Achievement Art brings your Xbox achievements to Windows 10 as a universal app

Earlier in February we reported on a new app called Achievement Art for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. The app is very simple: It lets you bring up all your Xbox One and Xbox 360 achievements in one place and as its name implies view and save the art associated with your triumphs. Users can then save the art to their device or use it as a wallpaper making it well worth the download.

The developer behind the app has let us know that Achievement Art is now rewritten for Windows 10 making it truly universal. Users on Windows 10 Mobile or Windows 10 for the desktop can download and use the same app anywhere.

Achievement Art for Windows 10

Besides your individual achievements, you can also load up and save the game's art in PNG at HD (1920x1080), which is super cool. Instead of downloading as a separate file you can also just set it on your lock screen or wallpaper.

From the app description:

"We've made a TON of changes since the last Windows 8.1 release. Achievement Art now supports Xbox 360, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Games for Windows titles, and you can set achievement or game art images as your desktop background or lock screen from within the app. The user experience has been rebuilt from the ground up to be smoother, faster, and more visually appealing. We hope you love this new version of Achievement Art!"

Achievement Art for Windows 10 Mobile

Features of Achievement Art include:

  • Browse achievement art you've unlocked in any Xbox-enabled game!
  • Download achievement art or set it as your wallpaper or lock screen from within the app.
  • Download game art or use it to personalize your device.
  • Browse your own achievements or those unlocked by your friends - all you need is their Gamertag.
  • Sort your achievements alphabetically or by most recently unlocked. Great for seeing your most recently unlocked achievement art at a glance.
  • A one-time upgrade to Premium unlocks advanced features across both Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Premium feature: Download all achievement art for a game in one click!
  • Premium feature: Browse achievement art for achievements which you have not yet unlocked, and download it!
  • More free and Premium features to come over time.

Achievement Art is free to use too although there is a 99 cent Premium upgrade that unlocks special features noted above. The app is exceptionally well done, great to look at and is just clever. If you are an achievement hunter, you must grab it now!

Let us know what you think in comments and don't forget to make suggestions for the developer.

Download Achievement Art for Windows 10 and Mobile (opens in new tab)

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  • How about WC stop using freaking 'tradedoubler .com' links, and instead link DIRECTLY to the page/W10 app/whatever? What right do YOU have for sending me to the content you promote via a tracking service whos ONLY purposae is to track users movements and colate them for stinking advertisers?   Nice app by the way.
  • "How about WC stop using freaking 'tradedoubler .com' links, and instead link DIRECTLY to the page/W10 app/whatever? "What right do YOU have for sending me to the content you promote via a tracking service whos ONLY purposae is to track users movements and colate them for stinking advertisers?"
    It's actually Microsoft's program for affiliates and yeah, sorry, we need revenue too. Listen, I don't like a lot about how internet commerce works, but if you want high quality coverage from us, a full-time staff, and speed, someone has to foot the bill.
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  • But you can view achievements on xbox app built into windows 10.
  • Hey there, I'm the dev for Achievement Art. I couldn't have built this into the Xbox app for Windows 10 because I am a hobbyist app developer and I don't work for Xbox. I'll take the fact that you mistook this for an official app as a compliment. :)
  • The app only supports Xbox one not Xbox 360 achievements.
  • Ha! Then theres still hope for my app, which supports Xbox 360 games! Hell yeah!
  • Age of Empires shows up as Xbox Live but no other Live games I have do.
    Edit: Seems 360 games appear on the Win10 app but not the phone
  • Which platform are you on? The 8.1 version has not been updated to support platforms other than Xbox One and Windows 10, but the Windows 10 version of the app supports all Xbox-enabled games on Xbox and Windows platforms. Considered porting the new features back to the old version, but it would have been a lot of extra work and download numbers on 8.1 dropped considerably after 10 came out, so it didn't seem worth it.
  • Didn't run on win 8.1
  • Where is the download link in the app? Is it not available on windows 10 mobile?
  • I don't understand what this app is for? Windows 10 already has achievements integrated.
  • The Xbox app doesn't allow you to download achievement art images or set them as your device's lock screen or wallpaper. This app does! It's not just intended to let you browse your achievements, it enables you to use them to personalize your device and show them off.