Adobe is working with Microsoft to fix Photoshop Elements on Windows 10 S

If you're using Windows 10 S and are also a user of Adobe's Photoshop Elements app available in the Windows Store, you may have noticed that the app doesn't actually work on Windows 10 S. The app will download and install, but when the app is launched it just crashes, likely due to the app trying to run an external .exe that Windows 10 S is blocking.

Now, Adobe has updated their description on the Windows Store which explains that the app currently doesn't work on Windows 10 S and that they are working with Microsoft to get the issue resolved.

IMPORTANT: This app works with Windows 10 Pro and Home, but DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 10 S. Microsoft and Adobe are working to fix this issue.

Not much else is known about the issue as or right now, and we've not been given a timeframe for when we can expect the fix. Hopefully it shows up soon though, as I know a few people using Windows 10 S who are in need of Photoshop Elements, being that it is available in the Windows Store and should be one of those apps that work fine on Windows 10 S.

Are you a Photoshop Elements user? If not, you should grab it from the Windows Store right now as it's just $59.99 (40 percent off!)

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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