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6 things we want to see in the new Microsoft Edge with Chromium

Microsoft Edge logo on Start menu
Microsoft Edge logo on Start menu (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft's new version of Edge powered by Chromium should debut in preview form during the next couple of months. While the initial developer preview builds won't include all new features, by the time the new version of Edge (codenamed "Anaheim") ships later this year, we hope it has these six things ready to go.

Everything you need to know about the new Chromium version of Edge

Better password manager

I'd love for the new Microsoft Edge to introduce an improved password manager that lets you organize and automatically input passwords into fields where you've saved login information. While many people use third-party extensions for this, I'd love to see a built-in version that syncs with the iOS and Android version of Microsoft Edge, too.

Sayonara 'set tabs aside' button placement

I can't say I have ever purposefully used the "set tabs aside" feature built into Microsoft Edge. If I need to save a tab for later, I add it to my favorites or glance at my Timeline. The only time I've ever used the set tabs aside feature is when I've accidentally clicked it when switching back to my first tab. I'd be happy to see this feature gone when the new Edge makes its debut. Or at the very least, make it a toggle-able option that doesn't take up prime real estate in the tabbed area, so that I don't accidentally click it. It needs to be moved.

Better tab sync support

Microsoft Edge's tab syncing feature isn't very well thought out. You can't really see what tabs you have open across different devices, and the restoring session feature is sketchy at best. With the new Microsoft Edge, I'd love to see better tab syncing that lets me know which tabs are open on what devices as they are opened and closed. I'd also love to see this same functionality make it over to the iOS and Android apps, instead of using the "Continue on PC" option, which is clunky and slow.

Browser history search

One thing that Microsoft Edge doesn't have that it really should is the ability to search through your browser history. While you can technically get this functionality through Timeline, there's no native history search built into the browser. With the switch to Chromium, I hope (and fully expect) that we'll finally get history search within the browser.

Forward and back touch gestures

One of the things I love about Microsoft Edge is its unrivaled touch support, and with the switch to Chromium, I'm hoping touch support remains a number one priority for the Edge team. Microsoft has already confirmed that it will port touch features to the new Chromium browser, which is excellent, but I'd also love to see things like the ability to swipe backward and forward on a web page to navigate back and forth.

Fluent Design and other Windows 10 integrations

Last, but certainly not least, I really hope the new Edge continues to support Windows 10 in its full capacity. With the move to cross-platform, I'm worried that Microsoft will no longer focus on making Edge the best it possibly can be on Windows 10. That includes implementing Fluent Design throughout its UI. I think Microsoft Edge is one of the best-looking web browsers available, thanks in part due to its adoption of the Fluent Design System. I hope the new Edge looks like today's Edge, and not like Chrome.

I really hope Microsoft brings Fluent Design to the Chromium version of Edge, too. I'd love to see Acrylic in the title bar, reveal effects throughout the address bar, and drop shadows underneath context menus and tab previews, for example. Those are little things, but they're all very important to me. I'd also love to see live tile support, Timeline support, and the usual Windows 10 API integrations. Oh, and it'd be awesome to see Cortana integration remain, or even improve.

What do you want see in Edge with Chromium?

Those are six things I'm hoping we'll see in the new version of Edge, but I want to know about your wishlist as well. So let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Zac Bowden

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Well technically it isn't Chromium that will power Edge, it's Blink. Chromium is the open source browser that Chrome is based on.
  • Their blog clearly suggests that Edge is going to be a Chromium-based project, not just Edge using Blink... In their blog post on the subject, Blink is not mentioned once, while Chromium is mentioned 8 times.
  • He is not wrong.
    Chromium is powered by the Blink engine, so Edge is also using Blink since it is based on Chromium.
  • He's not wrong to say its powered by Blink. But he's wrong to say its not powered by Chromium.
  • Edge will not be powered by Chromium and the author would be right. Edge would just be another flavour of Chromium.
  • Edge will be powered by Chromium. It is what Microsoft says as well
  • The main reason why I use Edge is because of the "set tabs aside" feature, it is incredibly usefull when I am using multiple PDFs to study for college as well as when someone else is using my Laptop I just set aside their tabs so they don't loose them.
    So I would like at least to be able to toggle it On.
  • Totally agree; it's been a great feature for when I've got a dozen tabs open for learning about some bunch of python modules or whatever, and deside to take a quick break to browse YouTube and a few news sites. It's a feature I wish more browsers would adopt, not the other way around.
  • The plugin OneTab For Chrome and Firefox has been doing the same thing for quite some time:
  • I think people are a little hesitant on plugins like these because it seems like the business model for many browser plugins is "get a big user base, then sell to some data mining company"
  • I use Set Tabs Aside a lot. It's one of the reasons I still prefer Edge. If that's taken away now that I've grown used to it being a part of my daily work flow, that's going to suck, badly. Not everyone uses all the features of a product. But those who do, usually benefit greatly from it. My wife is a good example of another user that benefits from it. Instead of Death By Tabs as she hates closing what she has up, it allows her to come back to them later without cluttering Edge. If I am working on something and want to take a break, setting that tab group aside is nice. I set aside and restore tab groups a lot when going from work to personal or between jobs.
  • Specially a feature that is actually useful and easy to use.
  • Same, just because Zac doesn't use it, no need to scrap. Personally, I never suggest scrapping a feature just because I don't use it. I recognize there are other people in the world and can appreciate a feature for others' ueses.
  • Exactly, you are not alone in this universe, I respect this much when someone remember this before whatsoever.
  • While I don't use the "set tabs aside" feature a lot, I'm glad it is there when I want to use it. It especially came in handy last Christmas season when searching for gifts. Just because Zac doesn't use it doesn't mean it should go away.
  • Agree, I use it often. However, I also hit it by mistake once in a while.
  • My first thought was why would anyone want to get rid of "set tabs aside", then it done on me that just maybe Zac does not use it and if that is the case, it is not a justication to scrap it, lots of other folks use it and enjoy it just like I do.
  • chromium is such a memory hog it would be ideal to set aside when I clicked a lot of new tabs with stuff I might need later when something prioritary comes over your desk and you do need that memory back. it's a great feature. and when you close the window it should ask or automagically set those aside.
  • There's a lot that will make it less of a resource hog when V8 is added to Windows. I am kinda excited about this because that would mean that Chrome less in Electron apps will probably be a thing, finally.
  • I have used it a few times myself and rather like it. The problem is I forget I have them saved for later!
  • Yea I wish they had a little tool tip that pops up saying you have tabs set aside.
  • I've never used it before, didn't notice it to be honest, wow, it looks great, especially simple to keep things handy for later without taking a huge memory hit. Will definitely use them from now onwards.
  • Yeah, because one guy does not use it now it needs to go. I am also using Edge ONLY for the set tabs aside feature. It is like workspaces in the browser.
  • Yeah, I think too many people think its supposed to be used like Favorites. It's not. It's for better organization of lots of tabs. Yeah, if its something you want to do tomorrow (but then be done with it, so favorites isn't very fitting), it works, but it's also great at just keeping various groups of unrelated tabs open at once. It's cleaner than using multiple browser windows with multiple tabs. Just set them aside and open a different group.
  • Set aside tabs is a brilliant function. It allows for immediately and easy access to specific pages I wouldn't know how to find in history search (and serves as a reminder for them) and keeps bookmarks far less cluttered w sites I only need temporarily.
  • I completely disagree with the notion that Set Aside Tabs should be removed. If anything, it should be not only implemented, but expanded so that your tab sets sync across all your devices. I use SAT literally every single day. I use it to build workflows based around specific, predominantly web based tasks. I have a set dedicated to web management. Another set dedicated to social media. Another for graphics work. Another for research. Yet another for leisure, and still another for my favorite news sources. SAT allows me to quickly and easily move between the activities I do most. Simply saving to favorites and reopening things one by one is slow, inefficient, and old fashioned.
  • I'd like to see a toggle to turn off the pop-up preview when hovering over other tabs. They always get in my way.
  • Pretty sure this is still a bad idea. Microsoft needs to start actually putting efforts into their projects instead of just dropping crap, sort of fixing it, then canceling it a few years later.
  • C'mon, it's not like they just introduced Edge less than four years ago or something silly like that...
  • Are you kidding? Starting and then abandoning projects is the Nadella legacy.
  • Let's start with a more stable browser that doesn't have issues with web apps created using Microsoft's own development tools...
  • Lol, thats would be 1st prize.
  • 1st prize or low blow (most likely well deserved)
  • That may be a tall order for Microsoft.
  • I use Set Tabs Aside frequently. Be careful not to assume that your preferences are universal Zac. (I would like to see this feature enhanced to sync across devices though.) That said, for those who can't control their mice, having some way to make this feature optional might make sense.
  • Agreed, I would like to see it sync across my many Windows 10 devices using Edge! Toggle on or off may suit everyone?
  • I would like to see little to no difference once the switch is made. The last thing they need with a major engine overhaul like this is for it to look like a different product. What needs to happen is 100% parity between the features of two versions (edgeHTML and Chromium) and once it's stable, then start adding (or removing) features as needed.
  • Swipe back and forth ok. The rest I couldn't care less about. Just make the bloody thing WORK this time.
  • Well since the news broke, all of sudden lately Google seem to be going out of their way to bring various Edge features to Chrome, after years of doing nothing of consequence with it. Probably a case of them not wanting Microsoft to build a better Chromium based browser than them, and point out the various unique features, so they'll just nick them all and put them in Chrome before MS can release their version. Typical Google really, especially when it comes to new ways to stick it to Redmond.
  • Can u mention some features which google copied from edge?🙄
  • Google is not implementing those features. Microsoft is.
  • I find it hard to take seriously an article, that favours the removal of a feature, which is highly usable by a lot of people, simply because the author sees no use for it...
  • You mean like usually with articles from Zac?
  • I agree with everything but most of all the "set tabs aside" button needs to die or at least an option to be disabled . I only click it by mistake and then have to reload all my tabs .
    The tab preview is also useless , to me at least .
  • Set Tabs Aside is too easy to toggle accidentally but the feature itself is great and one of the best of Edge in my opinion.
    Both Edge and Chrome already support swiping back and forth, so what is that about?
  • Inking, and better eBooks support please.
  • The primary thing they need to do is make Edge a Store app so that it can be updated without a bi-annual OS update! By doing this one change if nothing else would mean they could release a version with the basic Edge look and it's basic features and then add back in all the extra Edge stuff each month that follows.
  • Lets see..... Hmmmm..... As long as we are wasting time, how about support for vbScript, jScript, VML, and ActiveX? All I want is a browser that is secure, blocks all adds, and renders all HTML5 and doesn't record every web site I visit and send it back to the mother ship. (Google)
  • Then use Chrome with extensions.
  • Not sure about 6 things, but one feature they definitely need to help people that have just bought a new Windows 10 PC or just installed Windows 10 is to provide some simple links on the default home page so that users will be able to accomplish the one task that most users currently use Edge for right away: 1. Download Chrome
    2. Download Firefox That way people will be able to be productive on the web right away!
  • Why? With the move to Chromium as the rendering engine what would be the motive, other than niche features, to move to Chrome? They should, in theory at least, render pages the same so...
  • I don't see why they need to remove at tabs aside. I like it. So yeah, Allow disable of the button is good.
  • Agree with everything but one. Keep set tabs aside and improve it with sync across devices
  • Set Tabs Aside is the best feature of any browser, ever. The only thing they should remove from the Chromium version of Edge is Chromium.
  • I just pray they don't adopt the chrome print preview screen. It is buggy, laggy and causes way too many issues. Windows print dialog always works, and works quickly. Please remove that time wasting nonsense.
  • I can't help but think that "set tabs aside" should be made to work with "sets" that will hopefully make it into Windows someday . . . That was tabs that are set aside could easily be grouped in to a "set" to use later.
  • I question the "things WE want to see" headline as the post is written as it's what Zac wants to see.
  • Generally sites will utilise a collective terminology as it's what "we" as in the site, have considered. It's usually only in opinion pieces that writers will use singular pronouns.
  • Point taken but only the title and intro use the collective "we" while the rest of the article is clearly Zac's "I" opinion.
  • Scrolling. Edge's scrolling is second to none, it's buttery smooth. I would also love a good/pretty speed dial (new tab page), they should just copy Opera in this case.
  • I have my doubts that they will have time to add features considering how massive a job changing the underlining engine likely is, not to mention how error-prone. They are basically starting over so it will probably be more like going back to the first version of Edge feature wise. We are still on windows 7 at work so we were forced to switch to Chrome and we will probably continue to use Chrome when we move to Windows 10. I have windows 10 at home but I installed Chrome because that is what we use at work. I don't think making Edge like Chrome a reason to switch from genuine Chrome that most people are used to. As a windows phone fan, this new version Edge has the same feel to it that the Windows 10 mobile reboot had where they took out all the good stuff out of windows phone to make it more like Android before killing it.
  • I really hope that the new edge will be well integrated into Windows 10.
    Better password management, better tab sync and history search, is somthing that all ready exists in Chromium.
    The set tabs aside future is very nice, is just tha you have to brake free from the conventional way of thinking.(I will just add it to the favorites) It helps you keep your favorites clean and at the same time have very quick and easy access to the tabs you need.
    I don't think that it's possible for Win32 apps to have fluent design, at least not for now. I bet that at least for now it will be just a Microsoft controlled chrome. Microsoft it's not famous for their fast development and future implementation. I will be impressed if it has just the sound and notification blocking futures, next ot the URL like the old one has.
  • I want two version of edge...a normal edge and an iron clad tank armored version that's 100% unhackable...always runs at 100% full speed because its 100% unmodifiable in anyway...not even by the person who owns the computer should be allowed to modify the ironclad version of edge by installing crapola...not even sh1tty software you install on your computer is allow to modify it... in short ironclad is 100% unmodifiable from factory settings... instead we always get a sh1tty compromise that allow script kiddies to secretly installation crap into your edge browser that slows your browser speed down to zero....or hijacked by some shareware Bullcrap that secrely installs plug ins...and runs like hell after a few plug ins. also, for the weak version of the edge browser that allows other people to *** with it and make it sh1tty... I would be happy if they put a "glowing red reset browser button" that really worked and was easy to find...that would nuke the browser back to state zero....
  • Have you looked at app guard? Pretty much exactly what you're asking for.
  • I want two version of edge...a normal edge and an iron clad tank armored version that's 100% unhackable...always runs at 100% full speed because its 100% unmodifiable in anyway...not even by the person who owns the computer should be allowed to modify the ironclad version of edge by installing crapola...doesn't track your browser history or any such BS... and always gotos to a blank page with no bookmarks, toolbars, or any BS when you first open it...not even sh1tty software you install on your computer is allow to modify it... in short ironclad is 100% unmodifiable from factory settings... instead we always get a sh1tty compromise that allow script kiddies to secretly installation crap into your edge browser that slows your browser speed down to zero....or hijacked by some shareware Bullcrap that secrely installs plug ins...and runs like hell after a few plug ins. also, for the weak version of the edge browser that allows other people to F with it and make it sh1tty... I would be happy if they put a "glowing red reset browser button" that really worked and was easy to find...that would nuke the browser back to state zero....
  • Do i ask for too much? because it sounds easy as heck for microsoft to deliver something like that... call it the "system recovery edge browser"... so I don't need to install 4 different browsers just to download a new driver file for my computer, all of which become sh1tty and too slow.... chrome, opera, firefox, edge... give me a break... just give us a browser that can't be hijacked for system emergency purposes...
  • Please use all the feature in Edge right now in the new Edge Chromium browser. Plus Look at this Vivaldi Browser which is a Chromium Browser, take some pointers from this browser like a side panel for adding pages like Twitter, Reddit, and GitHub on the side panel. They have tab stacking a really good feature. It also uses the chrome store for extensions. This Browser is not a resource hog. It kind of looks like edge right now, but without the best feature of Edge-like pdf reader, read out loud, highlight features, etc... Integrating the feature to the browser is good since you don't have to download extensions to it.
  • I’m unable to understand how someone would want to remove the “Set Tabs Aside” feature from Edge. Not only it’s the best and most useful feature ever on any browser, but there is no easy way to replicate it’s functionality using other features found on Edge or other browsers. Suggesting to use the favorites instead is completely ridiculous!
  • Agreed. I typically use it for breaks at work. Set all my work tabs to the side, do non work stuff, boom, get back to work stuff. I don't know why it should be removed just because the author doesn't use it.
  • @zac will be interested to hear any reflections you have on Set Tab Aside function on the podcast given all the comments in this post. I always thought the functionality needed to be improved a bit and that would basically happen as they got closer to rolling out sets. But I agree with the sentiment that it's a pretty good feature that could use more refinement rather than getting the typical "we did a half-baked implementation and people are clamoring for us to fix it, so we'll scrap it and move on. We had browser wars because everyone always felt that controlling the window to the internet was the path to audience domination. I see that Microsoft is basically just saying the battleground has moved to cloud services. Why focus developers on a free product (browser) when you can focus them on freemium and subscription products (O365, xCloud, Azure). Still, Microsoft still seems a bit haphazard in whether they want to be confidently leading and competing, or whether they want to maintain feature parity so they can hold #2 or better. They seem to abandon projects within 2 years of landing at #3.
  • Question, does Microsoft need Edge? Is it possible for them to kill Edge and just ship Windows 10 with download option for other browsers.
  • They could cut a deal with Google to ship Chrome as the default browser, and that is basically what they are doing. They will reskin Chromium and make that the default instead of going to Google directly. They definitely need to ship Windows with a browser though. It is a fundamental part of an operating system in 2019.
  • Why would they want to do it? People on this website are crapping at Microsoft at every corner for killing Win10M but then some don't want them to develop a new browser?
  • How about an even more basic "feature": useful right-click context menus? You know, maybe "back", something every other browser has done for years.
  • This. The right click menu is pretty pathetic on Edge.
  • Yeah, and would it kill them to let us see an image in a browser tab by itself? Basically all other browsers do that ...
  • Hey Zac, if you click the "starburger" icon in Edge (right of the search bar) the clock icon will show you your History.
  • But you can only search through your History on mobile apparently...
  • God, touch forward and backward in IE on Windows 8 was the best feature ever. I wouldn't get my hopes up that it returns now after having ignored it ever since Windows 10 released.
  • Kind of a funny article. Do you really expect anything new? This is standard Microsoft -- redesign the same application using a different technology (Win32, .NET, UWP, etc.) and then spend three years trying to get the basic features of the previous one it. Hey... Groove is replacing WMP? Sure... still features in WMP not in Groove. Skype is a UWP? Only its missing most of the features. Then they pull it. Then its back. I don't expect anything 'new' in Edge - Chromium... but I do expect a ton of things which don't work or are missing while Microsoft plays catchup again.
  • You certainly are not wrong
  • This will be a bit different because Microsoft is starting with a finished product. Chromium by itself is an improvement from Edge. Any features they add will just be extra gravy.
  • I agree. I will admit, I am kind of bitter, in a personal way, of all the stuff I liked that they killed off. I do not want Chromium in my OS, let me remove it.
  • My biggest problem with EDGE is the lack of a contextual "Back" button. when I right click there at a minimum should be a "Back" button. I love the way EDGE smoothly scrolls I hope they don't lose that. I am looking forward to a new version soon because at work they are forcing us to use IE11 and they say they will be switching to EDGE soon and I am looking forward to something better.
  • Sad that Fluent Design got more sentences than Cortana integration. But that's Zac's opinion... oh well
  • They announced Cortana is dead a couple weeks ago. Don't be expecting much on that front going forward.
  • "We're really hoping to Fluent Design, history search, the removal of 'set tabs aside,' and three other things in the new Chromium version of Edge." I'm really hoping to SEE people learn how to proofread things before publishing. At least the GD headline.
  • Lol I'm crying
  • Why remove set tabs aside just because you don't use it? Firefox used to have a similar feature, it was useful to come back to tabs later. Which isn't the same as a Bookmark.
  • The bar they should use is Vivaldi not Chrome. Vivaldi is also based on Chromium but IMHO is better than Google Chrome.
  • I would love to see a dedicated tablet mode. One of the things I loved about Windows 8 was the tablet mode from Internet Explorer. If they could do something like that with Edge, I think it would gain a lot more users as well as functionality.
  • I don't need a better built in password manager. An end-to-end encrypted password manager like 1password will be far more secure than one built into the browser can ever be. I love "set tabs aside". Please don't assume that no one does. Though an option to disable it would make sense. I personally would like the button to be bigger, so that it is easier to press. I don't really need or want tab syncing, but I would like a "continue on mobile" button. It is much more common that I need to send something to my phone than the other way around. I want better control of what does sync. I want favourites and reading list to sync, but I don't want to sync my browser history. None of this is related to Edge switching to chromium. Microsoft has stated that users will not notice any difference in features as this is purely a backend switch.
  • Set tabs aside is one of the reasons I use Edge. Awesome feature.
  • If we're talking must-have features, I'm surprised extensions haven't really been mentioned. Edge did eventually get them, but it still trails a long way behind the likes of Chrome and Firefox. Will they now be regular Chromium-compatible WebExtensions? Will we be limited to just extensions from the Windows store or will Microsoft allow side-loading, or maybe even allow extensions to be added by other stores such as Google's? If Microsoft restricts extensions to the Windows store only, they're going to have to put some effort in to persuade existing extension developers to come on board, and unfortunately Microsoft hasn't had the best luck with that in the past.
  • Perhaps MS would like to make Edge up to date with Monument browser on win 10 mobile before they jump around playing Android masters? 😉
  • i like edge to be standalone app and get updates regularly not twice a year !! and i like to see
  • Number one request, make it removable. If I wanted a Chromium based browser, I would install it. Therefore, make it removable so I do not have to have Chromium installed.
  • What I would like to see is native handling of complex expressions in their PDF handler. Case in point: I was working with some 2nd order differential equations (Schrodinger Equations) online from a paper I had received from a colleague. I decided to print out the PDF natively from IE's PDF viewer to review. I print out the 20 pages or so of calculations and justifications, only to find out that every mathematical symbol (and there's a lot in a typical SDE) is a square with a question mark. Adobe handles these expressions fine. My printer prints them fine. They display on the Edge web app fine. They do not print from the webapp.
  • “One of the things I love about Microsoft Edge is its unrivaled touch support” But it has no back and forth gesture...HAHAHHAHAHA. How can you say it has unrivaled touch support when it lacks such basic gestures 😂.
  • I agree with your suggestions Zac. Basically I want to see all the UI features currently in Edge come to the new browser. I use most of the features, also the touch and pen features a lot in my daily work as also the built in pdf reader. If any of these are left out, no matter how good the chromium engine is, the new Edge will be bad and receive a lot of critique. Edge just works great and ties in well with native windows apps in windows 10 as a daily driver. I've used it consitently of the last 3 years. Anything less and its like going back to windows XP for me, and a lot of feedback critique.
    I think MS should only change Edge with chromium engine without compromising the rest of the current Edge experience. 6 things I would like to see with the new Edge and chromium browser. 1. A cleaner browser in tablet mode, with fluent and full touch input gesture support and that accessing flyout website menu's work flawless with touch and pen (currently a hit or miss affair for several websites. I think microsoft should do the touch and pen input rendering for websites, and not leave it to the website developers, it's taking too long and my impression they're only focussing on keyboard and mouse input gestures, developers just don't have the time and resources is my impression). Tab previews in tablet mode should be at the bottom of the browser, not at the top. I think the experience with IE11.metro in windows 8 has proven this for me it is the better experience for touch and pen input browsing. 2. Fix Readinglist. It's half baked for over 3 years now. It started with a great app in windows 8. Then is was ported to Edge. I could organize and search the list items. Now its an unmanageable long list of items and has become undoable to find and read the right article. Come on MSFT! 3. Edge is a slow engine to load and render websites. Most notably when opening a link from the mail app or microsoft account pages. Page loading times seem to take forever compared to pages loaded by direct typing of the adress in the adress bar in the browser or opening MSFT webpages. 4. equally fast loading of webpages with ad blocker on or off. Webpages load faster with ads than without them, which ruins the browsing experience to the point of not caring tot block/filter ads on websites. An annoying fact. 5. smart loading of webarticles on pages with lots of ads. Right now its the other way around that ads are loaded in priority of the article. If it takes too long I just quit going to the site. I feel sorry for the person who's article is not read or apreciated simply beacause ads rule over content. 6. inline ink-to-text conversions for every textbox in the browser or webpage.
  • I profoundly love set tabs aside, hope it will stay there forever.
  • Inking, ebook support, and timeline are my requirements