ActiveSync Going Away with Windows 7? (Again)

So ActiveSync, which has already sort of been replaced by Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) in Vista, may be getting its walking papers. Again.

Make room for Device Stage in Windows 7, evidently due when...well, when it's ready, according to Microsoft (lets say 2010).

But this isn't just some re-brand. Nope, Device Stage is going to be a sort of "universal sync" tool that any device manufacturer could abide by, allowing everything from regular flip phones to cameras to any periph you can think name. Programming is done via XML.

Evidently, Julie Larson-Green, vice president of program management for the Windows Experience (that's a mouthful) demonstrated it last week.

The real benefit here of course is that you may now be able to avoid installing proprietary syncing software for all those cameras, phones, printers, MP3 players, etc. Plus, it'll handle your future WM7 device to boot.

Not bad MS, not bad.

Ars Technica via Solsie

Phil Nickinson

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