Access your favorite Twitch live streams for the first time on Windows Phone

Twitch ( is a very popular website in the video gaming community. The site is a live streaming video platform that claims 35 million viewers each month with the average viewer watching an hour and a half a day. From casuals to pros, anyone can stream their current gaming session. Windows Phone fans of Twitch will be happy to hear about the first unofficial Twitch app in the Store. More after the break.

So what’s the big deal with Twitch? It’s a great way for someone to share a live stream of their video game. You can use Twitch on most gaming platforms, doesn’t matter if you’re slaying BK’s in Halo or doing a Zerg rush in StarCraft. Why would you want to share or watch a live stream of a game? Well sharing is up to you, but typically people watch to learn new play styles from the pros in their favorite games. Twitch Player for Windows Phone allows you access to that world. Here are some features:

  • Browse live streams by games or by channels
  • Play live streams
  • Support for multiple resolutions and bitrates
  • Record live streams to your phone storage and watch them later
  • Transfer recorded files between your phone and your computers
  • Files manager to browse and to manage recorded files in both your phone and your computers
  • Save play positions for recorded streams and resume playing from saved positions
  • Application password protection

The app is functional and I found myself enjoying a handful of live game streams the past few days I’ve been playing with it. I don’t have a PS3 but somehow managed to get sucked up into a live stream of The Last of US for 20 minutes or so, looks like a great game. However, I have been sneaking in some live Halo 4 games here and there. Watching the pros play teaches you a few things and I quickly implemented them into my gameplay. But that speaks more about Twitch than the app itself.

So what about Twitch Player for Windows Phone? It’s good, but not great. It’s got a solid foundation and can easily become great if a few things are tweaked here and there. For example, when browsing the game by game the order is determined by popularity. If the game you want to watch isn’t as popular you need to scroll quite a bit and might miss it. If the app had the option to alphabetize lists it would increase usability. The video player UI could be cleaned up as well. For example the start/stop record button has some iOS gloss, a big no-no in the Windows Phone UI/UX world. To start, the developer should check out some of the free icons available from Austin Andrew at Modern UI Icons ( that would be great here. You also can’t sign into your account or search for users/channels, but from what I’ve read on the web that’s a limitation of the Twitch API and not really the developers.

Those little niggles aside the app is good. You can browse by channel or game, I recommend using the game browse since you’ll have better luck finding content you want to watch. Once you find your game and a stream that looks interesting the experience is solid. I streamed the app over both WiFi and LTE and it started up in a handful of seconds after buffering, which is cool because you can adjust the buffer size in the settings among a variety of tweaks for default video quality. What’s also cool is you can start recording live streams and save them to your device. From where you can transfer to your PC or hard drive.

Twitch Player is available for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices. There’s a trial that limits how long you can view a stream before it asks you to buy. The app itself costs $1.99, so do the trial and see how it works for you before parting with two dollar bills. If you’re into Twitch you really can’t go wrong since this is the only app like it available on Windows Phone right now. Grab it here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

Thanks for the tip JD!

  • Yes!!!!
  • League streams, here I come!
  • Official twitch app might be available by the end of the year because it is integrated in Xbox One .. Or u might even access it thru Smartglass .. Let's see
  • I'd like to hope that since Microsoft obviously had talks with Twitch in regards to the Xbox One that they had enough sense to say 'Hey, we need official apps for W8 & WP8 as well'
  • With that partnership with Xbox One, here's hoping for an offical app in the not too distant future!
  • It's about damn time.
  • Finallly i can watch dota 2 streams :), need Steam app on the windows platform as well
  • Wait, so its free to use via desktop, Xbox LIVE has a free App to watch Twitch, but for WP8 you expect us to pay for the use of Twitch......yeah well thats me out.
    What a wasted opportunity
  • This isn't official. I can't fault the guy for charging for the first twitch player on windows phone.
  • Well it is 3rd party app. If / When there is official Twitch app I'd imagine that would be free.
  • You seem fairly new to the internet and the Windows Phone scene, so I'll break it down.  Twitch is free via web, Xbox, and other official apps from them. However, the Twitch Player app above is made by a third party developer. Someone who has no official affiliation with Twitch. He or she took the time to create an app for Windows Phone that currently doesn't exists. They believe the time they spent making the app is worth a few dollars from users. It's hard to fault them and they're in the right.  I'm sure you and others could spare 2 dollars to the developer if you're into Twitch. It's not a bad app to tide us until an official app comes. 
  • This is good, but could be better. Read the reviews before purchasing. Btw its only $2. I think it won't hurt if you purchase it.
  • $2 to access a free service NO THANK YOU
  • $2 to help the developer, YES PLEASE
  • Okay then - don't buy it.  No reason to get upset about it.
  • YES! Starcraft 2 Streams!!
  • StarCraft <3
  • I've been using this for a few days, I would really, really like to see the time for a trial increased before giving you the annoying popup that cancels your stream. People seem to say that the audio and video get out of sync but I can't figure that out with it being unviewable every thirty seconds.
  • wow! PC GAMING!
    edit: it's not free my bad
  • I bought it, let's see how it performs. The trial convinced me, I am happy this app exists. Hopefully I won't get into issues with it!
  • A bit too late (because of E3), but cool there is now a Twitch app available.
  • The app existed before E3. WPCentral only reviewed it just now.
  • Well worth 2 bucks so far works great!
  • I wish they'd do the same with UStream.  I know there was a very poor app for it on WP7, but nothing at all on WP8.  I do a couple of netcasts on UStream and follow others.  It's less for gamers (though there are certainly plenty of them using it) and more for other types of netcasts.  I love the service, and I'd even pay for a decent app that lets me view streams on WP8.
  • I'd like to point out that there is an app called JViewer which has been out for at least a year which works fine with Twitch streams. (Remember that is simply the gaming offshoot of Also, FlashVideo+TubeMusic, and indeed any Flash Player app in the Store can indeed view Twitch streams just fine even up to HD quality on my 8X. I've been watching Street Fighter, Marvel and King of Fighters streams for as long as I can remember on my phone - but its nice to have a dedicated and actively-developed app.
  • Came here to post this ^^^ Sam should promote this comment or add it to the article. While not as convenient as the featured app, the free solutions do exist and may be quite useful for many until an official app is out.
  • Twitch app on 360 will have to do it until and official app is up and running. I don't watch it enough to pay for the unofficial app. :-S
  • Nice, I have been waiting for an app like this.
  • There better be an official twitch app aswell, whats funny is this Works better than iOS official version, not counting features but the dtream herr Works.
  • How do you actually stream your games from PS3 and 360? Hadn't heard of twitch before X1's announcement.
  • with capture devices. for consoles, something like el gato or avermedia live gamer portable
  • This is not avaliable anymore :(
  • Why is it not availiable anymore ?
  • I'm getting "Not available on your device" when trying to Download the app from the Canadian WP Store using a Samsung ATIV.  Not sure if that's the OP's reasons, but that's mine.
  • I just cant find it on the windows app store anymore :/ .
  • Why can't you get it anymore ?
  • This app is no longer available in the US. Straight fucking garbage. Fighting tooth and nail to get my money back on principle. I will sue this little bitch towel head, Al Quaeda Motherfucker for everything he's got.
    I will rain US, White, wealthy and employed Jihad down in this cunt's on.
  • I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing you around here anymore...
  • Pretty dissapointed with this. I found the app just the other day, bought it straight away as i love using twitch for LoL. The next day the app wouldnt connect to any streams. Figured a reinstallation might fix the problem. But after uinstalling the app, i couldnt find it again...
    2$ isnt exactly an amount that i worry about. But its really annoying on principal paying for a "service" that you cant use. Would like to see an explanation from the developer.
  • I was a little sad to see that too...would be nice to get my money back or the app re-released
  • Works great on my Lumia 620! Thx to the devs. Jviewer was crappy as hell and flash player apps are messy.
    Btw the app's name is now Tweetch Player (not Twitch Player).