Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 hits the Windows Store

We knew this one was coming eventually, but Adobe has now finally released Photoshop Elements 15 into the Windows Store. Better still is that for the launch week you'll be able to snag a fairly healthy discount on it.

Easily organize, edit, create, and share all your amazing photos. Make one-click fixes or use Guided Edits for help along the way. Add artistic effects, create collages, slideshows, cards and more.

You take pictures of all your special moments and milestones. Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 automates the organizing and editing so you can have fun creating and sharing your amazing photos.

In the U.S. the regular price is $99.99, cut to $59.99 for the next 6 days. Over in the UK there's a similar 40% discount taking it down from £77.29 to £46.39, so similar discounts should hopefully apply in other regions, too.

Photoshop Elements is just the latest Win32 app brought to the Windows Store, and while it's not as full-featured and outright powerful as Photoshop CC, it's still a great piece of photo editing software.

If it sounds like a deal for you grab it at the link below while the discount is hot!

Download Photoshop Elements from the Windows Store

Thanks Amir for the tip!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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