After net neutrality concerns, Facebook is now inviting everyone to be a part of

Facebook's initiative faced a severe backlash in India, with several companies based out of the country withdrawing from the platform citing net neutrality violations. Essentially, Facebook was found to favor certain carriers — in this case Reliance — and services over others, leading media houses such as NDTV and Times Group to pull out of the initiative altogether.

The social network is now looking to make amends by launching an open platform that will allow developers to integrate their services into CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook will enter into "non-exclusive partnerships" with carriers to deliver free basic services for free, and that the social network will be more "transparent and inclusive" in how it handles these services through

These websites are very simple and data efficient, so operators can offer these for free in an economically sustainable way. Websites do not pay to be included, and operators don't charge developers for the data people use for their services.Because these services have to be specially built to these specifications, we started by offering just a few. But giving people more choice over the services they use is incredibly important and going forward, people using will be able to search for and use services that meet these guidelines.

Facebook is encouraging developers to create easily accessible and efficient websites that will be compatible with "feature and smartphones and in limited bandwidth scenarios."

Source: Facebook

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  • It is relevant as it is a) a major initiative by Facebook to connect underserved regions with free internet, and b) it ties in with the net neutrality debate going on in India. Whenever there's an initiative that promises to provide something for "free", there are certain caveats included. With, those were carrier and service limitations. Now that Facebook has addressed these issues, I felt that it was worth sharing as it affects a majority of first-time Internet users.
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  • Windows Phone devices are known for being good bang for buck, at least the entry level devices. These people are on a budget. This will allow people to make their budget go further. That's a possible link to Windows Phone.
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  • You had enough interest to click on the title. You want the link, how about approximately 90% of the devices that access Facebook are Windows based systems. If it bothers you so much, it's pretty easy to just move on past with a flick of the finger.
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  • No big deal....It's an article about General News.Next time see the tag with which the article linked to :(
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  • Net Neutrality should be of concern to anyone that uses the internet.  Since you are here, I assume you use the internet. Therefore, you should be concerned. Study up and report back if you still deem this topic shameful.
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  • If you don't see the relation to the WP platform then the failing is yours as to me it's blindingly obvious.  WP is very popular in poorer regions and this service is designed for people in poorer regions, so it's fair to assume quite a few people accessing this service will be WP users. In future I suggest you think before you post.
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  • Facebook is encouraging developers to create easily accessible and efficient websites that will be compatible with "feature and smartphones and in limited bandwidth scenarios."
    Yeah, right. While Facebook itself is an extremely bloated and resource heavy site. Practice what you preach, Facebook. It's part of why I rarely log in. Well, that, and also the fact I find it nothing but a big time waster with no real value whatsoever. I've got a real life. I'm too busy sharing my real life with my wife and children "in person" to take time to get online to share it, but that's me.
  • Seems you don't know anyone except your wife and children. You don't use/need it that doesn't mean no one uses it.
  • Part of why I don't use it is the bloat. It's very data heavy. I've got plenty of friends, but we hook up in real life, not in the matrix... I mean net.
  • Yea well, I can't be sure if it's Facebook, but of all my browser tab processes, the most "heavy" takes 1,7% of my CPU at the most. For the sake of argument lets say that is fb (it very well might be) while that's not superb, it's not a horrible resource hog either. (running good ol' AMD phenomII 965 with 8 GB)
  • Bloated and resource heavy as a description of websites means it uses a larger amount of bandwidth than normal, not heavy CPU. My bandwidth is my most precious resource on my computer, because it is what costs me the most. The reason Facebook is trying to get bandwidth friendly sites for those places is because of the poor internet speeds in those areas, yet Facebook is one of the largest bandwidth hog websites in the world. smh
  • If people don't want Facebook news, then don't read it. WC has their statics on what people read and are interested in. Facebook is a big part of mobile and they dominate the internet(.org) like it or not.. I don't like it
  • Translation: We want to sell more ads.
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  • Yes its all about selling more ads... Only this time, it will be video ads that you cannot skip and that will consume your data. This is the difference between internet and telephones. There is more ways of exploiting people.
  • Never knew that Facebook will become the Voldemort of the 21st century. The only way to save internet is to take it down just like Orkut.
  • Nice to see they are 'delivering free basic services for free'....
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  • Now Facebook wanting to expand its will allow users to make or code websites to cater to very having a lightweight site.. Fb's mobile site is an example of this.. And can soon become handy for Microsoft's IoT.. Why shouldn't this be here.. With Microsoft holding a share of stock in fb.. And Microsoft on its way to a whole new era of windows.. The internet is changing.. And sites like Facebook, YouTube and the lot will always be the first to interact with Microsoft's products..
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  • "We are Facebook. We've decided to replicate the Internet and rename it" This ad brought to you by Facebook. Enjoy a free Internet with limited ads, well limited by everyone else, but Facebook will fill the void to keep your browsing habits eternally tracked and marketable.
  • On the one hand, it seems liek a business play from facebook, a clever one. On hte other hand, more people will learn about Net Neutrality and what it really means which could prompt a backlash, but in a positive way.
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  • I donno why but I really didn't understand anything .. It looked pretty similar to that of voiding net neutrality ... By posting adds ... God knows what they are upto ,..
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  • Net neutrality to Facebook is allowing Facebook to freely collect data on as many people as possible so they can, like Google, sell your personal information to advertisers for profit. Nothing is free. If you're offered something for free or for an unreasonably low price, then you are the product.
  • Its a trick. They are challenging the Net Neutrality rules using this.