The new 8BitDo Micro looks like a perfect controller for kids

8BitDo Micro controller
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What you need to know

  • The newly announced 8BitDo Micro is a tiny game controller you can fit in your pocket.
  • The 8BitDo Micro is smaller than a standalone Switch Joy-con and only weighs 25 grams.
  • You can preorder the 8BitDo Micro for $25 and the device will start shipping on August 24, 2023.

Carrying a full-size controller around with you isn't always convenient or easy. Unless you have very large pockets or a bag, it's going to be awkward to bring a gamepad with you. 8BitDo has a solution to the problem, a teeny tiny controller that weighs only 25 grams. The 8BitDo Micro is an almost comically small controller, and it's available for preorder now for $25. The accessory starts shipping on August 24, 2023.

While some people online have joked about the size of the 8BitDo Micro, there are use cases for a gamepad this small. The controller is pocketable but still gives you physical buttons to use. It lacks a joystick, but it has a D-pad and a surprising set of 16 total buttons. That means you can take the 8BitDo Micro anywhere and still have analog controls.

The listing page for the 8BitDo Micro mentions compatibility with Nintendo Switch and Android, but it also supports other operating systems, including iOS and Windows. There are, however, some limits. When using the controller with Windows, you can only use the accessory in Keyboard mode. That means you'll have to map the controller's buttons to perform specific actions in a game.

Keyboard mode adds a bonus feature set when using the controller on Windows. You can use the 8BitDo Micro to control software and apps. I'm not sure how common of a use case that would be, but the controller is small enough that you could carry it around and use it as a PowerPoint remote.

8BitDo Micro controller

(Image credit: 8BitDo)

When I first saw the 8BitDo Micro I asked who would want a controller that small, but the Windows Central team quickly pointed out that it could be ideal for small children. Gamepads can be too large for little hands, limiting how much kids can game. That fact creates a demand for devices like the PowerA Nano, which is a more kid-friendly size.

The 8BitDo Micro isn't the same type of gamepad as the PowerA Nano, but it could help people with smaller hands game all the same. While it is shorter than a standalone Joy-Con, the 8BitDo Micro is in the same size range as Nintendo's offering, and it works with more devices.

With support for Bluetooth or connection through USB-C, there are a couple options to connect the controller to your hardware.

8BitDo Micro | Preorder for $24.99 at Amazon

8BitDo Micro | Preorder for $24.99 at Amazon

This miniscule controller can easily fit in a pocket. Its small size makes it more manageable for kids with small hands or anyone that doesn't mind squeezing their hands close together to game on the go.

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