Snapmaker announces J1 IDEX 3D printer

J1 press render
(Image credit: Snapmaker)

What you need to know

  • The new J1 IDEX comes in at $1,399.
  • 300mm x 200mm x 200mm build volume
  • IDEX
  • All-metal hotends up to 300c
  • Die-cast aluminium frame
  • 350mm/s speeds


Snapmaker, maker of 3-in-1 creation machines that 3D Print, laser engrave and CNC mill, has announced a new machine in the J1, a pure 3D printer. But what makes the J1 interesting is that it is Snapmaker's first IDEX 3D printer.

The J1 will be a $1,399 ($1,099 for pre-orders) machine that is fully assembled that will be able to print at 350mm/s. While there have been printers able to do this, none of those have been IDEX printers. One of the biggest complaints of IDEX machines or toolchangers, in general, is the amount of extra time each print will take as you swap materials or colours.

One of the ways the J1 is able to do this is active vibration compensation algorithms to reduce the ringing in prints. Ringing is the term given to visual artefacts on prints that repeat after a direction change. Removing ringing means you can print faster with fewer quality issues. 

In fact, Snapmaker says that the J1 will be able to accelerate at 10,000mm/s2 which is over 1G of acceleration. Let's hope the base is nice and weighty to stop the printer dancing around on the desk.

We know the print volume of the printer is going to be 300mm on the X axis, 200mm on the Y axis and 200mm on the Z axis, so smaller than the Sovol SV04 IDEX we just reviewed. We also know that both extruders are direct drive, meaning that they are on top of the carriage and not on the side or rear of the machine. It pushes the filament through a bowden tube and both of the hotends are able to reach temperatures of 300c, meaning that they are all metal, so pretty much any consumer material up to Polycarbonate will be printable on the J1.

Snapmaker is putting the J1 on sale from November 8th for $1399, but $1099 for people that get in on the pre-order starting today.

Domenico Lamberti
3D Printer reviewer