RODE introduces Wireless ME: Ultra-compact 2.4GHz mics compatible with Windows and mobile

RØDE Wireless ME connected to an iPhone
RØDE Wireless ME connected to an iPhone (Image credit: RØDE)

What you need to know

  • The RØDE Wireless ME is a follow-up to its clip-on Wireless GO range of wearable microphones.
  • Both rechargeable 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver units feature broadcast-quality mics capable of recording from up to 100m for up to 7hrs.
  • Available in the US for $149 MSRP from Amazon and B&H Photo, with more third-party listings expected soon.

Legendary audio vendor RØDE has manufactured some of the best microphones I've ever used, including the NT-USB+, which still enjoys a permanent space on my desk. Today, it expands its range with more hardware aimed at creators, specifically those on the go. Perfect for filming viral content for TikTok and YouTube Shorts or home-made cinematic features, the Wireless ME is a wearable follow-up to its already successful Wireless GO, designed to be even more user-friendly.

Lucky enough to receive a pre-release sample unit, I've seen these beauties in person, and they're slick. RØDE boasts up to 7hrs of rechargeable battery life while recording from line-of-sight distances up to 100m, which is a far better solution than the masses who seem adamant about holding wired lavalier mics directly in front of their mouths (please stop.)

They'll undoubtedly become my primary microphone solution when filming content for our official Windows Central TikTok channel, thanks to a companion app appropriately named RØDE Capture. First, let's look at the specs to see what kind of hardware lurks inside these dinky clip-on mics.

RØDE Wireless ME receiver and transmitter. (Image credit: RØDE)
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Header Cell - Column 0 Wireless ME
Polar patternOmnidirectional
Frequency range20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
Dynamic range100 dB
Max SPL122 dB
Equivalent noise22 dBA
InputTRS (lavalier microphone)
Output3.5 mm TRSUSB-C
Bit depth24-bit
Sample rate48 kHz
Battery lifeUp to 7 hrs
RangeUp to 100m line of sight
Minimum OSWindows 10macOS 10.15Android 11iOS 14

Considering the compact size, this 2.4GHz wireless system has some impressive specs, with broadcast-quality microphones built into both the transmitter and receiver, so you can wear whichever you prefer when recording. RØDE even allows a third transmitter to connect and act as an additional mic, perfect for group interviews or even an ad-hoc podcast.

On a personal note, RØDE's inclusion of its latest GainAssist tech is a particularly exciting feature. It'll automatically adjust the levels on each device in the Wireless ME system, saving the need to watch a visual equalizer and fret about clipping constantly. It might sound minor to some, but it's heartbreaking if you've ever set up a project only to reach the edit and found the audio totally blown out.

RØDE Capture features Dual Cam mode to use front and rear-facing cameras simultaneously. (Image credit: RØDE)

The Wireless ME is compatible with all standard cameras, mobile devices, and Windows desktops, using any available companion apps, including RØDE Capture for iOS. Complete control over audio levels, signal processing effects, and deeper configuration options are all available, alongside video options like resolution, frame rate, and zoom control, alongside a new Dual Cam mode using the front and rear-facing cameras simultaneously.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the RØDE Wireless ME is now available in the US from Amazon and B&H Photo. More third-party retailers are expected to follow suit with extra listings at the $149 MSRP. Stay tuned for my hands-on impressions coming soon, or grab it below for your own projects.

RØDE Wireless ME ultra-compact wireless microphone system ($149)

RØDE Wireless ME ultra-compact wireless microphone system ($149)

Wireless ME is the latest ultra-compact wireless microphone system from RØDE, compatible with Windows, mobile, and more—records up to 7hrs from up to 100m away.

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