We mentioned developer Jeff Wilcox the other day making his own Foursquare app...one to not only "fix" the broken one we have now but to go beyond. Jeff is on the verge of launching the app with it in final testing stages and launching a new site to promote it. And it's name? As you can guess, it's '4th & Mayor'.

We're actually in a good position to judge how good it is since we've been running it for the last 24hrs and our verdict: pure winning.  The app is gorgeous, smart, fluid and very fast. The options here go further than the current Foursquare app and it has a better, more minimalist look to it--very Windows Phone 7. We'll have more on it later, maybe even a video hands-on.

In the meantime, check out his site and the images there and get ready for some mega-checkins.