Advertsing Nokia versus Apple at Phones 4U

We're okay with this side by side. In fact, we're more than okay with it and hope to see this type of prominent product placement everywhere.

Taken at the Westfield Mall, Stratford, London. See a few more pics of Nokia's ad campaign taken with the Lumia 800 at the same shopping center. Thanks, Halil!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Lets do this NOKIA+WP7!!!
  • black vs white? the empire vs the jedi? i dont really like it.. The iphone stand is cleaner and shows you what you need, the name, the product and a fully working demo unit that will act as if it's already yours (contacts, email, pictures, videos, apps... all that is already in there and working)
  • well, at least wp has a stand! finally!
  • The Nokia stand looks to have a working demo unit...As far as black vs white, at least it looks different instead of aping Apple ;-)
  • i know, it should be a working demo, but have you tried a wp demo vs an iphone? there is nothing on the people's hub, the fb tile is empty, xbox live is a dead hub. no music.. I would have rather put a nokia-blue or a simple charcoal gray with red tiles stand and maybe a 32" screen on top. TVs always attracts attention, and the customers would learn more from watching them than by their sales representatives. Plus they won't get lost on the hubs.
  • Hopefully they are smart enough to create "dummy" accounts to populate the phone with.
  • I'm with you there. If I was the average consumer walking by, it would take me a while before I realize that stand is for a phone. Let alone the "Lumia 800" which is tiny and hidden in the mess. The large and visible text is too long to read at a split second glance. Even the large image of the 800 is black hidden on a black background. I like the campaign, but just don't think this is a very good display.
  • Got to remember these stands are in phone shops, of course folks will think its a phone.For me, I find the iphone dated and old, WP7 stand looks alive and interesting but thats my opinion.
  • Yes, the iphone is dated. but their stand in this case is better. It's not vivid, but if they were two store, i would think the iphone store is open, the lights are on. Blue or red would have been a better color for nokia's wp.
  • The eye is lazy and gravitates towards white over black (thanks Bill Watterson!), so anyone just passing by will immediately be attracted to the white of the iPhone ad. I guess the idea is that once they walk over there, they'll notice the Nokia ad and check it out.
  • I agree white over black in the sense of at least getting attention... But notice that the stand for the Windows Phone is not completely black... It has multiple colors that are bright as well which gets peoples attention and they wonder what the **** all the excitement is about and then take a look and then are hooked. The bland vanilla **** look for the iPhone stand is just boring as many Apple users agree everything is the same boring bland grey scale **** it has always been. Apple is beginning to fizzle and it seems they have been having more issues with every new device. I personally like black over white in general as most people I know do. I'm sure there are other stands out there for Windows Phone that are not black with colors... Maybe some white with colors. Either way the Windows Phone display seems more exciting and people would rather be excited then looking like oh wow nice and white and bland and boring vanilla... Why not have fun with something new you've never seen before. Everyone knows the iPhone but everyone I show my Windows Phone to admit my phone is the sh** and people get mad cause they just spent a grip on a new iPhone and contract so I rub it in. I live in Cupertino by the way and they all admit superior OS on all levels and you have choice of hardware! OOOOOOOooooooooooooooo anyways I know what you are saying but it is to broad and vague... You may be color blind? Just sayin'.
  • The problem is also that the phone is anchored to the desk with the antitheft case around it which doesnt give you any feeling for how the phone feels in the hand. They need the plastic mockups along side this.
  • Honestly, maybe because i like flashy thingsmy eye automatically would go to the Nokia sign first.It makes sense to have this kind of design(Maybe with a lighter background but actually darker looks better than white) simply because the stand mimics the metro UI.I personally love what they did. The iphone is a minimalist OS/device and its stand mimics the OSVs the Flashy look of Metro.Looks great!
  • Exactly... Sort of like a Toyota Camry that is white and ultra boring bland and basic... Crank windows, gutless and everyone has got one... Oh and better yet costs you probably 10x what it is worth...Windows Phone looks more like either a Hot Audi R8 or a Ducati Monster... Something exciting, **** and new. Many hardware choices and Nokia being superior... Not terribly expensive considering what you're getting...Apple = Rip offWP7 = Cost effective, faster, and original. WP7 FTW