Activision confirms Call of Duty 2018 being made by Treyarch

During the company's latest earnings report (via Charlie Intel), Activision confirmed what Call of Duty fans the world over assumed: Treyarch is back and making Call of Duty 2018.

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Treyarch is responsible for the most popular sub-series in the Call of Duty franchise, having produced the first three Black Ops games to this point. Of course, the easy assumption to make is that this year we'll get another one in the form of Black Ops 4.

Rumors have begun to swirl saying that is the case, but again, it's easy to jump to conclusions given what we expected, and now know. Other than the developer, there's nothing else to share at this time.

On the same call, Activision made a big deal out of the success of Call of Duty: WWII, which ended 2017 as the highest grossing console game of the year, as well as being the biggest digital release in the company's history. Oh, and apparently in-game microtransactions made more money than DLC sales in both Call of Duty and Destiny 2, so don't expect those to go away anytime soon.

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  • We all knew, no confirmation was needed, lol.
    It's always IW/Sledgehammer/Treyarch.
  • I love call of duty! It's so innovative! Like this year, going back to World War II! Who would have thought?! I also love the new loot boxes! It just makes everything better! Best game series ever in my opinion. The formula will never get old. Okay, I actually feel bad for all this sarcasm and I truly hope the person who wrote this article does not take offence, as this comment is not in any way pointed towards anyone that may like call of duty.
  • Don't apologize, it needs to be said more often.
  • Just let the campaign story be good....for once!!
  • BO2 had an amazing campaign. Same with Advanced Warfare IMO
  • AW campaign was really good. Gets ignored because ZOMG JETPACKS but it was very well crafted.
  • We can continue with adding all the additional glitches in game like how people can kill you through a tank and walls in random spots.
  • I'm surprised that this franchise is still alive
  • Biggest selling game on console. Again. Very much alive, very much kicking.
  • Very much outclassed by the Battlefield franchise.  Call of Duty is complete garbage!  Like a rat running a maze to get the cheese.  Who can run around the corner and pull the trigger quicker.  Same crappy map styles.
  • I mean sure, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. Doesn't change the cold hard facts that when it comes to sales figures and player count it eats Battlefield for lunch.
  • Meh, I know I'm in the minority here, but I won't play these again till we go back to space! Infinite Warfare had such a stellar campaign, and a much more fun zombies than WW2. I would've bought the season pass for zombies if it didn't cost 50 bucks still