. Will go 925 32gb or wait til EOS.
  • I still stick with my Lumia 920. The design of 925 just cant beat the 920's.
  • I'll sell my rogers 920 if the 925 has 32GB of storage, the design of the 920 just can't beat the 925's!
  • Buyer right here. Looking for a Rogers 920 at a decent price in any color other than black.
  • Same thing for me!
  • 32GB enough
  • They should bring 32gb version to T-mobile US. If not the phone is going to be a fail because of that. Same thing had happened to the other lumias(810) that it has only 8gb and now is EOL on T-mobile US. But apparently they want to continue with the stupid carrier exclusivity that does no other things that hurting them.
  • Why is there so much FUD when it comes to all thigns Microsoft, and Windows Phone?? I also feel T-Mobile needs to step their WP game up, but if they can sell these devices with 16 gb then why are the Nokia's doomed?
    Galaxy S4
    iphone 5
    Not sure it's sold through T-Mobile, but the Nexus 4 only comes in 16gb and 8gb never has an SD slot, yet you never hear how "doomed" they are.
    Nothing personal toward you specifically, but you are yet another person who spews this type of negativity that really needs to stop. Not saying people should come into forums and lie about WP, or claim it's perfect when it's clearly not. But in damn near anything WP related the vast majority of comments are uninformed, or flat-out wrong garbage.
  • S4 has an SD slot, so not sure why you're even bringing that up.
    And nobody is buying a Nexus 4. :)
  • I think the S4 has a micro-SD, while the iPhone 5 has a 32GB option.  But at $300 subsidized for the latter, I wouldn't waste my money when I get could get a better phone like the Lumia 920 or 928 with the same storage for a lot less.  I had an iPhone 4 with 16GB and it was too restrictive with space.  I was always running out of storage.
  • You realize he was blaming tmobile and not MS right?
  • Given I am a T-Mobile customer with a 810, I have little reason to trust T-Mobile's wisdom, however if it is true that they will be getting a 925 with 32 gb of memory then I congratulate them on pulling their cranium out of their exhaust port.
  • If the price is right i will swap my 920 for the 925.
  • the whole exclusivity thing is really ridiculous and annoying. Do they wanna boost sales or not?
  • Lol duche
  • The exclusive deal for the 920 on Vodafone stopped me buying it, now the exclusive deal for the 925 32GB on Vodafone might stop me buying that too.  Do these exclusive deals actually help sales at all?  I can't imagine how.
  • The other news is the release date!
    In the screenshot it says "Mitte Juni - KW 24" which means "Mid June, Week 24". The 24th week of the year is the week of June 10th!
  • Really want the 32gb version in grey, even sim-free if needs be. Why does Nokia always have to pull crap like this??
  • If TMoDE can have 32GB, there is no reason why TMoUS can't as well. Fine, I'll pay the extra $25-50 for 32GB.
  • It breaks my heart that people still use Windows XP... 
  • This better come to Tmo USA . If not I'm gonna get Obama to send the Seals over to liberate it.....
  • "The Lumia 925 is Nokia's latest Windows Phone, along with the Lumia 928 but many have been concerned that Vodafone appears to have the 32GB version of the Lumia 925, while everyone else has to deal with 16GB of internal storage. It's now come to light that T-Mobile will also be picking up the model with 32GB of storage, which will surely please many to know that it may not be that much of an exclusivity."
    I guess T-Mobile execs read this website! 
    I am for sure going to buy it if it in the same ballpark in price as the 928 or 920 series.
    Hooray for the consumer!
  • 16GB is more than enough for me. I never actually needed more than 8GB on any phone i owned. More importantly: Deutsche Telekom should switch to Windows 7/8 !!!!