Razer's Enki Pro gaming chair is all about luxury and comfort

Front view of Razer's Enki Pro gaming chair.
(Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Alcantara upholstery and sustainable leatherette trim add to the chair's premium feel.
  • Razer uses dual-foam construction in the seat for better ergonomic.
  • The Enki Pro comes with adjustable seat tilt and recline for maximum comfort.
  • Luxury has a price, and the Enki Pro comes in at a whopping $999. 

Razer's family of Enki gaming chairs is quickly growing, and the latest addition is the $999 Enki Pro. With the Pro model, Razer is chasing up-market gamers and executives with a luxurious Alcantara-cloaked design and sustainable leatherette trims, carbon fiber accents, enhanced ergonomic touches, and dual-density memory foam for the ultimate in comfort. 

Building on the company's existing Enki and Enki X gaming chairs, the Enki Pro takes all-day comfort to the next level. In addition to the selection of premium materials, the company also highlighted ergonomic touches in the chair's design, with specialized shoulder arches and a comfortable ultrawide seatbase, lumbar arch support, and a dual-density foam backrest for added support. In addition, there is also a magnetic memory foam head cushion for seamless head and neck support. 

In fact, all the density of the foam in this chair is designed to support specific areas of your body. For example, Razer claims that the seat base and back have a softer foam for comfort while the the foam under the leatherette trim along the sides are a bit firmer "to provide the ratio that complements both spinal comfort and back support." The armrests come with 4D metal reinforcements for durability. 

"This versatile chair is a must-have addition to any executive suite or simply to transform your home office into a luxurious workstation, allowing anyone to go from multiple hours of work directly into multiple hours of gaming without dealing with seating fatigue," Razer said of the Enki Pro in a prepared statement. 

The Enki Pro also comes with reactive seat tilt and a 152-degree angle of recline. The company used a weight-adjustment tilting mechanism for more flexible seat adjustments and positioning. 

The new Enki Pro is Razer's most expensive gaming chair to date. Razer's Enki family starts at $299 with the Enki X. In addition to the Enki chairs, Razer also carries the Iskur chair, which previously occupied the most premium position in the company's lineup at $499. Though the Enki Pro may cost a pretty penny, Logitech's collaboration with the famed Herman Miller design house still has the Enki Pro beat in the price department with the $1,795 Embody gaming chair. 

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