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ActiveSync Going Away with Windows 7? (Again)

So ActiveSync, which has already sort of been replaced by Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) in Vista, may be getting its walking papers. Again.

Make room for Device Stage in Windows 7, evidently due when...well, when it's ready, according to Microsoft (lets say 2010).

But this isn't just some re-brand. Nope, Device Stage is going to be a sort of "universal sync" tool that any device manufacturer could abide by, allowing everything from regular flip phones to cameras to any periph you can think name. Programming is done via XML.

Evidently, Julie Larson-Green, vice president of program management for the Windows Experience (that's a mouthful) demonstrated it last week.

The real benefit here of course is that you may now be able to avoid installing proprietary syncing software for all those cameras, phones, printers, MP3 players, etc. Plus, it'll handle your future WM7 device to boot.

Not bad MS, not bad.

Ars Technica via Solsie

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  • This is actually a crazy brilliant idea. People have gotten very used to having to install tons of random drivers and crap to get things working that they desparately need, and I think that probably keeps them from installing MORE crap to sync their phone, etc. It's just too much work.
    This could be a good selling point for not only windows mobile devices but also peripherals for computer manufacturers, etc. Neat.
  • I have Windows 7 Build 6801 and it requires Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 to sync Windows Mobile to Outlook. My devices an HTC S730, palm Treo 750, palm Treo Pro show up under Device Stage but they are not added to the TaskBar with common tasks and what not. I think AS is here to stay...
  • Device stage will show all "connected" devices by default.. how the manufacturers use it is open to the manufacturer.. You will still need the back end drivers for any device (windows wont automatically have the nokia software, the palm software, the windows mobile device software, as well as any sort of game controller programming tool, fancy keyboard device management /remapping tool, fancy speaker software built in) What device stage is for.. is to allow them to unify the access point, and offer a page with more information and links to that software as well as on board storage .. perhaps a charging indicator for your various phones and whatnot.. IE Activesync will likely be completely gone and replaced with Device Center.. but all devices that currently require "evil drivers" will still require them
  • This article shows step-by-step on how to enable the ActiveSync, or in this case WMDC on Windows 7 x64 and x86.
    Enable ActiveSync & Windows Mobile Device Center Synchronization on Windows 7 x64 and x86
  • Thx
  • windows 7 is complete junk
  • i have Window CE 6.1 with Samsung
    the active sync, see com 2 but com 6 is conflict
    the PC has no problem with com6 but conflict with com 2
    can not syncronize with either XP of Window 7 (device stage)
  • so, any news about being able to synchronize HTC diamond with Win7?
    this new updated synchronizer... has it been released? if not, when??
  • tnx
  • You mean an OS wide supported Sync system with plugins so any device can sync and talk to OS resources without having to re-invent the wheel? where have I seen that before? ohhh yeah....OSX. It would be nice if MS would actually come up with more of their own ideas...I mean...they have some good ActiveSync, which even Apple licensed. I like Silverlight and I do like a lot of things that MS has come out just seems like they use more and more of other peoples ideas now....and less of their own. But that seems to be the industry as a whole...even Apple is guilty of it.
  • I have an HP IPAQ 4155 which I bought in about 2003., it runs Windows Mobile 2003 and has Windows CE 4.2 embedded.
    I use Windows XP Pro on my main computer and also Activesync 4.5 to sychronise the Pocket PC with MS Office 2007. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 soon but have discovered that Activesync 4.5 will not run on Windows 7. Meaning that I would need to use Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC). However, as I understand, WMDC will not be any good with my device! Can anyone confirm this, or has anyone succesfully used WMDC with an old ipaq such as mine.
    I love this device and would like to continue to use it, but this might be the final signal to dump it. !!:( Thanks