Acer Liquid Jade Primo up for pre-order at Orange Portugal

Acer Jade Primo
Acer Jade Primo

Having made it's formal introduction at CES 2016, the Acer Liquid Jade Primo has made an early pre-order appearance in Portugal at Orange. The carrier will be selling the Continuum-capable Windows 10 Mobile phone for €614,99 (about $671) and it does of course include the dock to transform your experience to the big screen.

Acer was the first to announce a high-end smartphone with Windows 10 Mobile but was beaten to market by Microsoft. It ticks most of the boxes you'd look for in a current high-end phone, with a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 5.5-inch 1080p display and a 21MP camera around the back. The value proposition of the Jade Primo over the Lumia 950 could well be the inclusion of the Continuum dock. If the price is right (market dependent, of course) then it could undercut Microsoft's phone plus dock pricing.

The Orange pricing is a little higher than that we were told about at CES, but nevertheless, it's a very interesting phone that we're looking forward to spending some quality time with down the line.

More: Hands-on with the Acer Liquid Jade Primo

Source: Orange Portugal

Thanks micallan for the tip!

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  • I'm in Spain,if i had 650€ i would buy an iPhone 6s :D
  • So... You don't live in Portugal, you don't have the money, and you're talking about a completely different phone,
    How is that related to the article?
  • I guess he would rather buy an over priced under spec'd iPhone for the same amount.
  • Yeah for sure
  • iPhone specs are better where it counts(apps, UI and features). This has old specs when SD820 phones were announced at CES and this doesn't even have the 810. More lame Windows phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol the iPhone isn't underspeced. Typical response from an uneducated user Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Why don't you go compare iPhone specs and then you'll realize that your the uneducated one.
  • Thanks for the link. He's probably gone from LOLing by crying by now.
  • Yeah, because clock speed, cores and amount of ram tell the whole story. The most important thing to consider nowadays is the memory and how fast is the read/ write which is the bottleneck of our pocket pcs..(the socs are beastly anyway) Just see bellow the speeds of the memory and you have to think twice before compering just the specs sheets.  
  • There are no Lumia's in those tests so it's meaningless here. Anyway, apple has no SD slot so it can't match my 200 gig card.
  • Under spec'd like Lumias? Moto G 2013 (first generation) already have the SnapDragon 400, and the only Mid-Range Lumia now is the 640 with the same processor found in a 2013 phone.   I think you should buy the really new 550, or you can get something like this:   Lumias are expensive for their old hardware.
  • 640 is low end to me. If you think of it as mid range and then compare it to other mid range, it's your fault.
  • It's a mid-range for MS. If 640 is low-end, what 550 is? And why it's so expensive?
  • Obviously both are low end.
  • Just saying, anyways are you living in portugal? Are you going to buy Acer phone? Just asking :D
  • Mohamed, you are an idiot!
  • Ok :) i might be hahaha sorry to obviously upset you, most of the time, i'm a nice person :)
  • Don't apologise Mohamed. You make a good point. Why on earth would anyone buy an Acer phone when they could get an iPhone instead for v.similar money.
    It makes no sense - especially with W10 Mobile being so riddled with bugs!
  • Microsoft shares are going up and Apple shares are going down....why? They rely on iPhone sales just like Nokia and Blackberry and where are they now! Time you silly Apple fans woke up from your iSheep dream and faced reality lol
  • iSheep?!
  • Says alot about you Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • Wat a brainless grown ass human is this
  • Then you obviously prefer their OS, I don't.
  • I always loved windows phone, but little things like the absense of official Instagram, facebook, youtube... Apps is umbearable to me. iOS looks beautiful and it just works, i'm sure a lot of windows phone fans are soon or later leaving this sinking ship, sorry mate :(
  • True. I've been in the Windows Phone fold for 3 years now. I've waited for improvements -- but Windows 10 Mobile is actually worse than 8.1 in many ways. No longer do we have a super stable/smooth OS. We now have more bugs than Android.
    Nokia was the reason I joined this platform. Microsoft have almost entirely undone all of Nokia's good work - so really, why bother sticking around!?
  • The fact that, besides the 950 and 950XL, they had go release I don't think even Microsoft considers W10M release quality yet so judgement is still early. If they believed it was ready they would marketing it a lot harder. That said, W10M has come a long way in the past few months. Under the hood the changes are pretty significant.
  • We still don't have an official version of W10 Mobile. We're using what is essentially a beta version, of course there are going to be bugs. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well there is strength in numbers... Take a different aspect.. You and several million other users bite the bullet jump on the platform demand the apps and the apps will come if for nothing but profit for the dev's at that point.. Same as they did for iPhone same as they did for android.. Yeah iPhone they got it going on for apps and carriers now but there was the day that iPhone was carrier exclusive... Att no less... It grew in numbers and the apps came.. Android rode in on a road paved by apple with cheaper prices for hardware the numbers grew the apps came.. Just my way of seeing things.. I never thought iPhone would go anywhere when it dayviewed, boy was I wrong lol...
  • It is what it is my man. There are a lot of Win fans that left. I been patiently waiting myself and just got tired of caring for Win. Moved back to Android. Dont let these people feelings bother you. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I do want to go to WM..I wanna make my laptop and phone look same..but the current offering is still not my taste. Currently I'm using Jiayu S3. A $170 phone but have most high end spec eg 3GB RAM,16GB internal, NFC, most sensors, full HD... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • funny story, with with what going on meizu experiments, you might actully have better chances to upgrade your existing hardware to win 10 than what you have to keep the recent android OSes :D
  • it turns out that you never was a fan of win phone :D you came here, sold by some cool feature, so you can show of in front of your frinds, and once they werent 'cool enough' you just left. but now, as you "got cheated" by the promise of "cool platform" you just jumped back to what's you got used. and keep coming here, to 'wrong' site part to just bash WP/W10M in each article....   but maaaaan... it's just phone :D pick one you like and stop whining that you once bought one you didnt actually liked :D
  • really? absence of official apps, for what you got plenty of others? it's not even funny any more :D
  • Money to burn
  • €615 is too much for me. looks like a great phone though.
  • If it had the iris scanner, it would be acceptable to me.
  • A useless feature? Android learned years ago that having to hold the phone to your face to unlock is dumb. It is a gimmick at best. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It Works. Great
  • Hey dimbo, iris scanner != face recognition
  • Funny how the users who think it's useless are posting from Android. I have the 950 and it's a must have feature. Very rarely do I need to enter my pin.
  • These are the people (posting in Windows Central from Android) who are insecure after deciding to switch platform. They need to make sure they were doing the right thing by monitoring Windows enthusiast sites like Windows Central: always on the lookout for 'eureka' articles. Apparently Android had this 'face recognition' technology some time ago which couldn't tell the difference between actual face and static printed photos, hence they decided to call such activity dumb. I guess Android users are still not in pace with the tech world.
  • Funny you say that when yesterday at a restaurant, my hands were greasy with food, and several times I just tapped the power button and looked at my phone, to open and read texts.
  • I'll rather have a fingerprint sensor than a spotty eye scanner. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android on my Lumia 950 XL
  • ever heard of "Improve Recognition"?
  • Great news. Price was a bit higher than expected though.
  • I hope this come to the USA soon. It worth a look and hands on.
  • I wouldnt like how the buttons are in the middle. I would always be hitting them as I hold it. Nice looking otherwise. When MS made the Surface Pro, OEM's started a race on who could copy it. I hope the same happens when/if they make a Surface Phone.
  • If AT&T gets it they'll jack up the price too, and forget the Dock.
  • This is an awesome phone, i wish it had the iris scanner though.
  • Does this one have a SD?
  • Worth noting that prices in Portugal are generaly inflated by retailers. In other words...retailers like to rob people with an extra 100€ per phone compared to other European countries.
  • That's a relief. For one second I thought that the prices in Portugal, Greece etc. are that higher cause of the absurd taxes!
  • No.
    That's the bullsh*t retailers try to sell you but anyone with rudimentary maths skills finds out the lie in an instant ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • To be fair unlocked phones were always 40€ more expensive than SIM locked ones
  • Yes and when you compare the prices of unlocked phones in Europe to Portugal you see the disparity. I haven't bought a phone in Portugal since...2009 I think. The Nokia 5800 was the last one I bought here. All my smartphones came from other European countries. Want to know why? Here're some examples: my G4 cost me 395€ in Germany 4 months ago. At that time the price was 600€ in Portugal and currently it still costs 500€. My Z3C? 480€ in England on launch. Price in Portugal? 650€. The Nokia 930 I bought in Belgium for 490€ on launch. Price in Portugal on launch? 600€. Z5 Premium= 747€ in Germany. 865€ in Portugal.   You get the picture. It's more than the phones being more expensive unlocked (I wouldn't buy phones from our carrier scum anyway :P). It's them being overpriced when compared to the rest of Europe. And VAT isn't the reason for these hickes.
  • olé, Portugal... and I thought Indonesia was bad enough...
  • Because not everyone wants an iPhone
  • iPhone has 17% of the worldwide smartphone market. That means 83% of people don't want an iPhone :)
  • Yup. 81.3% want Android ;P Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That was fast...
  • With SD808, I'd assume it's on par with the 950. 950's $550 plus $100 dock, $650 is still less.
  • I really hope to make this comments conversation about windows 10 mobile, when it will officially release and how is it going with it's UI
  • well, it IS realeased. same day first phone with W10M shipped, which is month ago. it's not as good to be perfectly release ready yet - that's another story, but it gets there with each new build...
  • I would like to get some hands on time with this phone.
  • In an alternate world 3gb ram android phone with finger print sensor is selling for 99dollar.. Tht world is "India "
  • Strange isn't it!
  • if you just pick one item out of all specs it might not look as dumb as it is for you, but it does for others: "i know countries where phones with just one camera(!!) sells for 50 USD, and i know ones where they sels for 1000 USD!!"
  • What's the point of buying it if when you drop it, it becomes dust? :p
  • Lol... Its going to be a big flop
  • acer is not a decent band. for windows phones, I will choose Microsoft.
  • it seems to be great phone. and as they all are now updated by microsoft - long living one. earlier, before w10, i would stay away from companies that build devices as experiment, "let's see if it sells", but now it feels like 'IBM-compatible hardware', pick whatever you like, jump to another once you get bored.
  • Nice to see that Lumia flagships now have 'external' company. Waiting for what reviews will say.
  • 5.5 inch. That's what I'm talkin about.
  • Too much money for a phone, with that much I would of bought a new console and a bunch of games.
  • I didn't even know we had Orange in Portugal
  • Neither do I. Anyway lots of news from our country. :)
  • We don't. They sell phones but they're not a carrier. They had a partnership with Optimus (which I believe carried over to Zon). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, that I knew. The Orange Montecarlo (aka ZTE Skate) was sold as Optimus Montecarlo, among others. Just didn't know about the online store (physical store I assumed they didn't, since I never saw one in Porto)
  • I think they do have some physical stores. I remember seeing one in a mall here in Lisbon. Not sure if it's still open though since, you know, businesses in this country don't tend to last long.
  • I don't think this can out perform the Lumia 950's camera, but competition is always great
  • What's wrong with you? Lots of news from Portugal... :)
  • WP device are highly overpriced... All of them... Nobody with iPhone or android device won't switch to WP as a risk / new experience for this amount of money
  • You do realize that high end iPhone and Androids cost this much or more right? Or are you in the "subsidized" zone, where some actual think they pay less than what it retails for? LOL
  • Exactly as you wrote... if iPhone / Android phone (high end) cost more less the same... what is the advantage of WP on this field??? App gap is really big disadvantage... only low cost can convince non WP users try a WP (especially android users) Therefor WP devices should have very agresive cost!
  • Once this drops to about 250/300€ in about a year, I'll consider this. Looks really good!
  • Slightly of topic but the new Moly X1 is available for pre order in US moly x1&tag=vglnkc4514-20#immersive-view_1453114869522
  • So , MS should see acer as a rough competitor and release a powerful - SURFACE PHONE !!
  • I would be shocked if this phone became available in Canada.
  • Any idea about price of xiaomi mi6?