FlexiSpot X2 Recliner review: What happens when an office furniture company makes a living room chair?

FlexiSpot applies all its office chair expertise on a new recliner chair designed for the living room.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner
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The FlexiSpot X2 Recliner is the company's first foray into living room furniture, applying its office furniture design expertise to a new market. Does it pay off? I think so. It's one of the more comfortable living room chairs I've tested, and I could work for hours while sitting on it.


  • +

    Contemporary design

  • +

    Incredibly comfortable

  • +

    Electronic recline system


  • -

    Not easy to move around

  • -

    Can't recline manually

  • -

    Only one color is available

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I'm back with another FlexiSpot chair review! I've tested countless FlexiSpot chairs over the last few years, and every so often, the company comes out with something they don't usually make just to see if they can do it. Usually, I review office chairs from FlexiSpot, but today, I'm reviewing its new X2 Recliner.

The X2 Recliner isn't an office chair but a comfortable living room chair. It's the company's first foray into household furniture outside the office. So, what happens when an office chair company makes a living room chair, and is it a viable option for working on a laptop in the living room? Let's find out in this full review.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner | £499 at FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner | £499 at FlexiSpot

This chair is very customizable and adjustable to fit your specific body type. You can dial in every element of this chair to suit your needs, whether backrest height, seat tilt, armrest angle, or others.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner: Price & availability

The new FlexiSpot X2 Recliner. (Image credit: Windows Central)
FlexiSpot BS12 Pro

- Price: £499 at Flexispot
- Materials:
Faux Leather (Polyester)
- Max Load: 165kg
- Seat Height: 49cm
- Seat Width:
- Seat Depth:
- Back Height:
- Tilt: 142°
- Weight: 45kg
- Colors: White

The FlexiSpot X2 Recliner can be purchased directly from FlexiSpot in the UK, usually for £499, but can often be found for less during sales. FlexiSpot sells a similar model in the US, the XR4, available in an additional dark brown colorway for $399.

My UK review unit is of the white X2 model, which looks great. That said, if your home decor isn't of a similar color tone, it might not fit in with your existing furniture. For example, my entire living room consists of dark brown furniture, so a white recliner looks out of place.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner: Setup & features

The X2 in a reclined position. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The unboxing and setup process for the Recliner X2 was pretty straightforward. While the instructions insist it's a two-person job, I could complete it in under 15 minutes alone. The chair comes in two boxes, weighing around 30kg each, so you might need a friend to help move the boxes to where you plan on unboxing and building the chair.

Once unboxed, the chair is in four pieces. We have the main seat, the backrest, and the two arms. Everything slots together as a modular system, meaning there aren't any bolts or screws you need to worry about. Just follow the simple instructions, and you should be good.

Don't be afraid to apply pressure when attaching the backrest and arms to the main seat. I had to sit on the arms to lock them into place, as pushing them down with force wasn't enough to get them to slot in.

The metal control panel feels great. (Image credit: Windows Central)

Around the back, you'll find all the cables you need to get the chair working. You need to make two connections before plugging it into the wall. Once again, the instructions are very clear about what needs to go where, so just give them a focused read, and you should be good.

Once connected to power, the chair should be ready to use. When sitting in the chair, the controls for the recline feature are on the right side. A small metal control panel with two buttons and a USB-A port provides 5V of power for charging a smartphone or other low-powered accessory.

Pressing the back button will recline the chair using a built-in electrical motor. The legs come up first before the back begins to recline. The motor itself is very quiet, meaning you won't hear it when watching a movie or playing a video game, and it shouldn't disturb others either. 

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner: Design & comfort

I wish the arms had cup holders. (Image credit: Windows Central)

I love the overall design of the X2 Recliner. It's inoffensive and looks just like you'd expect a chair of this style to be. The faux leather used here is very convincing and feels premium enough. In the mornings, the chair is cold to the touch, just like a real leather chair. 

The seat itself is very soft, as is the backrest. Together, this recliner is incredibly comfortable to sit in. With the added reclining ability, you can dial in a comfortable position for watching a movie or working on a laptop, and in fact, using it as a place to work in the living room has been my go-to way of using this chair.

Thanks to the reclining capabilities, using a laptop with this thing is awesome. With the back slightly reclining, you can have your legs up, providing the perfect lap-workspace. I've worked for hours sitting on this chair without feeling fatigued, which is the biggest compliment you can give a chair.

The backrest on the X2 is superb. (Image credit: Windows Central)

The chair can recline back to 142 degrees at a length of 180cm when including the leg rest. If you want to recline all the way, you won't want to have this directly up against a wall. It takes about 10 seconds to fully recline from the upright position.

The only thing I think this chair is missing is a cup holder in the armrest. The armrests are quite low down, which is good for when you are reclined. But if you have a drink with you, there's nowhere to put it! A real first-world problem.

The other issue with the X2 Recliner is that the reclining functionality is only adjustable with the controls, meaning it needs to be plugged in if you want to adjust it. There's no manual adjustment here, so if you wanted to use this unplugged, you can't unless you don't mind missing out on reclining.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner: Competition

There are many, and I mean many, reclining chairs out there in the world, most of which aren't designed by a company that usually makes office furniture. With that said, FlexiSpot has several other reclining chairs in its portfolio now, including a cheaper XC2, which doesn't use electricity and can be had for just £99.99.

FlexiSpot even makes a recliner with a built-in back massager and heated seat. That one also has a riser mode, so you can raise the chair's height if needed. That usually goes for £359 but can be had for £299 during sales. FlexiSpot's reclining chairs come in faux leather, and the XC2 and X2 are only available in white. The massage chair is available in black.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner: Should you buy

The X2 with its leg rest extended. (Image credit: Windows Central)

You should buy this if …

  • You're looking for a comfortable reclining chair for the living room.
  • You want an electric-powered reclining chair.
  • The color white fits your furniture aesthetic. 

You should not buy this if …

  • You want an office chair.
  • You want a reclining chair that can be manually controlled.
  • You want a reclining chair with cup holders.
  • You want any other color than white. 

It's interesting that FlexiSpot is venturing into the living room furniture market. Until now, I've only ever tested some of its best office chairs and desks, which were all excellent. I had always wondered what it would be like if a company specializing in office furniture decided to make living room furniture, and now I have my answer.

From an ergonomics and comfort perspective, I think the X2 Recliner is one of the most comfortable reclining chairs I've ever sat in. I've never been able to work in the living room for long periods because my actual couch isn't very comfortable to work on with a laptop on my lap.

But with the X2 Recliner, I could sit for hours, which is a testament to how comfortable this chair is. For £499, it is tough to recommend, but at the current £289 sale price, I think it's a no-brainer.

Just make sure you have a suitable place to put it, as it does require a power cable, and that might not be feasible in your living room unless you can run the cable under a carpet or rug.

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner | £499 at FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot X2 Recliner | £499 at FlexiSpot

This chair is very customizable and adjustable to fit your specific body type. You can dial in every element of this chair to suit your needs, whether backrest height, seat tilt, armrest angle, or others.

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