It's long been expected, but Adobe Experience Design (Adobe XD) is now available for Windows 10, albeit as a public beta. Adobe announced the public beta release on its blog, noting that all of the core features you'll need for prototyping websites and mobile apps are there.

Adobe XD hits Windows 10 as a public beta

Given the Windows 10 app has lagged behind the release of the macOS version, it is, as you'd expect, behind in feature parity. However, it won't remain that way for long. From Adobe:

After downloading Adobe XD for Windows 10, you'll find a core set of features for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps, including XD's innovative repeat grid tool for speeding up layout of design elements, as well as the visual connectors for wiring up interactive prototypes. To get started using Adobe XD, be sure to check out the built-in tutorial file located in the Help menu. You can also watch these tutorials for an overview.

Interestingly, Adobe says that Adobe XD for Windows is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, but you don't download it form the Windows Store. Instead, the app is installed through Adobe's Creative Cloud app. It's unclear if Adobe XD will ever make its way to the Windows Store.

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Adobe says that it plans to release monthly updates for XD as it works towards feature parity between macOS and Windows. Adobe says it also plans to add touch and pen features once the app has delivered on all of its core features. For now, you can check out a FAQ from Adobe to see a full breakdown of the features that are currently included or missing from the Windows app.

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