A2DP on your Treo 700wx

All hail hannip (with some help from dimitri), a forum member of TreoCentral/WMExpert's forums! He posted a patch for you Treo 700wx users (Including you new Verizon folks (opens in new tab)) that enables A2DP stereo bluetooth headset support. Be sure to read through the entire thread, especially this post that details upping the quality of the sound.

I'll give it a try a little later today to see if it plays nice with the just-reviewed Jabra BT8010 (opens in new tab). In any case, 700wx users are one step closer to having all the Palm software enhancements found on the Treo 750. Now if only getting threaded text messaging installed was this easy...

Glorious skip free music over your stereo bluetooth headphones is now possible on your Sprint 700wx! I haven't tested on the 700w yet, but I see no reason why it won't work there too.

Read: A2DP Now Working on Sprint 700wx!!! - WM Experts

  • Fantastic!...Downloaded and installed without a hitch. Went right down to the store bought my Motorolla HT820 charged it, paired it, and was rockin to my music. Thank you, Great job!
  • Patch worked flawlessly. Thanks a ton for it, now I'll be hunting for nice headphones, bought a cheap pair because I didn't know if it would work or not. Thanks again!http://www.theragrack.com