5 Xbox games that deserve sequels

In the gaming industry, publishers and developers are always searching for new and unique concepts to draw players in and entice them to buy their products. While this isn't a bad thing, it does often cause some past games to be left behind, even if they're fan-favorites. Here are five games that we think should become modern once again through the creation of a sequel.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Upon its release, Star Wars: Republic Commando was universally praised for a myriad of reasons. The story gave us one of the very first perspectives of the lives of the Republic clone soldiers themselves, telling a gritty and grounded narrative about brotherhood and camaraderie. The gunplay was excellent, enemy AI were challenging and engaging, and the squad mechanics were exceptional. Even the graphics were impressive.

As if this wasn't enough, it also sported a fun and team-focused multiplayer mode that felt reminiscent of Halo. While not anything to rave about, it was the icing on the cake for a game that already offered a phenomenal campaign and unique premise. A sequel title could introduce us to the shift from the Republic to the Empire and from Republic Commandos to Imperial Commandos, telling an all new story.

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Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge

The premise of Crimson Skies is one of dystopia: the United States has become balkanized, with each state seceding and becoming independent nations. With strict border control on the ground, air travel has quickly become the most reliable and efficient way of moving from one state to another. With this came the prevalence of air pirates — people who preyed upon aerial transports. Nation-states created armed forces to engage both the pirates and neighboring nation-states, and as a result, what was once the U.S. is now simply chaos.

This world is an intriguing setting, and it serves perfectly as a backdrop for the title's solid gameplay in which you control combat planes and dogfight with the enemy. Though it sounds simple, the experience is still fun and satisfying to this day. If a sequel is made, it would allow players to visit this chaotic, yet entertaining universe once more.

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Considered one of the pioneers of XBOX Live, MechAssault is a series that remains one of the most popular original Xbox titles to ever exist. For players craving action-heavy experiences and the chance to pilot massive armored walkers, this game was a must-own. Using a variety of weapons, ranging from missiles to grenades to machine guns, players could rip through enemy soldiers, vehicles, structures, and other enemy players with brutal efficiency.

Though it did receive a sequel in 2004 with MechAssault 2, many diehard Xbox fans still wish to see it make a comeback on the Xbox One with a third installment. In the current market, few mech-focused titles exist, and as a result a MechAssault sequel would likely please very many gamers.

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L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is easily one of the most unique concepts ever found in a video game. Instead of playing the role of badass supersoldier or witty protagonist, you instead fill the shoes of a 1940's Los Angeles detective, using your skills as an investigator in order to solve a variety of crimes, ranging from simple traffic situations to rape and murder.

What truly made L.A. Noire special was the way that it took advantage of advancements made to motion capture that allowed systems to record facial movements. Every lip twitch or rapid eye movement could be captured by camera, and as a result the game created very effective and authentic clues for you to watch out for as you tried to figure out whether or not suspects were guilty. With the massive improvements made to the technology since L.A. Noire's release, a sequel would undoubtedly be even more compelling.

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Sunset Overdrive

If Sunset Overdrive had to be described in one word, the best would be "wacky".

From the characters to the weapons to the overall setting itself, Sunset Overdrive is a universe defined by how out there and crazy it is. Though it's a third-person shooter, cover plays almost no part in the experience. Instead, the player is encouraged to frequently stay on the move, using ziplines, wall running, and more in order to traverse the world and dodge enemy fire.

Though it lacks an impressive story, Sunset Overdrive makes up for it by raw fun factor. At its core, the game is sloppy, silly, and casual. A sequel would bring an opportunity to the table to build upon the excellent foundation created by the first game, while also potentially making a better narrative.

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