It's time for Microsoft to push Windows 10 Mobile to 8.1 devices

Lumia 930
Lumia 930 (Image credit: Windows Central)

In March of 2016, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Mobile would finally be coming to select Windows Phone 8.1 devices. That was great news, because it meant developers could finally start building their Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for phones and there would be less need to cater to the older Windows Phone 8.1 app module. Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to make the Windows 10 Mobile update "opt-in" via an app that you have to download in the Store, meaning the vast majority of people still using Windows Phone 8.1 didn't actually get the update.

Most Windows Phone 8.1 users didn't go out and get that update because most people using Windows Phone don't really care, and they likely didn't even know Windows 10 Mobile was available in the first place. Microsoft did no advertising to inform users that they could opt-in to download Windows 10 Mobile, and the Windows Phone 8.1 Store itself didn't even promote the app to the front page. The only way you would have even known about the availability of the update was is if you were a fan who was paying attention.

What this means is that few Windows Phone 8.1 users actually upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, which as a result meant developers felt no reason to switch to UWP. That's why we still see several Windows Phone 8.1 apps continue to be updated on Windows 10 Mobile even to this day. What's worse, an entire year has passed since Windows 10 Mobile became available, and that's an entire year that many users have still been using Windows Phone 8.1, because they don't know that a Windows 10 Mobile upgrade is waiting for them.

Onus is on Microsoft to push Windows 10 Mobile update

At first, I assumed Microsoft made Windows 10 Mobile an opt-in upgrade because there were still several issues and bugs that needed to be ironed out. In that case, making the upgrade opt-in was a smart idea as a temporary measure. But I wasn't expecting the update to still be an opt-in experience an entire year later. Microsoft is about to release the second big-ish update to Windows 10 Mobile, that as I wrote about recently makes the platform feel the best it ever has. Now is the perfect time to open the floodgates and begin pushing Windows 10 Mobile as normal via Windows Update.

The Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update runs surprisingly well on older devices

Microsoft can't rely on users to install the update themselves, so it should just roll it out like any other normal Windows Phone 8.1 update. That's what Microsoft's own Upgrade Advisor app does anyway. You just have to manually press a button for it to do so. It's time for Microsoft to remove that step, and have the phone automatically pick up Windows 10 Mobile, to get the remaining Windows Phone 8.1 users away from the three-year-old platform.

Another good reason to start pushing Windows 10 Mobile now is that Windows Phone 8.1's support timeframe expires this summer, meaning the majority of Windows Phone users left will soon be running an OS that's no longer supported by Microsoft. The time is now to start pushing Windows 10 Mobile, with the Creators Update.

Here in London, I often see Windows Phones all over the place. I see Lumia 640s, 930s, even the 735, and on the rare occasion a 950 and 550. However, you know what's wrong with the Lumia 640s and 930s that I see on the street? They're still running Windows Phone 8.1, not Windows 10 Mobile, an update that has been ready for them for more than a year. I know Microsoft isn't really focused on the Mobile OS right now, but it should at least help developers by getting the last few people off of Windows Phone 8.1 and onto Windows 10 Mobile.

What do you think? Is the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update a good place for Microsoft to begin pushing Windows 10 Mobile as an OTA update to the remaining and eligible Windows Phone 8.1 users?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • I agree.
  • Just 2 years too late.   too bad.
  • There are MANY things about 8.1 that blows away 10. I miss kids corner, city lens, all dark Cortana, and a kick a$$ keyboard.
  • The Keyboard is definetly the best in history of human kind :D 
  • Ah? The keyboard? What are you talking about? Windows 10 mobile keyboard os definitely better
  • Wow! Bro I'm sorry but this keyboard on 10 BLOWS!
  • You cra cra... This keyboard doesn't know ****..
  • I love that you have a typo. :)
  • I like the w10 keyboard... Do not know what your problem is with it. Works well for me.
  • Totally agree
  • All dark Cortana is back in creators update...
  • I meant always dark even after the search results.
  • Oh. Yea that aint there 😐 .
  • And better integration with Bing. I just feel that I am searching the Web inside my phone itself. It is that cool in Windows Phone 8.1.
  • I miss the Office hub-all docks in one place, better looking Skydrive, like W10M for the most part but WP8.1 just seemed...simpler
  • Re: modwheel,
    How do the 8.1 vs 10 keyboards differ. I have both and haven't noticed.
    Best Wishes
  • Kevin, they differ greatly. The 10 keyboard does have more features such as joystick, resizing, etc...but it is extremely inaccurate. 8.1 swipe was way more accurate, text typing was way more accurate, word suggestions were way more accurate. 10 keyboard gives me more typos than any keyboard I have ever used. In fact I just had 3 typos just typing this reply
  • W10 keyboard is great using both language French and English swipe.
  • It is absolutely BRUTAL using English swipe. I can't speak for French
  • "Joystick"
    Arguably the most gimmicky, useless thing ever put on a virtual keyboard.
  • This this this ^^^
    WM10 keyboard sucks hairy balls
  • You can use apps corner, go to settings go to account. (I suggest you restart your device after use).
    The keyboard on W10M in my opinion is the best in the industry, it is moveable, it can be resized for right or left hand use, it has joystick for moving cursor, it still has swipe to spell, in excel it has more function keys for the spread sheet, and plenty other stuffs.
  • It can't spell stih !!
  • As true as that may be, for the OS and apps to be updated to the w10m architecture would be more beneficial that remaining as wp8.1.  For sure I know that whatsapp would benefit greatly from that, Tired of using whatsapp and it still feels sluggish and can't use the call feature without it messing up my screen's auto dimming. Time to upgrade, still stupid for people to continually say oh wp8.1 was/is better. Obviously it would fell that way as it didn't nowhere near the functiionality or features in it that w10m has so it would be faster for that alone. Commonsense people come on now, if you force ten people in a 5 seater car and drive it at 60mph will it get to 60 in the same amt of time as the same car with only 5 in it? W10M is getting there as many have reported that the creator's update is finally doing to w10m what should have been released since w10m came out. If that's the case what will RS3 do then later this yr? Can only imagine only more i provements and it will focus on the UI more and it if makes our w10m devices even snappier then we Windows Phone users will only benefit and as a result the platform and hence open avenues to get better devices and not fell left out whenever Apple or Google do something new. Right now our biggest gripe is App parity for apps found on all 3 Oses, when MS can get the OS to be on par functionaly as Apple or Google's then we its users are the better for it. 
  • If it were for "functionality and features" all of us would've embraced Android years ago.
    Ahhhh. The "we're getting there" argument. The year was 2012 when they started telling us "we're getting there" :)
  • And there is less ******' gray in w8.1. I really hate gray color in w10m which is everywhere 
  • Every possible reviewer out there said that WP8.1 keyboard was the best there could be, and they were right, it was the best!
  • MSFT really needs to push all the Windows phone users to Windows 10 Mobile now!
    Yes it's a bit too late but it's okay since developers will finally be encouraged to only make W10 apps instead of current situation of making W10 app and W8 + WP8 app
  • Yes, like WhatsApp 😜
  • I wont "upgrade" .. it means no here drive and thats a nono. also I have the apps i need on Wp8.1. my next phone will be an android from Nokia..
  • Re: brorim,
    "... from (HMD Global, the company that makes phones branded) Nokia."
  • @brorim the w10 map still use here maps info
  • Same here. Just waiting for Nokia 6 to arrive in India.
    6tag, HERE suite, gif viewer, and many third party apps fill the gap of Windows 10 Mobile apps. And even if MSFT forces us to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile then I will change registry in DeviceTargetingInfo
    And Microsoft........they are waiting for cool apps that are much better than Windows 10 Mobile apps.
  • If you can read.... Anyone can put Windows 10 on their Windows phone.... I did it on an older Windows phone almost a year ago.
  • yes, but the question is: Is the upgrade automatic and did you get a notification letting you know?
  • "The Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update is only coming to 13 eligible handsets"
  • How about instead Microsoft keeps their promise and upgrades all Windows Phone 8.1 device to Win10 not just a select few. Until they go back and do the work to keep their original promise to WP users, the Lumia 1020 is the last Windows Phone for me. Not interested in buying from a company that deceives its users.    
  • Ultimately though, it did run poorly on the 1020. I still would have liked it to install onto the 1020, but they got too much bad feedback. So don't blame Microsoft, blame your fellow fans who chose to bombard Microsoft with horrible feedback.
  • Thing is...let the users decide if their phones are not good...not Microsoft.   I would still have my 1020 if they even supported it with w10.
  • One of the rare times I agree with you Steve :) I was all on board with just let individuals decide for themselves, but Microsoft chose to go a different direction. I still put a lot of the fault on fellow "fans" who would just rip into it on their feedback and not take into consideration that it was alpha/beta software.
  •   That's true, but they'd have to do it in a way that means regular users don't accidentally do it and 'break' their phone - too many problems with PR that way. That was essentially the option of the Insider program and hence the x9x series was supported up until Redstone through it. Ditching the x2x models after Redstone though meant that MS didn't have to worry about tailoring W10M thereafter, and it's bigger, more complicated features down the line, to multiple models with varying levels of computational power. It could even hold some features back or limit them if they can't implement them fully because less capable phones would struggle - and that's not just now, that's in the future to (from their perspective then, W10M hasn't been getting much attention of late). Customising W10 like that to meet different levels by offering different feature sets, the one OS to supposedly fit all, would surely be a nightmare. So, the 1020 being left out is a shame - I had one and moved up to a 950XL to get W10M. But it had it's full 24 months of support and like all tech was never going to last forever.    
  • no, users wont decide whats good or bad because 95% of users are noobs who have ZERO clues about updates, OS or the whole thing altogether. All they want is a working phone so no, users should not and wont decide what they will get or not... at least "geeks" can hack the phone and use W10 so no need for change
  •   Little bit harsh there don't you think? And a little bit absolute too... Seriously, most people can't even figure out how install Windows 10 Mobile on their qualifying Windows Phone 8.1. Why could the same not be done for older models of phones. Hacking it is not exactly a good solution. I think most people can figure out for themselves what they want. And if they make a mistake then that is their own fault. I don't need somebody telling me what I can or cannot do. I make my own decisions and I'm pretty sure others would like to make their own decisions too. Remind me never to use any software from you.   P.S. I think I found one of my fellow "fans" who ripped into the performance of alpha software and prevented anyone from ever getting Windows 10 Mobile on their beloved device. So thanks a ton! :P
  • As much as I loved my 1020, even without windows 10, it was really starting to feel slow before I replaced it last summer. As far as letting the user decide, that's the problem people will decide they want the latest and greatest only to suffer a poor experience. If you really want windows 10 on your 1020 there's work arounds. 
  • Hmmmm.... I think I may be able to start making a list of those who prevented people from getting Windows 10 Mobile on older devices :)
  • I own a 1020 with wm10 insider and works very well
  • I did too and had W10M on it and it worked just fine for me. They really should reconsider especially since the Creator's update has been improved in the performance area.
  • exactly.   At first,  when people were using it on 1020 and saying it was slow and crappy....they failed to realize it was slow and crappy on the 950xl as well.  I ran 10 on my 1020 using devleoper preview for awhile and it was as fast as 8.1 on my wifes.   However,  as soon as MS said they are not supporting 10 on the 1020 we were gone!  iphone.  and not one bit unhappy.
  • well you were gone Steve :), I staid and got a 950XL on one of the sales they had. Not unhappy with that choice, but do miss my 1020 now and then. Really wanted a 41+ megapixel camera to be released on a processor that could actually keep up with it.
  • Me too.  I would buy a 1020 successor tomorrow if it had the same sensor and flash, a fast processor,  and same size...actually I would buy another new 1020 if they pushed the latest updates to it.
  • I think ultimately the software runs well on anything. Even my 520 was admirable. After all, windows 10 mobile is still a very controlled and streamlined os. Even more so than Android, which says alot. It's bound to be stable and fluid at some point. For example, my Lumia 928 ran the os itself well. But the core apps were a little inferior to higher end models. But with all the updates going on, I think that would've been remedied by now, even on such a weak SOC such as the s4 plus. And if Mr. Steve Adams (an iPhone user) thought it ran well on a 1020, it's at least worth another shot. After all, I myself know that IOS is very fluid, so if he says it ran well, then why not.
  • Anthony,  i am not an iphone user,  i am a technology user.  i own android, iphone windows, linux etc.   I use my iphone 6s as my daily driver.  I ditched windows 10 mobile when they dropped support for one of my phones for the third time.  So....gone!  I would buy another 1020 for photo use if they put the latest w10m on it.
  • Oh, I see. Pretty busy guy then huh lol
  • Yeah, Between work, parenting and relaxing....ha ha.  I don't NEED all of it....I like it.  I usually ride somewhat behind the curve by one I have a 6s instead of a 7.   It just keeps me interested in everything going on with computing.  I have a lepan mini 8" android tablet running on 4.4.2.   I love that little thing.  It was 79 bucks when I bought it and it does Everything I need it to.  No,  it's not as fluid as my air 2,  but its alot smaller,  and much cheaper than the ipad mini at the time I bought it.   I use it for a navigation/vehicle diagnostics tool when we are exploring in the backcountry around canada. 
  • Does W10 support Dual shot(Full+5MP res)??
  • Yes, it does support dual shot, this was not removed. However, on my 950XL it is now Full + 8MP, which I actually prefer because 5MP is just a little too grainy usually.
  • I think you are still able to get Windows 10 Mobile on your Lumia 1020. You just have to find a build between 9986 and 10240 to work. Anything newer will be blocked
  • People gave feedback as part of the insider program, not to sabotage the chance of getting the update. Which btw Microsoft never even hinted at until the day the update itself was released, typically slimy behaviour.
  • Still some of the feedback was rather overblown in how "bad" it actually was. And most of that was because people can't seem to figure out the difference between alpha, beta, and production software builds. So there was a lot of the feedback at fault for it. I would have liked to have had w10 on 1020 and voted heavily to keep all phones in the running. But as the saying goes, it only takes one person to ruin it for everyone else.
  • same goes for terrorism :(
  • Really it had nothing to do with user feedback. Ms just said **** it, we can't be bothered to support older devices..
  • People just dont get that developers are people too. If you tell them "everything you did the last year of developing that os was bad" or at least it feels like that for them, they will not be motivated anymore. Keep in mind: These people worked hour for hour on it. Maybe overtime and with deadlines, etc. It really is about how you present the bug you find. Tell the problem, say how to reproduce it step-by-step and do not get angry or upset because it is there. And never be personal or say something like "this is absolute ****, what are u doing there?" I am myself a developer and a beta tester for several software programs (not from ms) and I know how it feels. Keep in mind how you would feel if your work would be talked about like that especially when it is done in public.
  • Yep, people can be very nasty and believe it or not it does affect the human reading the comment. And to showcase the exact thing that can happen - 1020 and other phones got left out when they initially were included.
  • Thou shall not feel in front of a computer screen over an unneducated feedback. Their own tests said some phone would struggle under normal usage of a phone under Windows 10 so they are not supporting them. Like Windows 10 is not supported on Pentium 4 machines. Even if many of them could run Windows 7 pretty well.
  • You shall not, but in the end we are all people... Some do forget about that. I know that u are not supposed to let it get you, but the truth is: If you read hate speeches, hate comments and feedback it will affect you. Same with happy, positive feedback, especially for people who like their work and do it for the benefit of the thing they like (additional to the money... And those are often the most important developers... People who love what they do). As i said: I am a developer and i know about that. It really helps motivating you if you get good feedback, suggesting how you could do it even better (it feels like working with friends then) and after a while bad feedback will get to you one way or the other too. If people would have said something like: "It really is getting there... There is a bug here (step 1: ... Step 2:...) but i already see how nice that is going to be :). Keep up the good work." Instead of "damn you stupid a****** what are you doing there all day? Now the button is green not blue like my favourite color..." It would be much better. It benefits the customer, it benefits the programmers and everybody is much happier. People think that it will benefit them to sound angry and upset ("they will not hear me or willl not be as fast if i am not doing it that way"), but while that may be true the first time a developer is reading stuff like that, keep in mind that they read tons of feedback and after the 10th time of such a thing it is just getting on their nerves and mood and they will first get angry and be aggressive too and if it holds on they will loose Interest... It does not cost anything to be constructive for both sides, but it is much more pleasant. Keep in mind that nobody was trying to hurt you with a bug even so you had a bad day before that and now the best song ever does not play on your headphones. They are responsible for the bug, but not for the unfriendly boss of yours who was unfair to you a hour before that. That needs to be discussed between your boss and you or if you cant, go and run it away (meaning: Do sports) or play a video game to get rid of those Aggressions. The feedback channel of ms is not the right place for that anyway.
  • I can attest to that. When I give feedback, I am the nicest guy you can find, cuz I know these guys care about us. I remember one time, when I gave some feedback about Groove music, when it didn't get metadata any at all. I was humble yet straightforward, and in less than a week, an update was there to fix it. It almost felt like I was texting them, and they were replying. Sigh.... A soft answer does alot more than turn away wrath.
  • Exactly, and it does not cost anything but benefits everybody involved :). A real win/win situation.
  • I agree with you, no one is perfect and nothing is perfect. But when you as a dev team, from MS, release a grabage of an OS with such mediocre UI design, and the insiders you use instead of pro testers, keep telling you: IT'S WRONG! It looks like crap, that does not work...and you keep ignoring, the users, who are also people, lose their patience. A very good example is the pathetic BT and Wifi experience that lasted for months, and some still are having BT issues. Another one, L2TP VPN is totally broken, the way vpn works is a complete failure, no switch to Send all Traffic, no options to manually choose security settings for l2tp as the automatic mode FAILS misserabily. So yes, I agree, devs are people too and the feeling is awful when you receive bad words on your work, but also your customers are also people, and when you rely on them for testing, and keep ignoring their feedback over and over again, don't expect nice words. No one asked for a bug to be fixed in one day, but they took months without fixing obvious things...when you don't have a team of professional testers, this happens, and this is Nadella's fault, he decided to ditch the testers and use the quality is what it is... While using real users for helping the test builds is nice and ok, using only them is bad. MS, being a software company failed to realize that a developer is NOT a tester.
  • I think MS can tweak Win Phone 10 a bit so that it runs happily on 512 MB dual core phones. I installed Win Ph 10 on my 520 and 720 and it was such a pain on both. I disposed off my 520 but still hold on to my 720 coz I absolutely love that phone. I would be overjoyed if a tweaked version of Win 10 for 512 MB phones is officially developed by MS.
  • I go back and forth on that. Yes, they could tweak it, but overall Windows 10 Mobile does require a little higher specs, but I do think most should be allowed to do what they want with their phones and accept the performance degrade if the so choose.
  • At the very least allow users to keep updating via insider program. I will not be one bit surprised if the 650 and 950 models are left behind once MS decides to re-enter the mobile market with some new hardware running Windows on ARM and Cshell. They have really destroyed their rep in this segment. Number one reason I only dropped money on a cheap 650. It will not be a big $ hit to me if they decide not to update. No way I will drop $$$ on a MS mobile handset in its current incarnation.
  • If MS allows that, on people's phone, 90% of them would call their support line for problems. That would also tell people (wrongly) that their phone is supported so they would rightfully be entitled to the same level of support that supported phones have. No company would do that. I would not do it as a company. Be thankful that microsoft still support some of the older phones with windows 10. Apple does the same with its devices. Android is a pain in the ass for that. Too many Android based phones will never received any upgrade over what was installed at the factory. I still just purchased an Android phone this time, because Windows Phones aren't sold anymore at my mobile provider (and I would not change provider). In 2 years I probalby will get a Surface Phone if they see the light someday. To replace my 2 years contract phone lol.  
  • The min specs for W10M are dual core CPU, 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal storage.
    You will also need a rear camera and 480p screen
  • I also have a 520 , 950 XL, and a BLU windows phone, Windows 10 runs on the 520, however it the OS needs to be tweeked to run where the phone doesn't reboot on it's own.  The BLU battery died after 2 years and it's not removable so I just reset the phone.  The 950 XL is running well on the Windows 10, however feedback I sent in on problems isn't to discourage the phone with Windows 10, it's so the techs at Microsoft and fix the problems.  Most feedback sent is to have the techs fix the problems that the Insiders discover not to discourage the people from getting the phone.  Insiders are dealing with bata software so when the corrections are in place it can be pushed to the general public.
  • I have two 635 in my test lab with 512MB RAM running 14393.693 (Anniversay version via Insiders), and they run great.  I also have a 435 that I bought for $28 at Walmart that is freaking incredible at that price running 15063 and its runs great as well.  I think that Microsoft should release it or promote the insider method of updating as Windows 10 has become a really nice OS for your phone and keeps getting better all the time.  With a larger user base and with the improvements in UWP development tools etc, it would certainly help motivate developers to code more apps for it.
  • To be fair it ran pretty ****** on all devices originally. They should have given the user the option to upgrade as well as a tool to revert back to 8.1 should the user not be happy with the performance. Would have maintained some good will.
  • Was this tool not available? I was pretty sure that is what the WDRT tool was for (and still is today).
  • yes, it still restore my Lumia 830 to windows phone 8 iirc. That phone is fully Windows 10 supported since day 1 (Hence why I bought it 2 years ago, to get a supported phone for the Windows Insiders Preview). Then my 520 received support as well (not sure if it still has it).
  • Yes, WDRT let's you revert back to stock os on your phone but unsupported devices can no longer update up to latest win 10 build via insider program.
  • Is this not exactly what the person I replied to was asking? That they can revert back to 8.1? It was setup that way from the very beginning when all phones were supported.
  • Are you kidding me? It is ms job to do a softwareworthy to be used. It was crappy on 1020, worst experience ever. So, they should have tought lighting up the system. Something like stop background spys and actually do a good system they promised.
  • They were on the way. It was beta/alpha. If you crap all over them especially if they say it is not final before you test it, they loose interest... Like you would if you would get such a feedback for hard work you did.
  • It surprises me how many people do not get this. Your words do have meaning and if you choose to be mean and nasty then you ruin it for others and some people love to do that (which I still have not figured out why, other than it is some abnormal psychological issue...)
  • What most people do not get (like you) is you really think that support for a device is based on harsh comments. That a big company that thinks $$$ before caring about feelings actually get demotivated from some unknown folks on the internet? Really? REALLY? They should grow a pair, shouldn't they?
  • It was still beta when they released the X50 phones, to the public, in stores!! Now do you think that was wise?? Average Joe walking in the Store, buying the 950, did not know that windows 10 mobile was still buggy as that time! You call this fair? which company does this??? who sells unfinished software on new hardware to the public, and not tell about it?? Haven't seen Apple selling iphones with beta iterations on them, or Samsung,HTC,Google etc selling their phones with a Preview Beta version of the OS! FFS, even at MWC, OEMs that had phones with preview software on them, for the showcase, did not allow the press to make any review or, some, not even a video of the phone running, just because their phone was NOT running a finished software! But MS, noooo they sold unfinished software, advertised phones with unfinished SW!!
  • I believe I am up to 4 people now on my list :)
  • Make it 5. I ran 10 on the 1020, HTC M8, 640 and bought the 950 the week after it was released (I was PISSED with the performance on the 950) and out of all the devices 10 ran the worst on the 1020. I'd still use the M8 if HTC supported it, but it's the 950 and iPhone 7 for me and the rest in a cabinet
  • Worst experience ever? I need your life if this is true for you.
  • Yes, bad feedback is always a legit reason to abandom a device instead of improving their os for it. That's the only reason why there is an Insider program, to know which devices must not get any further updates and not to iron out issues and bugs /s
  • Thank you everyone for supporting and proving my point! So to the OP who I was responding to, blame your fellow "fans" who sh***ed all over W10M, because they do not understand basic human emotion. It is quite easy to tell who are mean and nasty people and do not care about others. Companies are humans (whoa!! shocker) your words do mean something. There are ways of showing what is wrong and needs to be fixed vs. outright tearing into it and ripping it apart with no cares about other people. And then to go and say "well maybe they should grow a pair" yeah... maybe those are the ones who are immature and should not be allowed into an Insider Program.  Overall though, I think I am up to 6 or 7 people and they have shown what I am talking about quite well.
  • Yes there was bad feedback regarding poor performance but MS would've also been seeing telemetry to back up the feedback. Ultimately, MS most likely found that the problem was with the older hardware not being able to keep up with W10M and decided that the benefits of optimising W10M for the old hardware (which for the most part isn't​ being sold in stores anymore) is outweighed by the time and resources required to make it happen.
  • Microsoft did push W10M TH2 to the 1020 though.
  • I wouldn't go that far, but Yes - not upgrading at least the Win8x Flagship Phones from NOKIA and Microsoft, before pushing Win10, would be putting the Cart before the Horse! So I would disagree with Zac that it is time for MS to push Win10, but would agree that most Win8x users are unaware that they can do a free upgrade to Win10: that was the case on the PC too, despite all those things MS did, to popularise Win10! I would love to upgrade my 920 to Win10 - I'd then seriously think of getting rid of my BLU Win HD LTE - never mind that the 920 does not support Dual SIM or LTE!
  • BUT you forget the reality.... those users still using W8/8.1 have LOW end phones and W10m on those devices runs WORSE then 8/8.1 so pushing out an update for everybody is not a good idea. 920/25/30 have some bugs from minor to bigger as freezing, overheating and battery drain. 1520/1320 owners are something else but they are the minority, not majority!  
  • My Lumia 928 isn't a low end phone. I got a 640 to play with WM 10. No IMDB and no Shazam on WM10. I'll be getting an Android phone in a year. Buying an expensive camera every two years is stupid. Cheap phone and real cameras from here on out..
  • 101% agree
  • Yes that would be awesome! Some mobile only apps will be developed for 8.1 because they run on W10M too because there are more people on 8.1.
  • Makes perfect sense, and before people start going mad this article did not say anything about a forced upgrade. You can decline it if you want to. Alot of people still don't know they can upgrade and this would be a great way to let them know.
  • Given how much bad press Microsoft received when they tried to "encourage" people to upgrade their PCs to Windows 10 they may be a little gunshy. Personally, I don't really understand how phone users could be unaware of the offer to upgrade. I brought my Luma specifically because the phone company advertised it as being ready for Windows 10 when it arrived. Given how upgrade crazy people often are about their phones, I think that it's more likely that people know about the upgrade offer, but are worried about it messing up their phone. Particularly as so many people with little or no tehnical knowledge use smart phones and have no confidence in fixing them if something goes wrong.   Maybe Microsoft should simply pay phone companies to send a text message informing them that they can update?
  • No. Push the update normally. Like 8.0 -> 8.1 -> 8.1 update 1 etc. It will be optional for most but people will definitely know there is an update available. The media can't say anything because this is the way Microsoft has always done updates for Windows phone.
  • I agree with this. W10M has come a long way in the last year. Even though it's still filling out in features, it feels mature enough to roll out to those 8.1 phones that are supported.  Gestures is the one thing i miss the most from 8.1 - raise to answer, flip over to silence - those sorts of things. I wonder how it'd run on other 8.1 phones like the 920.
  • The strangest thing is, that my 535 still has flip to silence on W10M, but my 650 doesn't. I looked for it everywhere. Other than that, the 650 is superior in every way, but I miss that little thing from it ☹
  • Cricket doesn't have a firmware update for the 650s that includes feature like gestures. I wonder id that would have added flip to silence.
  • Have you tried using Glance? I'm able to do both - Raise to answer, place on table face-up for External Speaker, flip down on table to cancel call, etc., on ny NOKIA 920, running Win 8.1, so you should be able too!
  • I have one 920, but it is not in use now,but would like to have W10M in it. So far I heard W10M cannot be installed in 920. But is it possible and would it work in it? Anyone who has an answer for this?  
  • it come a long way but its still buggy and low end devices have big problems like the 5xx/6xx/7xx/8xx series with brightness bug, battery draing, restarts, edge freezing etc. W8/8.1 performs better on this devices
  • Windows 10 Mobile runs fine on my L730 dual sim. No problem with it.
  • I run both. L830 with Win 10 is my daily driver, but I have a 640with 8.1 too.
    I don't often pickup the 640, but when I do I really miss Win 8.1. It is just... Better... In every way that I use it. I can't put my finger on it, because both phones work, both do what I need them to do, but Win 8.1 just does a much better job. I think people running win10 have been away from Win8.1 for to long and have forgotten just how awesome it is.
  • Even the copy and paste was better on 8.1 you could also highlight text then press the search button and it would search what you highlighted, built in QR scanner, peak on glance....ect and in win 10 mobile it doesn't anymore along with a bunch of other features that made the windows mobile platform unique. Hopefully since windows is a "service" in the future they can bring some of these features back.
  • I think we just need more new devices that people want to have...give people win 10 on new devices. Perhaps do marketing for it to be pushed to older devices...but forcing it on people will only backfire.
  • In 2017, any Windows Mobile device that doesn't have Android app compatibility [all apps not dependent on Google directly] is a losing proposition.
  • The Nobel for dumbness goes to ....
  • you're really saying the entire Windows platform since no Android app can run on it
  • Why would an update backfire on windows phone mobile more so than update issues and bugs than happens on other OS platforms like IOS or Android? Its just an update for the phone like IOS 8 to 9! Youre looking way too deep in to the hole!
  • TWSS!
  •   Actually most old Android phones are never elligible for an OS upgrade. Apple also cycles out many old phones even though they will push the update to all phones and tablets that can support the new OS. Oh and in many cases the update is not up to the maker of the OS, but the local mobile sevice provider, and for good reason, if something can go wrong, they are the first in line people will call. Big loss of money there. And no, it is not a simple update. It is a full upgrade like windows 7 to windows 10, not a mere product update to correct bugs and bring a few things to an already running OS. It is a complete reinstall/upgrade just as upgrading the OS on a PC.
  • Ok Coach, I see your point, but what if 9 was way worse than 8? = backfire.
    Win 8.1 is still awesome. Win 10 still has a long way to go. A long way.
    Even on basic stuff like Bluetooth drivers, WiFi drivers, power management and consistency with look and feel / menu function across apps.
  • That's a normal backfire and it happens but we move forward on tech we usually don't get stuck!
  • Unless they offer the upgrade for the Lumia 1020, as it was supposed to be, I don't care what they do with it. And I'll be sticking to my 1020, since there's no current phone that is as interesting.
  • What is interesting about a mid range phone from 2013?
  • The answer to that is one word : Lumia 720 ! Oh Whatta beauty 🙂
  • The question is about the 1020! I have never seen a 720, but I don't remember any of those phones being interesting, especially the chunky 820 and 920.
  • Midrage? Some people have no idea of what they are talking abou;). Go get some sleep, you need it.
  • Spec wise, it was midrange, this was one of the keys with Windows phones. High end devices at the time had the new Snapdragon processor, higher resolution displays and bigger screens. It was a mid range phone that quickly became obsolete due to the old processor.
  • I love my 1020. If it ran Win10, I'd use it more. The Win10 camera app is better than 8/8.1. I still won't even let go of my red 920. It still looks brand new and indestructible.
  • I believe Microsoft would "cross the line" for many people if they forced an update. If people are happy with what they have, they shouldn't have to change. Have you determined what apps may be lost if people update? Just because something is no longer supported doesn't mean it no longer serves a purpose.
  • I agree and keep it as long as you can. I don't know why Microsoft blew off these phones 1020,1520 and the rececnt 950/xl. An upgrade to these phones at the appropriate time would have keep them going in the marketplace...
  • Absolutely Correct! My 920 is a little too ancient, but I'd love to keep it too, use it too, if it could get to Win10 on it! Instead, I use te Budget BLU Win HD LTE - a nice phone indeed, but not a Flagship Phone like the 920, No Sir!!
  • The 920 runs well on W10M. Had mines on the insider program, only problem is it no longer gets updates. But runs fine on it's current build. My 720 was a disaster, so its still an 8.1 phone.
  • My 928 (similar to the 920) does not run well on W10M. I've tried multiple builds and reset mutiple times but it still struggles. This is probably why MS didn't release it to the 920 and 928. It was just too slow and unstable on some phones.
  • Hi, can somebody tell me how to upgrade an 920/925 from WP8.1 to wm10 ? I triesd a lot, but did not maneged to do so, until now.   Thanks,    
  • Is that BLU phone ok with Jio ? Still available ?
  • As a developer, I must say their Silverlight and XNA backward compatibility is almost perfect.
    I actually cannot think of a single app I had that didn't work on Windows 10 Mobile.
    Even better, many apps that I got back in the Windows Phone 7.x days which didn't work on Windows Phone 8.x, were compatible again on Windows 10 Mobile, and could simply be installed from "My Library" in the new Store.
    ​For people who had a Windows Phone 7.x before, upgrading from Windows Phone 8.x to Windows 10 Mobile is an improvement compatibility-wise.
  • You mean like....the ebay app? Since it no longer works, I want to delete it......but I just can't bring myself to do it....
  • The eBay app still works, to a degree. It just takes a couple of goes. Usually directs you away first time, second time often works. Not 100%, but it allows browsing.
  • Olx and Saavn arent on Win ph 8.1
  • Perhaps an opt out option rather than an opt in option. Given a decision that people aren't sure about, they will almost always take the option where they do nothing and take the default option. I reckon roll it out again with opt out option.
  • I agree it would be a bad idea to force an update to W10M from 8.1. It would be "too risky" for many people: some apps and settings would not be preserved, some texts might not be restored, etc. The update might not even succeed on the many Windows 8.1 phones that only have 8 GB of storage space without moving some files over to an SD card. What Microsoft should consider instead is emailing or popping up a notification to those users about the availability of Windows 10 Mobile, the benefits of upgrading, and how. They could even suggest those users visit a Microsoft Store (or Skype with a Microsoft tech) for assistance with this.
  • I agree. Also, having L640 on release preview as secondary phone,
    there were are still several issues and bugs that needed to be ironed out
  • I just wonder what the post-upgrade experience would be like for most users. Maybe the migration process has been improved in recent builds, but our collective experience over the past couple of years has seemed to be that there are bugs introduced or carried forward in the migration process that, without a hard reset, will result in a "downgraded" experience. I am a firm believer (and this has been echoed by Dan a million times here) that you MUST hard reset, without restoring from a backup, after the 8.1 -> 10 upgrade. Will those still on 8.1 know, or be willing, to do that? I suspect that this is a big reason why Microsoft has never pushed the update.
  • Makes the backup feature kind of pointless then, doesnt it? Maybe after all these years Microsoft should actually look into and FIX the issue?
  • Backups pre-RS2 aren't even compatible with RS2 and result in an empty Start screen.
  • Jesus
  • "It's time for Microsoft to remove that step and have the phone automatically pick up Windows 10 Mobile..." Sounds forced to me.
  • Sounds like a class action lawsuit to me.
  • It should be.
  • As an alternative to a forced upgrade they could give users the gentle nudge.  As the author points out, many users aren't even aware they can upgrade to Win10 (much less why they should). Here would be my suggested nudge. Have the phone pop up a message the user must reply to (but which gives them clear options and control over the upgrade)... Would you like to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile now? - Why upgrade? Upgrading will give your phone a fresh look and feel as well as offering you many great new features including Universal Windows App support, enhanced notifications, improved security, etc. You will also be using a mobile OS with a much longer support life (Your current mobile OS support ends on July 1, 2017). _ YES, upgrade my phone now ( upgrade advisor)
  • Yes!
  • I absolutely agree, itd be a smart move for more than 1 reason!
  • yea thats the problem not the fact that 90% of windows phone users have a lumia 520/530/630 which cant upgrade to windows 10
  • My mom has a 635 512 MB on W10M RS1. The experience is somewhat atrocious compared to WP8.1.1. Apps crash a lot, Edge reloads a lot, Facebook crashes 100% of the time, Messenger crashes 80% of the time. Recently OneDrive hasn't been syncing her recently taken photos.
  • 635 should be on TH2, not RS1 thats the problem
  • FB crashes on official Win 10 phones too 🙁
  • On my lumia 535 wp10 fastring fb works fine 🙂
  • I installed it on my sisters Lumia 635 1GB... The experience is much better. No resuming issues.
  • And then in the US, we have the carriers to convince. In order to do the 8.1 to 10 upgrade we have to have the carriers push it. Teeth were pulled to get AT&T and Verizon to do some of their phones. T-Mobile simply forgot their Lumias and went with Alcatel.
    Zack, it's a nice thought. But somehow I don't think Microsoft wants old Lumias to be the foundation for whatever Windows Phone/on Phone/Windows 10 Mobile/W10M turns out to be. "Consumer" devices will just be along to compliment the Enterprise devices.
  • Every word of this post is true,hat 👒 off.
  • No. If Windows 10 Mobile still has forced update installations, I'm not installing it on my phone. As far as I know, the keyboard experience on Windows 10 Mobile is still atrocious as well. There are other things that I don't like about Windows 10 Mobile as well.
  • On Creators Update the keyboard gets better. It is always funny to see how self-centered some diehard fans are in regards to their Windows Phone system.
  • I've been testing recent builds on a Lumia 640 LTE and, unless the keyboard has improved during the builds that could delete text messages if it reboots, it's nowhere near as accurate as WP8.1.
  • I'll have to see about that, but the WP8.1 keyboard really was better than anything I had since W10M, let's hope Creator Update really fixes that. The autocorrect was much better and learning from my corrections on 8.1, not so on the W10M. The only thing I find better on the W10M keyboard is the blue dot that let me move the cursor around, much more precise than trying to put the cursor somewhere with my finger.
  • I think one of the problems is the 8gb phones. I run win10 on my 735, and it had to move ALL my apps to SD and make sure all my music and photos go to SD. And even then, I gotta use Storage manager to clear more space just to get the incremental updates. It's difficult even for a nerd like me to keep win10 running, I cannot imagine a non techie trying to maintain an 8GB win10 phone.
  • What are u on about ? Lumia 735 runs beautifully with Win 10 ! The 8 GB mem issue isnt a Lumia 735 issue. You just have to change your storage settings (and habits?). I absolutely love my Lumia 735 and am a bit sensitive about it, so apologies if I sounded a tad hostile there 🙂
  • Haha yes, sensitive?  You are confirming exactly what I am saying.  You gotta change your storage settings and habits to make it work.  The casual non-winfan will have no idea how to move apps, photos, videos, downloads, music, maps to SD, and clear out caches to make it run smooth.  But we, as fans of windows phones, know how to do it.  My 735 runs windows 10 nicely, but it wouldn't be able to without an advanced user maintaining it. 
  • Yeah even I used to do the same thing on my 730.
  • Yeah, let's those 19 phones out there upgraded ASAP.
  • That's right. That's why WP 10 only has a meager 16% usage rate. Oh, maybe I miss read your statement. You mean the 19 phones running 10 should be pushed back to 8.x. Yes I agree. 😁
  • Seems like its been tough to come up with articles lately. Ooh there's a job posting, look a foldable phone patent, let's push W10M to 3+ year old hardware.... Waiting for the retrospective on Clippy and how Cortana is his modern version, only better because HP went out and talked to businesses about a phone that no one cares about and it's Balmer's birthday and Wharton Brooks or something. Jason Ward will write 38,000 words on it in a 9 part series.
  • A tad harsh but made me smile 😊
  • Your comments are accurate, sometimes the truth hurts. But at least Windows Central isn't writing about Android all the time like Neowin or writing about Azure all the time like Onmsft.
  • @bub78 Agreed!  Why would I want WP10 when it doesn't have Groups in the People Hub that instantaneously shows me comments on those I follow on Facebook or Twitter?  Plus I prefer the email on 8.X.  So what I can't add certain attachments.  So be it, I have zero problems with that. I love my Pivots in Mail!  And I 100% prefer Xbox Music and the way it works in 8.X rather than how Groove works in WP10.  I 100% rather how the Store works 8.X rather how in works in WP10.  I 100% rather how IE works in 8.X than Edge in WP10.  And I have both phones in my hand now.  Because I purchased my son a 950 and I like to compare.  And because of this I have ZERO interest in WP10.  I have absolutely NO clue why some think WP10 is better.  I wish I knew why, because I haven't seen it yet.
  • Microsoft us not being aggressive in their os push
  • How about pushing it down the cliff? Enough with this mobile OS and countless MSFT experiments with the market. Pity because desktop is top notch.
  • Completely agree, 8.x apps backward compatibility is almost perfect, so there is no reason to stay on the old system. On top of that, many users aren't aware that Windows 10 Mobile is available for free for their device.
    ​Even for users not interested in apps, continued access to security updates for the OS should be enough to justify the upgrade. I have a small diagnostics app for Windows Phone 7 and later (, and I find it quite shocking that during the last 12 months, accoding to my Windows Store analytics, two third of new users are running Windows Phone 8.1, against only one third running Windows 10 Mobile (WP 7.5 and 8.0 aren't significant). And that isn't just an average, the exact same ratio still shows in the last 30 days.
    This isn't existing users reinstalling the app after a phone refresh or anything, I'm only talking about new aquisitions (app is free, but count as $0 aquisitions and then owned by user regarless of reinstalls).
  • no update should be forced upon anyone. Companies love the auto update because it allows them to tweak software making it easier for them to control what the user does and what he can and cannot see without the users consent. The user has no control, kinda like going through life with blinders on allowing big brother to lead one about as he ses fit . Win 10 does that. I egarly looked forward to upgrading to win 10 for free on my win 7 machines only to discover to my horror that when i did i no longer had any control over updates i was totally at the mercy of microsoft. Why didnt win 8.1 users upgrade..My guess is they were smarter than I and suspected what win 10 was about and avoided it like the plauge. FREEDOM OF CHOICE is not something to be freely thrown away unless you like wearing blinders and being led around like a slave doiong what you are commanded to do. Britt
  • Given people DO NOT KNOW about it, yes, it should be forced.
  • It would be the right decision to get as many users as possible on the same level to help developers focusing on the newest installment of Windows on mobile.
  • Wow, was that really a whole year ago......whoa. And I'm still on 8.1, oh well.....
  • And really, W10M became stable around September 2015, some 2 months before proper TH2 RTM.
  • Yes push it to 8.1 and reevaluate all phones again in regard of performance.
  • I don't usually use offensive words. BUT HELL THE **** NO! 8.1 is so much superior and better 10. That I won't even think about moving unless if my phone totally breaks or the imaginary Surface Phone rocks! So hell with that suggestion.
  • Relax, this will be over shortly.
  • I just recently bought a L920 for $20 on eBay,beautiful phone btw,anyway,the upgrade advisor app says it can't be updated to W10,is there a workaround to force it to update to W10?Please leave a comment if there us a way to force the update,ty
  • Look up on XDA how to update x20 phones to latest Redstone build.
  • What do you mean XDA,Idk what that is,sorry
  • - a classic site for hacking, tweaking and customising smartphones, first with the classic Windows Mobile platform, now mostly with Android but still a little bit of Windows Phone on the side. XDA as in the European operator O2's XDA range of Windows Mobile devices.
  • Plenty of ways to do that. Just google it. I updated my 520 and 720. Horrible experience on both. Recently disposed off my 520, but got back to 8.1 on 720.
  • Absolutly not!  Having Win10 on my Lumia 640xl was a terrible expierence and after over a year I reverted back to 8.1 and left it.  It wasn't designed for 10 and the constant battery drain, app crashes, screen locks to name a few wasn't worth it.  If you really want 10, get a Lumia 950, ATT can't give them away fast enough.
  • Worst idea ever. There is a reason why people are complaining about the forcing of updates on the PC. There is no company that forces updates on any device.
  • Apple simply stops supporting older devices by pushing upgrades over updates far faster then MS. Third parties then have to drop their support because there are too many versions to support. Funny how they switched to the inferior Intel processor( at least that's what some apple fans called them). Funny how so many people bought phones running an OS written by a company dedicated to getting rich off sharing their personal info(Google). But that's another issue.
  • You are absolutely right about Google.
  • I got lost about the opt-in app, Is there a way to force my 1020 to get windows 10? I tried developers preview back in the day but it stopped receiving updates so i rolled back to 8.1. Now that i have it as a memento, i would love to try windows 10 again. How can i do it?
  • Look it up on XDA. It's a bit of work.
  • I am using Lumia 640 with 8.1... The only reason I didn't go for the Windows 10 update was the sluggishness of windows 10 OS. I constantly read about the inconsistency of the windows10 ever since from its release to almost a year and I am sick and tired of it.
  • W10M went through 3 iterations already. RS2 is faster than RS1 which was faster than TH2. You should give it a go today with the Fast Ring, which is probably RTM anyway or you could wait for official release around April 11th.
  • I agree. I've been on W10M on a few devices. The ICON and 640 perform a lot better than my 928.
  • I think everyone should be given a very visible, obvious, and easy CHOICE to upgrade. Something that doesn't rely on word of mouth or reading about it on a geeky website. Most likely, if it does happen, it will come in the form of an email link, which will probably end up in most people's bulk or junk mail folder, never to be seen again.
  • Windows 10 is ready for prime time push it and don't stop there make available to older handsets with a performance disclaimer.
  • Its time for Microsoft to foot the bill for all the Apps to be designed and added to the platform to make it even an option for people to switch. Once you have at least a 5-10% market share then the companies will behind these apps will see the value in supporting and maintaining the apps. Its gonna take a huge investment though. And why the hell cant I play all my Xbox games on my phone yet? That would gain some customers to the platform too.
  • NO!!! I just restored 8.1 to my nokia 1520 because of the lousy performance of WIN 10 on it. You push me in any more directions I don't want. It's over. I'm on to android platform.
  • I agree before I bought my 950xl I had a 1520 and I upgraded it to win 10 and I ended up rolling it back due to stability issues but that was around 6 months ago. The win 10 mobile platform has come a long way as far as stability issues are concerned.
  • If anything, it's time for Microsoft to clarify their mobile efforts.  "Stuff" is happening with the Windows 10 Mobile platform but stuff is all it is.  I stopped using the Insiders program because a handful of bug fixes every few weeks wasn't worth my time.  And the Creators update is for "creators" in name alone.  Maybe Windows on ARM will set the world on fire (I hope so), but W10-ARM's success would give little boost to the spiraling W10M market.  With no new devices, no new exciting features, and no worldwide presence, I would like to hear Microsoft's justification for why anyone should buy a Windows phone.
  • We need to see Microsoft's vision for the future.
  • I think many have seen enough of it...
  • Honestly, who friggin' cares at this point? They should have done this years ago, it's way too late now, Windows mobile has no market share any longer and whatever developer incentive was there earlier on is all but gone by now. Apps, even large apps, are disappearing left right and center and most people have already or are in the process of moving to iOS or Android. This is the sad truth IMO. I would love to stay on Windows with the live tiles and beautiful UI, but there are literally no apps available that I need (or even want) any more. I've moved to the dark side (Android) and it's not bad. It's faster than Windows (at least it feels a lot faster), apps don't randomly crash back to the home screen and I can actually use my phone to answer my Ring doorbell, live stream video from my BlackVue dashcam and DJI Phantom 4, perform my banking business using an app rather than a halfarsed website and so on. The major point however is that its blazing fast compared to my old Lumia 950XL.
  • Completely agree with that. How come Microsoft didn't understand that? They already have 1% market share or less.....take care of it is the primary election.
  • They should push this update to all supported devices, meaning all x30 phones (sans 530) and for the Lumia 820, 92x, 1020 and 1320 as well.
  • You missed 720 !!
  • Couldn't disagree more. Of course it could be nice, but its not just a matter of pushing Windows 10 Mobile. Drivers will need to be updated and MS would have to support all these devices. Something that could only take MS eye of the ball. So, a short sighted view IMHO
  • Exactly. Yeah, and try squeezing Windows 10 Mobile onto those old models with 8GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. I love how the assumption always seems to be that Microsoft makes decisions like this arbitrarily and isn't restricted by things like ohh... physics. I had Windows 10 RTM on with my 1020 and it was HORRIBLE.  Up until recently (ie. last week) my daily driver was a 640XL on Fast Ring.  It was "usable" though it was unstable.  Taking pics for example of crashed the camera app after a few pics.  I was also affected by the bug where WP8.1 apps wouldn't run.  Recently, I picked up an HP Elite x3 with dock on a "March Break special" and it's been great on the Fast Ring!!  But then, it should be... it has way better specs the 640XL.  So, running on an old 8.1 phone?. I mean... I guess if you're a *********... haha  
  • Hmm.... apparently m a s o c h i s t is a bad word on Windows Central. :)
  • No new drivers are needed and no extra work is required as the phones concerned by this already are supported with Windows 10 Mobile. The issue is they did all the work of updating drivers and testing the system, but then hid the update in an opt-in app lost somewhere in the store.
  • Microsoft must pay attention ⚠ on the Windows Phones security
  • And then there are those who tried WP10 on devices like the Nokia 930, saw it was crap, and rolled back. I still use the Nokia 930 for Xbox gaming. If Microsoft forces it to update to WP10 the only thing it would achieve was me shutting down the phone definitely. So... In the end though it doesn't matter. Windows Phone and 10 Mobile are dead. It's not like pushing the update to the few people desperately clinging to it would matter anyway. If anything it would be good to push the people still on old Nokia devices OUT of the dead platform and unto living OSs like Android and iOS.
  • Why would updating affect you gaming on it?
  • Because WP10 is a disaster not only when it comes to battery life but also when it comes to simple things like not lag when quitting a game (though the 950 is even worse in this case).
  • It's "dead" yet you still come here.  Move along troll.
  • Daft idea. My 820 struggles with win 10. I put up with it because I'm a fan, but imposing it on Joe Public would cause so much animosity it would be the death of windows on mobile.
  • With all due respect, your phone is nearly 5 years old. WM10 shouldn't be on it at all.
  • I can appreciate people wanting the "option" of updating their OS on x20x, x30x series phones, there were some very nice phones during those years like the 1020, 1520, 930, 735, 830. Consider this the HTC One m8 was available in 2014, that phone should have been upgraded to W10M along with every new phone from 2014 with the hardware to support it. But if we are not upgrading our phones on a 2-3 year cycle we are not doing the platform any favors. I would like to see MS offer a trade in incentive program for people that have a phone that couldn't upgrade to W10M. They could send a email to these people with the trade in offer to get them on a current phone running W10M. I appreciate the Author's view that the user base needs to be on the most current version of the OS for the OS to survive. Also that helps developers target the current OS. I see MS might be planning to leave users behind again when they go to Windows 10 on ARM in that current hardware may not be upgradeable. It could be the reason why they deliberately tanked the platform from the beginning, so that fewer users would be left out in the cold. But I believe this is a bad move. Windows phones in 2013-2015 were exciting and the platform felt like it had potential. The HTC One m8 was an exciting phone and finally made be jump off the iOS train onto the Windows train. I believed, as many of us did in the promise of W10 on all devices. I think alot of this disappointment that many of us are feeling could be eased if we just could see what Microsoft's vision is for the platform. I am holding out for now with my Idol 4S in hand, which btw is a great phone!
  • Its four, not five years old!
  • "Nearly five years old".
  • Exactly.  I'm sure that my dad doesn't want it. He wouldn't apperciate the slow performance at all. I tried it myself a couple of months ago and it was so slow.  In my experience, most native W10M phones handle it better.
  • It says a lot about an OS when even the most loyal of fans have a hard time keeping track of which phones got the auto upgrade, which ones require a work around, and which ones require an "upgrade assistant" with zero visibility to your average user. Windows Phone users, I think, are just used to being left in the dark. There should have been forced updates, from the beginning, for all phones that supported it.
  • To make matters worse the app wasn't even available for a lot of users, even if it they managed to find it in the store. It was listed for information purposes only. You actually had to dig up an obscure link in a blog to be able to get your hands on the app. Most likely because MS only wanted the most tech savvy fans to be guinea pigs for Win10M.
  • Microsoft needs to get the FM Radio app back first. The current FM Radio API is way too limited to be properly used by 3rd party developers.
  • As long as they don't touch drivers so the carriers can't intervene..
  • I agree, push windows 10 and make one user base. Its less work for all. And maybe they should exclude all devices with less than 1 mb. Amazing they waited So long to get this done. But then again, when did MS make a good decision when it comes to windows phone? they really have a self destructive trait at this company.
  • There's another thing to consider. You don't want to piss off the few windows phone owners you have, You miniscule market share doesn't allow for that kind of arrogance.
  • Too late man!
    I think Satya cares his benefits only, he must be blind, or simplyshort minded. He completely ruined a big, amazing and affectionated developer community with all his bullshits and false promises (Gallo and Myerson too).
    All the app conpanies I know abandoned uwp, and
    I see no young devs loving Microsoft any more. No Store, no Mobile, no future (good luck wit azure only).
  • Microsoft is more solid than 90% of all carriers financially speaking, so they could become mass production of flagship handsets OEM like Apple or Samsung, but without Windows Mobile OS, I think an Android fork OS and a new Microsoft store of Android apps is what can save Microsoft from exctinction in Mobile industry.
  • I wish the HTC One M8 was eligible for Windows 10. I recently found a refurbished one for R$800,00 here in Brazil -- and that's crazy cheap, considering the Moto G3 is still pricier than this.
  • actually I absolutely agree from this awesome platform of window 10 I like it . Because my Microsoft xl 640 become very well & Mitch betters then window 8.1 thank you Microsoft  
  • I used 14393 build its very good no any problem
  • Yes
  • Very true Zac - every Windows Phone I see on my daily commute in London (apart from mine) is running 8.1!!!
  • I agree. The update should be pushed directly through windows update without the opt in required through upgrade advisor. Although the user should be able to defer that if they wish.
  • Thank you, this had to be said
  • I agree, but I wonder how many phones officially eligible for W10M haven't been updated?  Part of this push should include expanding the OS to more phones that weren't on the original list, if possible. 
  • Look how well forcing windows 10 on pc went.
  • Thats true ! Microsoft do it ! I have friends that doesnt know what is win10 and universal app andati lo use their lumias
  • Absolutely not! I love the idea that my 1520 can chose between 8,1 and WM10. I really missed some of the features from 8,1 when I had my 950XL, such as the "Smart camera" and others (like the great keyboard). Sure, send out a reminder that WM10 is available to all who want it, but let people decide what they want instead of deciding for them.        
  • My lumia 640 on Creators Update work very good.Is as stable and fast like 8.1.Redstone 2 is the best build i used on lumia 640.Good job Microsoft.
  • For mobile do it ASAP MS, no time for 8.1 to exist further.
  • I'll stay with  windows 8.1 and windows 7 on my pc  
  • No, no, no, no, NO!  Leave it opt-in.  Although I have, regrettably, a Lumia 950, I still rely on my 1020.  There is no way I want to ruin it by putting W10M on it.  Quite frankly, not everyone wants W10M on their device.  Leave them be.  Those who want it should be able to opt in.
  • Maybe you havent used w10m release preview its running smooth like 8.1.
  • I agree with you.  Plus some of us just prefer 8.X better!  There are things 8.X can do that 10 can't!  And I prefer things that 8.X can do.  This article only came up because there are some who are salty that the MAJORITY have stayed with 8.X.  And then some bring up "Preview" release or Ring 1 or Ring 2 or whatever!  Just RELEASE a complete OS without 1000 iteration of some version of what should be a complete product.
  • Maybe make it an opt-out option obviously those who don't care won't opt-out and those who do care will do a easy option to opt-out.
  • This is what I am saying have the option to put it on....MS support it,  as in let all windows 8.1 denim devices have the latest w10m IF THEY WANT TO INSTALL. Just go through the device software on a computer.
  • Did u ever saw L950XL ??
  • As usual MS screws its users/consumers with ill planned and conceived updates and then fickle support. For some of my laptops the Win10 upgrade was a disaster because of the driver issues from OEM. I have several 1520 and 1020s with 8.1 and from my experience they are better than the androids I have used except fot clould printing or direct wireless printing. Both 1020 and 1520 need a seamless app for that. to make the win mobile platform worth it where you are assured that they work without glitches or bugs. And so. I am afraid if I upgrade to 10 mobile it will be a disaster. Win 10 mob so far has a bad reputation and because of  that you might be stuck  after the fact with something touted to be better but has more flaws that requires  fixes than real advances. Since they are touting a surface sell more hardware, i'll opt out if what I already have  is not supported with a win 10 mob upgrade that will make my life better and is free of MS induced hassles.
  • Although making Win10M available as an opt-in update, without the need of an app, would be a nice service for WP8.1 users, it doesn't really matter anymore at this point.
    These phones are 2-3 years old, at least, and of the few that remain in service, most will probably be dead by the end of the year. The real problem is that there aren't any handsets available to replace them, apart from the HP X3, which most people have never even heard about, or know where to buy. Yes, I know the US has some limited availability for the Idol 4S, but the rest of the world doesn't.
    What really amazes me is that they've made so much effort to get police forces, hospitals and other companies to invest in systems based on windows phones and now they are forced to abandon the platform because MS doesn't have a single phone for a replacement device.
    These companies will never ever invest in a Microsoft platform again after being burned so badly.
  • I love Win 10 Mobile on my 1520.  It runs decent on my old 920. It is truly a joke that my sisters HTC One M8 for Windows isn't eligible for the upgrade.
  • The pricing of the HTC one M8 was a huge joke. Can look to buy one at 50 dollars now though 😁
  • I am surprised that 8.1 is still around, although last week a colleague with a 640, which is what I bought in April 2016 and immediately upgraded to WM 10, told me he is still on 8.1.
  • You just hit the nail on the head!! Can't be said any other way that that. Lovely piece... And it's not just about a select few phones but making provision for phones, all 8.1 with required 8G of space to get on board. I don't care what the world thinks of windows phones, I love my windows 10 mobile phone 📱. It works and gets the job done. Thanks for the article. Enough stale news of 'Windows phone is dead'.... Is it really? Not for me.
  • With support ending this summer, how about sending a notification/text informing users of that fact along with a link to the store app to update to W10M if they want to remain on a supported OS? Informs the user, while remaining opt-in.
  • Awesome approach! But do you think a company like Microsoft would be interested in all this comments to keep the OS going for phones when they're essentially not committed to it...? Their attitude appears closed to new steps in that direction. Sold the phone arm already. That's planned, to be snapped up by Nokia, if that hasn't been done already
  • or.... its time microsft suported their own apps like gestures beta (or include all the features in touch setting and not just the least helpful mute function.) or at least remove it from the windows store where it says its compatable with 10 windows 10 devices. 
  • If they did that people on WP would go ballistic
  • Yes
  • With support ending this summer, how about sending a notification/text informing users of that fact along with a link to the store app to update to W10M if they want to (edit: upgrade to) a supported OS? Informs the user, while remaining opt-in.
  • My Father-in-law is still on Windows Phone 8.1, and if he were to be upgraded, he'd be furious. I doesn't like change. He doesn't do apps except for what is built into or came with the OS, and he uses very few of those. Texting, phone calls, and the maps are pretty much all he uses. Most of the people that didn't upgrade just don't care about the apps anyway. It's time to leave the 8.1 app model behind, and stop worrying about those that don't use apps as if they do use apps.
  • I have TH2 on my 1020 and it struggles to last 2 days with no SIM in it. I have a 640 that is on the fast ring and it runs smoothly. I am looking forward to my 950 getting the Creators Update. It would be interesting to see the 1020 on the Creators Update but I am not going to force it on there.
  • I agree 100%, hopefully RT devices could get included in the win 10 mobile update!
  • Lots of bitterness towards updating experiences , especially 640 I see. I have 640xl and it has worked superb with W10M , but with ALL older phones with only 8GB memory I would caution this: The upgrade to W10M the same as the recent update in W10M are large, and it would appear that it has to be stored somewhere on the phones memory before it goes through the upgrade process, If as I had , a lot of apps also situated on the phones memory and not on the SD card then in this sitation problems arise: Such as the slowing of the phone and other faults including several apps (at random) being shaded out and unusable, what is more reinstalling those apps after the update is a not possible to the phones memory location - error after error. However reinstalling the shaded apps to the SD card goes on without a hitch. I am no Windows Techie but I would assume that these large updates on limited phone memoery overwrite the memory where some apps were located , ie in effect for a short time 2 versions of Windows are stored on the phones memory at 3GB each then esay to see why apps get 'shaded out'  Ture windows update manager should have highlighted this to the user prior to updating or even downloading the update , or better still , Moved apps and other data onto the SD Card prior to the download, then at the end of the process , put the apps and data back where they were , the end user being none the wiser. It would have been simple coding to identify the phones memory size and how full it is prior to downloading the updates on thes 8GB devices. A bit sloppy of microsoft not to have identified this as the cause of everyones frustrations above when updates do not provide efficient new OS service.    To those moaning the fate of the update process on those 8GB phones , try moving all you can across to an SD card , before engaging the update manager , or allowing the big W10M update .... you will find that once updated the phones all work as they should , fast and smooth. After the update is fully completed then and only then put your apps and data back on the phone memory if you choose to. Ive had my rant! Enjoy W10M or W8.1M as you choose!    
  • People that are holding out on their 4 year old phones are not helping the platform. No wonder few OEM's want to build flagship phones. I bought a 635 and a 435 for my kids to use instead of a cheap tablet, but I would never consider using one of these phones for myself. If you want to help Windows succeed buy a new phone, update your OS and buy the occasional app from the store.
  • I went back to Android (Samsung S7 Active) because I got tired of waiting. stopped using HTC M8, because all I ever saw was the possibility of upgrading the Nokia phones and never said anything about the HTC. The HTC by the way is much better the any Nokia.  
  • I'm hoping that the Creators Update fixes the stability of my 930, which has been very flakey since I upgraded to AU at Xmas (only did that so I could upgrade FitBit app - didn't want to lose HERE). Only if it's stable on my 930 and it works fine on my wife's 640 would I upgrade her. That should fix the issue of her old 8.1 Facebook/Messenger app crashing, which is her biggest complaint, but I expect a backlash when she has to switch from HERE to Maps, which is not as user friendly. I was a content WP user when it was smooth and snappy and did everything I wanted. Microsoft has needlessly neglected and destroyed the platform. I'll be out of here once I figure out the best option in the next round of phone upgrades, probably a Galaxy S8. In the meantime I'd just like a phone that works and is reliable, please!
  • "Good idea
    ...lets see what happens..."
  • What about using your little brains for a bit? People hated the "agressive" Windows 10 updates, and now your problem is that Microsoft does not take the same route with phones?
    What's wrong with you people?
    Seriously, cannot anyone do anything else than complaining about these things?
  • I think MS's decision to restrict Windows 10 mobile to certain models makes sense. All you have do is to follow comments of current Windows Insiders and you cannot fail to understand why. A lot of 550, 650, 950/XL owners, the last in the Lumia series of phones, compain bitterly as to their experiences of Windows 10 Mobile builds, which MS are concentrating on perfecting their OS for, and are still trying to do. So imagine if they continued to allow feedback from older generation phones how much longer and harder this "perfection" process would take?? Using Apple as an example, even though they ostensibly have only one phone, the fact that they build both phone and (i)OS and still have problems serves to explain the complexity of ensuring that there is perfect harmony between device and OS. iOS has been an incremental iteration of a previous build, snce inception, and as such the development process is arguably simpler than the path of Windows OSes to the present Windows 10 Mobile. The multitude of devices from Nokia, and now Microsoft, to all other OEMs would be too much of a test bed for MS's mobile OS to harmonise with. Therefore, the clearing out/restricting of all older devices and the drive to provide OEMs with a device build reference/standard can only inure to the benefit of Windows 10 Mobile, and by extension, Microsoft. If people claim to "love" Windows 10 Mobile, and Microsoft, then the acceptance of this approach should be paramount because it would ultimately end with Windows 10 Mobile becoming a success, in the short term, as opposed to the long term. Again, using Apple as an example, you will notice that "all-things-Apple" lovers rarely complain about anything Apple, even though the rest of us can see certain products are a dud (case in point, the Apple watch). Pyschologically, this creates in the mind of a tech agnostic buyer, a positive image of Apple devices as opposed to Microsoft devices, especially phones. The argument that there are only a couple of Windows mobile devices in the market doesn't quite cut it because the counter argument would be that Apple only ostensibly has a couple of iPhone devices in the market, but yet sells hundred of millions of iPhones annually. Thus the differentiators can only be brand image, device build and the actual OSes in question. So, in a nutshell, MS must perfect Windows 10 Mobile on the existing reference models and then sell that to the world. If the device is desirable, and the OS is already familiar (Windows 10 on PC), then what is the problem? Afterall, more people use Windows on PC than any other OS so if the OS is popular (not to be confused with likeable) and therefore appeals to muscle memory, then truly, negativity of Windows 10 mobile, and poor aesthetic design can be seem to be the major culprits.  
  • 2. I don't know. I think windows 10 mobile is good enough to upgrade now already. So upgrading should land must not be problematic for the end user. However I see two issues still not adtessed with creators update. 1. A lack of multiwindow support for continuum. 2. Lack of apps and uwp apps in the store. I hope rs3 will be the threshold, relevant enough to upgrade  
  • If these phones are operator specific, it's up to the operator to approve the upgrade. Most are slow to do so.
  • In reality. Any WM8.1 phones are already "old" hardware of more than 2 years old. Very few phones survive. Most of those phones have already been replaced or used as backup. It will make no difference in keeping the platform afloat.
  • Or as in the case of my 1020... it finally just got to the point after heavy daily use that it's non-replaceable battery just couldn't keep a charge any more. In the end, I'd get maybe 6 hours if I was lucky.
  • Matt,  replacing the battery in the 1020 is very simple actually.  Nokia's design makes it very easy for screen and internals replacement. 
  • Perhaps encouraging users to upgrade and getting an 80% uptake would ease up all this app gap discussion, aside a handful of 1st party apps not in store, I download heaps of apps. My experience is that I can find anything I want and the UWP apps are really much more powerful than those on other platforms I have used. My gripe with the app store is that search doesn't seem to bring up everything available, even if you know the name of the app you want. If I try searching NFC, The apps show in the search window but aren't there when you hit search to get the list.
  • Nope. Not for me. Tried it on my Lumia 640 XL and it sucked. Tried it twice. Tried being in fast ring to see if I wasn't getting the most updated version. sucked. I basically use my phone to be a phone, calendar, texter, Kindle, and news reader. With 8.1 or is it 8.2 it excels at that. While I am a total Win10 fanboy, Win 10 Mobile slowed the phone down and added a lot of complexity that was not needed. Thumbs down. Let's see what the new Surface phone looks like...
  • Good article Zak, the time is definitely now.
  • +1020
  • The biggest reason I believe was ram related on some older devices running 8.1 it could get laggy. But just give a heads up and a yes/no and be done with it
  • Windows Phone 8.1 still has the better OS.
  • just wait as the app support keeps dwindling
  • I agree 🤝...It's time...
  • I am running 8.1 on my HTC6995LVW on Verizon wireless. I have been waiting for a update for a Windows 10 update since I got the phone. Windows please release the 10. ☹  
  • How to upgrade my Nokia Lumia 920 windows 10? Windows insider doesn't work
  • Buy a new Windows Phone.
  • Visit xda Developers. You will get all the info.
  • I say they should make Windows 10 Mobile run fast on old dual core devices and then maybe start thinking about quad-core and octa-core stuffs! Apple has been doing that for long time and got awesome performance in quad-core. In the other side, Android is struggling no matter how many cores it has. Windows Phone 8.1 was like iOS, Windows 10 Mobile is becoming alot like Android.
  • Unfortunately, windows 10 mo is worst even than an old Android 2.3
  • Yes that is great idea . But Microsoft will never do that because they want to ditch Windows Mobile ..... Making a unified Windows plateform across the devices which supported by new devices
  • I totally agree. I had to update the phones of my family members, because they had no clue about the upgrade advisor app. Here are some details from the Google analytics for one of my apps: Windows Phone 8.10.14234.0 - 18.4%
    Windows Phone 8.10 - 13.1%
    Windows Phone 10.0.14393.0 - 11.7%
    Windows Phone 8.10.14219.0 - 8.5%
    Windows Phone 8.0.10532.0 - 6.8%
    Windows Phone 8.10.15148.0 - 6.5%
    Other (could be 7, 8 or 10) - 34.9% That is 53.3% running some version of Windows Phone 8, plus part of the 34.9% that Google couldn't specify. If the analytics only show 11.7% of the people using my app are running Windows Phone 10, there is very little incentive for me to do a UWP rewrite.
  • agreed!!
  • I would love to have Windows 10 Mobile on my ATIV SE.  But, I've read in the past the ATIV SE's firmware couldn't run Win 10 Mobile (at least not without being buggy).
  • Yep ,But once they will know about the lack of applications  on windows phone 10 they will refuse ....  "HERE DRIVE" the absence of this apps and many more will make think about it.
  • Exactly.  Well said
  • Here's a somewhat related question (and thanks for the upgrade reminder - I downloaded the Advisor last year on my AT&T 830 and it wouldn't work then, seems to now).  I need to free up storage for the upgrade.  I've deleted all music, photos, I'm using 2.9 gigs for apps, 3.91 for system. Phone is telling me I have over 5 gigs of "other" files that don't fit the other descriptions offered - music, apps, etc. I would like to delete them but I can't figure out what or where they are.  All of the folders I can access are empty. Any suggestions?
  • only reset will do. That's one of the bugs MS was never able to solve, the Other section getting filled up with gigs of data, with no way of clearing it up.
  • If they release Windows 10 to 8.1 devices, automatically, you can be sure that those who use the Windows apps for facebook and messenger, and then upgrade to the Facebook ones, they'll surely leave the platform at once. I had those apps on my Lumia 640 and it's the worst experience ever! Got to install now the MS ones, a little tricky but I managed, and won't updgrade them and use for as long as I can. And don't even try to say that facebook and messenger needs 2 GB of RAM. Lumias 950 and 950XL have 3 GB and the experience is also pretty bad, especially when you open the app for the first time. I have a Xperia J (1 Ghz single core, 512 ram, android 4.1.2), and guess what, it runs Facebook and Messenger better than my Lumia 640...    
  • The facebook app for android, for example,  is nothing like the windows facebook app.  It's way ahead of the windows app in every sense....speed, look, features.   Again,  just shows that UWP, and its development is TANK'ING like I said it would. 
  • Facebook simply used some porting OSmeta system of theirs to bring the facebook apps to windows10mobile, with little to ZERO optimization, so it's obvious that those apps work like crap. Anyway don't ever expect any improvement there, I rather see facebook abandoning this platform than updating their apps to be decent. :))
  • Well, that's your case, but I doubt that it is the general opinion... If that's where MS was aiming to do, remove facebook completely, they might as well put a rope around Windows mobile neck...
  • I gave up. ATT was never going to do it. I bought the pixel. hate that i can't have a button for each of my mail boxes that displays the number of new emails - LOVED the tiles. oh well, i'll get used to it. Microsoft should abandon the phone because at this point the loss of loyal users/buyers is significant.      
  • I'm still in love with 8.1. It was fast fluid. Hardley ever crashed. Then I moved to 950xl and still waiting to fall in love with it. Its slow at times, buggy, crashes lots during the camera, and can't stand multitasking! Back button should be closing apps in my opinion not hiding them.
  • I'm using 1520. I installed windows 10 for three months and now I came back to 8.1. The truth is windows 10 is not looking good in Nokia made Lumia devices.the giant 1520 has made for 8.1 and it runs smoothly with minimalistic look. IMO the the big text style of 8.1 has completely lost in windows 10. The dial pad and people app has a magnificent look in 8.1. I really like my WP 8.1. MSFT please make special updates for 8.1 keeping its original style.
  • :)
  • I'm running anniversary update on my Lumia 1020 and it's running surprisingly well even better than 8.1
  • I stuck with 8.1 as I have been waiting for a little more maturity in Mobile 10 before upgrading. After the Creators update is out and the 1st round of bug fixes are pushed out I will upgrade my Lumia 1520 and my wife's Lumia 830. For me after using beta software decades ago, I require reliability, stability and the confidence that it brings as I want my software to work all the time not some of the time.
  • At this point they're just treating rust on the titanic. WM10 will probably be left behind for ARM. It's Microsoft's business culture.... throw money and resources at something and if it isn't wildly successful, scrap it and toss something else out on the market to keep the stockholders happy. So force or don't force upgrades, it doesn't matter.
  • If Nokia & BB have a bigger slice of the mobile market than MS that would be funny.
  • There are so many things that MS ought to be doing about Mobile that one loses count.
  • Absolutely. This was a major failure on their part especially after the constant comparison to Android fragmentation. No upgrade from WP7 to WP8.1 (even though hackers figured out a way to put it on to show it was possible. So people begrudgingly bought new phones for 8.1 just to be left behind on a platform that was tied to the death of 8.1 RT and Surface RT. Their "developer backdoor" to out Windows 10 on these older devices after promising 100% device upgrade from 8.1 to 10 was a punch in the gut. It shows a major lack of commitment and initiative on their part. They're not Apple in this market yet, if ever. They can't be pulling things like this as if technology is growing so quick that we need to be "reasonable" and accept these forced obsolescences. In reality, they're extremely late to the party and released only released the 950-series after buying Nokia's mobile division. It's a shame they'd spend that much money and fall so short consistently.
  • Not so fast, redcoat. Some people like the older version because it works BETTER. For example, the Jay Bennett version of the Windows Central app works a lot better than the train wreck of a Windows 10 version that you guys don't even bother to fix. So, no, some people like 8.1.
  • good point on that. the old version of the wincentral app is miles better.
  • That may have been true a year or more ago, but not today. UWP app for Windows Central is better than old app. Windows 10 is better than 8.1 in almost all use cases (admittedly not 100%). And in the article, Zac is talking about pushing the newer Creator's Update with its further enhancements, not the current version.
  • I believe that this would not even be a question, if MS had continued to make phones that allowed old users to upgrade to devices that could run Windows 10 Mobile. But, MS didn't and users of much older devices are not likely going to go out of their way to buy new Windows Mobile devices. Many users got have their phones, because they were cheap and available. The only thing these users will do at this point is switch to other OSs. I think MS could just push the update out and it may breath a little excitement into the platform for those users that are oblivious to Windows 10 Mobile or don't care enough to upgrade on their own, because they do not realize that support will stop soon. At the very least, MS should push out a notification that has an attached link to a website that explains that their current version will no longer be supported, offer a chance to upgrade software on their current device (caution embedded, because performance may vary, depending on device.), offer the information on how to upgrade and offer device upgrade options and/or direct them to sources where they can buy newer phones. Ultimately, MS retrenched too deeply and ruined the experience for the casual user. Some have suggested that MS go back and tweak the OS to run efficiently on all older phones. At this point, i think that would be a complete waste of time, because they could use those recourses in other areas. Not to mention, MS did try to get the OS to run on older devices. If MS is going to do this, they need to push ahead, not look back and market the hell out off the hell out of whatever their next big thing will be. Additionally, do what they did before and offer incentives to big name developers to develop UWPs.
  • I do not agree. I have a 920 and a 930, both with WP8.1 on them, and I am happy with it. I don’t see how I would benefit from upgrading to W10M. My wife now has a 650 with W10, and it does not satisfy her as much as her old 820 which she unfortunately broke about a half year ago. It is slower, and buggy. I am a great fan of Microsoft, so I hate to admit but I don’t like W10M as of now.
  • Don't change a working system. Applies to Windows and Android. It's simply stupid to update from 8.1 and lose Here Drive and some other stuff like Lumia apps.
  • Waiting forit for my Ativ S.
  • LOL. So now the people that haven't upgraded are the ones to blame for lack of developer support. Funny how Android phones hardly get updated, yet they get a ton of support from developers. You just don't have the users. PERIOD. Move on. It's all Microsoft's fault and their buggy W10M that has taken 1 year to come up with a pathetic "Creators Update" which brings nothing new and doesn't even catch up with what the competition offered 3 years ago.  
  • You do realize they get "tons of support" due to the fact they have 80% market share (or whatever the % is).
    So by "move on" you mean WP users should move to crapdroid? Not in million years for me. W10M running great on my 1520.
  • Don't wear too much on yourself :) Windows mobile fanboys always try to find an excuse for their failing platform, so don't be surprised if they even start to think that the ones that did not update to win10mo are to blame for the lack of dev support and apps :)))
  • get it to go on my L1020 WOULD BE ACE
  • It's great to see windows phone do better in other countries.
  • Agreed
  • I agreed!
  • Agreed
  • Very bad idea to push the update. SImply think about the blunder it became when MS was activelly pushing Windows 10 on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 devices? People were totally out of their mind.
  • I worry people really don't like getting "pushed".  You might offer the upgrade in a fairly "in your face" method but even that won't be taken well.  I do see your point to have more people on the now polished platform.  I think first they need to roll out the update, deal with the issues that arise quickly and fervently and be sure what users we have are updated properly and then if no further fires arise "consider" pulling others into the fray.  Frankly however, by that point you may well be on the brink of a new device wave (when the 835 chips are more abundant) and wouldn't a good set of new devices draw people to upgrade?
  • Yes, 100% agree Richard. Time to put 8.1 behind us, W10M is where it's at.
  • That's one thing I'm into about Apple, they push updates to their old devices, and Microsoft should follow that direction.
  • If you look at the numbers, most WP 8.1 devices would still not get the update (think about all those Lumia 520s out there) but having W10M on only ~17% of WP devices makes the whole concept of UWP silly, so they should push the update just to get it up a little.
  • True I beta test w10m and it's early days And I can tell you the most painful transition for anybody with a phone 4.5 or 4.7 inch even would be the DPI
  • W10M TH2 was atrocious on 512 MB devices but RS1/2 are actually quite usable.
  • I expect less on Microsoft now when it comes to Mobile phones.
  • It's time for Windows mobile users to Push iOS and android users into traffic and blame it on texting while walking.
  • My 640 with Win 8.1 does everything I want to do with a mobile phone.  Don't see a need to upgrade.  But much more importantly, earlier I read that Google Apps Email will not run under Win 10 mobile.  Search as I might, I cannot find any information that says I can in fact run Google Apps under Win 10 mobile.  I am forced get my email via Google Apps, Outlook is not an option.  If I can't get my email on a mobile phone running Win 10 then I definely do not want to be forced to upgrade to Win 10.  That my take on why Microsoft should not force an upgrade.  Always open to being corrected about compatibility between Google Apps and Win 10 phone software.
  • Absolutely not. I regret upgrading. It ruined my Windows Phone experience.
  • I'm still using my 920 with Windows Phone 8.1 cause here in Mexico is so rare to find the latest Lumia with Windows 10 (550, 650, 950 & 950 XL). I truly love my 920 but I don't know what i am going to do now that the battery runs out so fast, I don't want an iPhone and neither and Android, but at least I would like I could update WP8.1 to W10M.
  • It doesn't have to be sold on your local store, you can order it online on Amazon or eBay etc.
  • Umm, No. They pissed off enough people with the forced updates on PC. The last thing they need is to force this upgrade on people. Most of the people still running 8.1 are non tech people. Average users who bought a budget phone. The last thing they want is to wake up and see their phone looks differnt, the settings menu has changed and they don' have the app they loved previously. That will just cause more lost customers. Makeing it an option is fine, pushing it is not. It's a moot point anyway, there's no way in hell MS would dedicate that much energy to something they don't care about.
  • Completely agree!!!!
  • this is a great idea
  • If I was at Microsoft even the Lumia 925 would get at least a opt in update, but for sure all phones that could run it would run win 10 mobile.
  • I would have LOVED to get Windows 10 upgrade. Sadly I get message from upgrade advisor. YOUR PHONE IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR THE UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10. Smh...I have HTC 8X WINDOWS PHONE. Due to the fact I am with BIG RED. I am at the point of desperation and going to get only windows phone offered LUMIA 735. I want to wait to see if Microsoft will open the flood gates. It is just I now have WINDOWS 10 PC and I want Windows 10 Phone. I have to tell you rumors are making me gun shy. I am going to wait just a LITTLE longer to see what happens. HTC, VERIZON, MICROSOFT are on the clock....  
  • Or, how about let people run whatever the F they want to run?   Pushing Windows 10 to PCs was a disaster.   Don't anger the last few remaining Windows Phone users. 
  • I see alot of business still running XP, Windows 7 and such. So out dated stuff doesn't seem to bug most users.
  • Windows XP is a real star, even though MS (stupidly) ended support. They should in fact relaunch it after sorting out the minor bugs it suffers from. Hands down the best OS ever made, across all companies.
  • Smartly*
  • i have lumia 640 and lumia 650. luia 640 still has 8.1u2 because i like hear maps and it is good for gps. it works better as a gps then maps in windows 10 mobile does for me. i like the voice choices too. windwos 10 mobile don't have any i don't think. the hear maps is easier to see as a gps then mocrosoft maps too really. i don't think everything should be forced to get it if they don't want it but should have made it easier to get without app.
  • But no traffic cameras-love that feature.
  • I hope they listen to this article and start rolling
  • This is a good idea. Sadly Microsoft won't listen.
  • I have to firmly disagree with you, Zac. While I can see your argument, I don’t believe Microsoft should pursue a forced upgrade strategy to increase the number of Windows 10 Mobile users. Remember the debacle with the Windows 10 upgrade notifications and sneaky updates on Windows 7 & 8.1 PCs? It wasn’t Microsoft’s smartest move despite their well-meaning intentions. Surely Microsoft doesn’t want to make the same mistake twice? And let’s not forget there are Windows Phone 8.1 users, such as myself, who are quite happy to stay be it for legitimate performance and stability reasons; certain WP8.1 features cut in W10M; familiarity and comfort; or some may simply not care for W10M. At the core of the issue here is choice. It must not be taken away from the individual. We must be respected. I think Microsoft can approach W10M adoption in multiple ways: 1). Stay the course with their opt-in strategy. Perhaps promote via email or notification that a user’s device is eligible for W10M and then provide steps on how to upgrade. 2). Switch to an opt-out strategy. In this instance Microsoft pushes out the W10M update for eligible WP8.1 devices followed by a notification offering two choices: continue upgrading to W10M or remain on WP8.1. 3). Expand the narrow hardware requirements to include 512MB devices and 1-2GB x2x devices with older SoCs. The caveat is that these devices must be hard reset and from there upgraded to W10M. For example, my old 520 and 720 performed horrendously slow on W10M because I migrated over all the settings, apps and other cruft. However, when I performed a hard reset and upgraded to W10M without restoring from a backup, these devices performed reasonably well. Bottom line: no one should be forced or pestered to upgrade. I think that would be a bad move by Microsoft. Choice should not be taken away. We may be a comparatively small community of users but these kinds of actions are acutely felt.
  • In my humble opinion, using WP8.1 is like living in the past. How can you allow yourself to miss out on all the good stuff offered on W10M.
    IMO W10M is very stable and equally very useable, like your devices that were upgraded and reset.
    Don't be carried away by reviews. Most reviewers are either on the fast or slow ring, which is not the official. Those fast or slow rings are susceptible to bugs.
  • Yes Microsoft should be pushing Windows 10 Mobile to all the loyal Lumia user as my 920 is still waiting for it to enjoy all the features I am reading about all this while. Please give us the update so I can pass it to my wife who is using Nokia OS and I can buy the latest Microsoft or HP Windows Phone or the upcoming Surface Phone
  • I am on latest version of Fast ring 15063 on my Lumia 730. But as I use WDRT very often, I have noticed while switching between Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile is that things don't change much as many Windows Phone apps like 6tag, mytube get work done and also WP8.1 is more stable than Windows 10 Mobile. So it doesn't matter for me if I use Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Isnt that a beauty, Lumia 730 ? 🙂 I have its cousin, the Lumia 735 and it flies with Win 10 and LTE
  • I've always been of the opinion that its a very poor marketing team at Microsoft. Just and just Marketing could have taken MS mobile to a new level. MS miserably failed in Marketing. I think they have become too tech savvy forgetting that the core user may not come from internet.. Phone from MS even the 950xl and all have VOLTE capability but they deliberately keep it shut, closing market access to many, closing operator billing, closing FM radio app altogether.. I don't know how they operate.? they act as if they wish to kill themselves..
  • Marketing only gets you so far. At a certain point you need a good product. At this point, it quite obvious Microsoft just doesn't have a good product.
  • I fear that Microsoft, once they decide to roll out Windows 10 to all phones, will no longer offer 8.1 as a downgrade option. This is the reason for why I loathe iOS so much. If Microsoft goes the same way then Windows Mobile will be one more mobile platform for me to avoid.
  • Why? With RS2, W10M has finally matured enough to be an overall improvement from WP8.1.1. Not a perfect improved, but a sufficiently good enough one.
  • Just tweeted Microsoft and Windows this article, maybe we will get a response. 😜😉
  • Believe me, Microsoft and windows are in windows central
  • Can't see any comments.
  • This happens in the app when an article has received several comments, it is also as a result of the speed of your network.
    Click refresh button at the bottom of the comment page a few times and let it load the comments.
    Or, use the web browser to view the comments.
  • Thanks for the tip. 👍
  • In the past I did recommend this platform to friends, not ver tech savy, just USERS. They are happy campers with 830 and 1520 with 8.1. They have some apps installed, that are no longer available in the store ( cause author of apps didn't care to declare, what age apps are suitable for... ) so while upgrading, they'd loose some apps they use. Besides, upgrade is not like 123, more like pain in the...., taking long, moving old data, rebooting etc... It's not something, every user is bold enough to do,, particularly if this is your only and daily driver you depend much on... I have 920, 830, 1520 and 950 to play and whenever I decide to upgrade my go to/ daily driver, it is not an easy choice. Much effort is put into customizing phone, settings, apps etc... And not everything is transferred while upgrading.
  • Yes you're right. It is not easy to upgrade your daily driver, but you can back up your settings before the upgrade.
  • Restoring backups from 8. to 10 will be worse! Stop using that backup restore functionality that caused only problems. You are either blind or simply ignorant..
  • I agree to.
  • Personally I still using 8.1 only because the Here Maps for the offline GPS.
  • You can download offline maps for Microsoft maps now too and the maps are still licensed here maps under the hood
  • Couldn't get it on my Lumia 920, not even with the upgrade advisor. So i got the 950.
  • I'm using Lumia 630 /w 512 MB RAM and Creators Update just flies. I'm even using Continuum which flies, too.
  • Dude, how? I can't select any Insider ring on my L635 on W10M RS1, the Insider ring prompt doesn't scale properly and I can't scroll to select the necessary ring, lol.
  • How to install it ? Give full procedure
  • Nicely written, agreed
  • Lol we didn't update because 10 mobile sucks compared to 8.1 not because we didn't know.
  • My Lumia 640 from tmobile is still on 8.1
  • Install Insider then?
  • I'm on Win 10 on 1020 - great, no issues at all.  I wish MS would release firmware so the OS can take advantage of the camera to its full capabilities as its still a monster compared to others today.  Will creaters update run on a 1020? if they have made it more efficient then I see no reason why it wouldn't run even better than it is now.  Come on MS open the gates, its not as if there are a lot of phones to choose from.
  • It does.
  • They have given up...just won't admit it.
  • I love my Lumia925 and I will be very glad if I can upgrade it to Win10
  • You can. But it's tricky.
  • no microsoft should not push anything to users. they did force dektop users on 7 and 8 to 10 and people didn't like it, they forced people to use edge by trying to push them into that direction and still i cant open new tabs to my default page of choise or even my home page.  Forceing windows mobile 8.1 users to use windows 10 will only produce more backlash not only from thoise users but also the world press.  Microsft need to stop the backlash not create more. Dont get me wrong, windows 10 mobile offeres more than it took from 8.1 and makes it for me the go to os oin mobile and desktop.  Yeh i still have a big rod in my bum because my phone nolonger turns to speakerphone automaticly when i place it on a table during a call and with 8.1 gestures beta still works there.  Gestures never worked in windows 10 even though it claims too on the app store.  And yeh i miss my photo album from facebook intergrated in to my phones photo gallery.  I also miss the abundace of pivoting that hamburger has taken from us.  But windows 10 is still in my opinion better than my s7 edge phone.  Still without apps like paypal, myfitnesspal and google apps i wouldnt go back to a windows phone just yet.  I certainly as microsft would try and do everything to stop the windows negativity and forceing users on 10 needs to stop now. before you all slag me off :)) i thing desktop windows 10 is the best os i have ever used exept for edge new tab issue.  I also think 8.1 mobile is the best mobile os i have ever used.  windows mobile 10 in second place but not a close second more a distant far second cause of all the features and apps still missing which i have in 2015 with 8.1.
  • Long time HTC 8X user. Bought the Lumia 730. Tried a few months. Back to 8X. Win10 is good for PC, but WP8.1 still more useful for me on phone. It is a PHONE anyway.
  • If you (anyone) can read, they can put Windows 10 onto any Windows 8+ device. Guides all over the Internet folks. Just Google away and POOF! Windows 10 easily added to your old phone.
  • Right. The point is that most people won't bother, which keeps Windows Phone 8.1 alive, which means UWP is less attractive to developers who are considering making or support a Windows Phone app, which in turn further hurts Windows Phone.
  • my lumia 930 winth 8.1 still have the best feeling touch keyboard than any phone since and ive used the iphone 7 plus iphone 6 and the s7 edger, the keyboards on them dont even come close when using them.
  • A L930 on WP8.1 today is just wasting away ... At least update when RS2 officially launches.
  • Don't update to this pathetic win10mo. Use your 930 as long as you can on WP8.1. It flies on that OS, cortana is far much better, the OS is fast and with way less bugs.
  • When will MSFT CEO's FINALLY realise that MOBILE in phones is REAL interest (money). Every day, every sec in your hands. Mobile conn. Mobile wallet. Mobile world. Not Nadella's mobile, but REAL mobile today. (p.s. Crying to see Nokia brand on android. Such a shame.)
  • They could make it opt-out, but compulsory might be bad publicity maybe. They should also totally release it to Lumia 1020 as it works just fine on those.
  • There is one important reason for me NOT to switch to Windows 10:
    Navigation App "HERE Drive+" does not exist in Windows 10.
    Windows 10 replacement App "Maps" doesn't reach the perfect functionality of HERE Drive+.
  • It better in places and worse in others. Still fine overall though.
  • As much as I hate MS and their mediocre windows 10 mobile OS, the Maps app is ok. Checked the maps last year when I went on holiday and on some parts, it had updated data compared to Copilot. So, if only the Maps app keep you away, and you are fine with the rest of the OS, you can update to it.
  • I totally support this and in fact I shared your article at twitter and mentioned microsoft and donasarkar. MS pushed Windows 10 to hundreds of millions of peoples desktops. What is 2-3 million Windows Phones?
  • They should push it as OTA, like iOS and Android are doin' it for years.. :D
  • Microsoft wasn't , isn't and won't focus on "mobile" . As they mean it without clarifying it, mobile for them is not creating their platfrom and writting history on it, but expressing their ideas on other platforms, period. The only reason of existence of "windows mobile" is not loosing the ARM wagon. They mentioned it, everything else is philology for sites like this. Actually they killed windows mobile due to low usage BUT they don't kill their apps on android or other platforms which their usage is pointless. This drives us to a conclusion that there is an untold agreement between them (Google, MS, Apple). Google Apple takes the consumer part of pie, and MS with others the "pro" / enterprise part. That's how explained the atrocity on everything "mobile" or consumer Microsoft produced before this Indian hater undertook . What a dramatic antithesis: The most talented developers in the hands of  the most untalented CEΟ...
  • Your comment is based on assumptions, not a single fact exist in it.
    MS is a software company, they makes apps for all platforms. There is no untold agreement, pure and simple.
  • Don't make stories...
  • Yep...when you have a cost cutting obsessed CEO, that seems to preffer laying off experienced people and use insiders as guinea pigs for testing.. you 10 mobile
  • "Microsoft did no advertising to inform users " The key quote. You can stop there. That is the story of Windows 10 Mobile and Windowsphone.    
  • I miss... YouTube video downloads on Uc browser.... !!
  • What I miss is the Quiet Hours integration that Calender had on WP8.1. I loved that I could set a meeting reminder in the Calender app with time and place and when that time came around the phone automatically turned on quiet hrs for the duration of the time set in the meeting reminder. That I would love to see return.
  • To be honest if MS pushed W10M to all wp8.1 devices, when these owners wake up the next day it'll be like they bought a new phone without spending any $$. With more functionality and ability to do more from Facebook to Calender to skype to Cortana to home screen improvements. Entirely new device!!!
  • Should they? Of course. Can they? Nope. My wife and I both have 640's on TMobile. I am on the insider preview, and have been since 10166 with this phone. WiFi calling does not work with this phone and Windows 10. Better to let the phone slip out of support and get a new one rather than try to fix a 20 month issue.
  • Didn't 640 get official W10M RS1 on all networks anyway?
  • So you want to kill the remainder 0% of users...
  • W10M is a great os. But I think that ms keeps it like an optional upgrade like W10 itself was
  • I want windows 10 on my windowsphone, Samsung ATIV S that is still better than most of the Windows phone out there, I have 8.1.2 and it runs faster and better that any of the windows 10 phones i have.
  • Agree, I still have an ATIV S, works fine on 8.1.2 but it would be better if it could run 10!
  • XDA. Look it up
  • Yes, sure! Please, Nokia Lumia 1020 the first.
  • Hack it yourself.
  • Not only eligible phones should get it, they should push it to all Windows 8/8.1 phones(HTC 8X,8XT, and Samsung Ativ s neo) so all remaining windows fans can experience the Windows 10 mobile.
  • And the experience is gonna be really bad on these phones with dated CPUs
  • Those people are not fans. They don't even know about windows 10. You can technically get it on any of those phones if you are a fan and read up on it.
  • Reading all of your comments I had to go through the drawer to find my Lumia 620. It's working great on 8.1. Love it! Very compact. Since the live tiles can be resized the small screen is not an problem.
  • Finally!:) I was already losing hope!
  • I upgraded my sisters Lumia 635 1GB to W10m and she called it a new phone because of the UI changes and Edge improvements
  • "all my friends have been making fun of me, now that I have this, they will make fun of me slightly less"
  • I've installed it on a Lumia 535 and the experience is smooth. It freed up some space following the upgrade and works well with an external microSD. It asks what you want your default save location to be when it detects a new microSD. The built in file manager is much better than what was available on 8.1. Not ideal for gaming on a low spec phone. My 950 is more suitable for those scenarios.
  • Agree , games are bit lagging on my 640/W10M , rest ok
  • Need to get my 900 to run wm10 now.
  • 900 ran windows 7.  that phone really is SOL to even sideload 10.
  • At least L900 with WP7.8 is still faster than a L920 with W10M RS2. Heh. IE9 is mostly unsupported in everything nowadays though.
  • There is no way the 900 can get windows 10.   it does not run windows 8....
  • Hi,
    I have a Lumia 950 and have the odd problem with Windows 10 on it, but nothing that would want me to change to either iOS or Android.  I started with an iPaq pocket computer with phone built-in, then the Lumia 800, the Lumia 925 and as mentioned the Lumia 950.  Microsoft just dumped me after purchasing each phone, by creating new opetating systems and just ignoring people who spend good money on phones Microsoft could not be bothered to support.  From getting the Lumia 925 which Microsoft classed as a flagship model, they told us we could have Windows 10 for free.  They then listed a number of phones, which the 925 was not included in, so they also dumped flagship users again.  To me people who purchase the top of the range models should not be left in limbo and Microsoft need to look very carefully at the people they are treating like rubbish.  I still use my 925 and would like Windows 10 on it, but I cannot see this happening, because of the bad managment of the Microsoft Phone section.  If they cannot support the phones, then they should provided us a minimum of 50% of the purchase cost back towards another windows phone. I want Windows 10 on my older phone and would install it either way, but think auto updating would be best for most, as they do not read some of these posts. Thanks,
  • To be fair, the L925 did get W10M TH2. And you can still hack W10M RS2 on it.
  • This is a repeated article! Why?!
  • Huh?
  • Unfortunately, Microsoft decided to make the Windows 10 Mobile update "opt-in" via an app that you have to download in the Store
    Oh nice, there is an app for that, but where is it? You see, you are making the same mistake as Microsoft. Saying that they should have promoted it, and then you don't even link it (if it's alive) or say at least that the app is not longer available.  
  • The app is called Upgrade Advisor and it is available , I checked
  • When I bought my Lumia 640 last year , first thing I did was to upgrade it from 8 1 to windows 10 mobile and I don't regret it . But perhaps the average Jo don't care
  • Just go to the store with your win8.1 phone and install an app called Upgrade Advisor . Then run the app and it will tell you if your phone is upgradeable , most Lumia are , and if it is , help you to upgrade it . Simple ...
  • I am running W10 Mobile on my Lumia 640 via the Insiders Program, Fast Ring. Runs ok, a little slower than 8.1 lately with the recent update. Yes. Here Maps is gone but there are alternatives. Being a Windows Phone user, we know all about finding alternative apps to fill the gaps, right?
  • So I assume windows 10 supports the Lumia 920 then.
  • Rrr
  • Guys I upgraded my lumia 640 to build 15063 last night and I must say that it is snappier than before. I think microsoft should now make windows 10 mobile update directly available to all devices. There isn't any noticable difference in windows phone 8.1 and windows 10 mobile! It might run acceptably well on ineligible devices too.
  • Call me when backing out of an SMS conversation on W10M has any animation. Yes, we stay with WP8.1 exactly because of that stuff.
    Force the W10M crap on my phone and you'd be looking at the business end of a hissy fit!
  • Push windows 10 to my Phone, I think i'ts suck's because I buy the 640 LTE 8.1 only for the great navi systeem Drive Here+. It is no longer working under Windows 10 mobile. This Navi systeem hase solt by Microsoft to BMW auto group, and the last windows phone ware it works on "for live use" was the Lumia 640 LTE. So Microsoft rob me on this :(  Can I sue them for this? 
  • Microsoft never owned Here. Here was sold by Nokia to the auto consortium. And you can use the maps app that has the same offline functionality.
  • I would love to install Windows 10 mobile on my old HTC M8 Windows phone. I believe it would run well and that phone is a terrific windows phone. There was a time when Microsoft bombarded computer users with the Internet Explorer web browser in a effort to capture some market share. It's time for Microsoft to do the same with it's mobile OS. Get it out to as many people who want to try Windows Mobile. At this point it can't hurt.
  • I have W10 on my 930 and 8.1 on my 925.
    I still think 8.1 is a far better OS than 10, far smoother, Cortana works and the OS is beautiful on the eye.
    10 by comparison is agricultural, clunky and boring.
  • Only advantage I can see to 8.1 over 10 on my Lumia Icon (basically the Verizon version of the 930) is that the swipe keyboard is not as smart as it was in 8.1. Other than that, at least for me, pretty much everything else is better with Windows 10 than it was with 8.1.
  • The whole point of Windows Phone was its consistent design and smoothness. Windows 10 Mobile has neither of those, making Android a far better phone OS in comparison.
  • I disagree with that, but I accept that different users will have different opinions on optimal UI. There are a couple of negatives for me with Windows 10 UI compared with 8.1 or 7. 1) I find the accuracy of the SwiftKey swiping keyboard to not be as good, and 2) E-mails don't always open to the proper zoom level, which they did even back in Windows Phone 7. But in terms of overall UI and consistency, in spite of of those negatives, I'd say that Windows 10 Mobile is significantly better overall than Windows Phone 8.1. Support for dark mode, properly working Live Tiles, access to common controls, similarity to Windows 10 on PC, smoother multi-tasking (except for Edge refreshing on certain sites when leaving and returning -- that's a bug I still have, but I've not tried the Creator's Update on mobile yet), better integrating messaging and alarms, etc.
  • You nailed it...
  • Maybe Microsoft know better when it is time to push for Windows 10? Microsoft is a big company with several developes working on Android or iOS sulutions. I may be that the sum of all those persons know better when the time is right, than a writer for a fan-magazine? Just asking.    
  • Saddam Hussein and his team of poiticians and army also lead a whole country. Maybe he knew politics better than the people who criticized him? Just asking.
  • It seems time they fire Nadella.
  • We are so tired to wait more!!!
  • Yes and no.  I knew about the upgrade through the Insider Program but I did not want to upgrade because I knew that would not be the official release.  Plus I had a Lumia 635 512 MB version.  So I went to Android. I installed it out of curiousity years later, via the Insider Program.  Works well.  Might lag a few seconds here and there, but I expected this; Windows 10 Mobile has higher hardware requirements.  Found a refurbished 650 on Cricket and purchased it.  Works even better. Now I understand why the official release was never pushed to 512 MB devices.  Yes, it works.  No, it does not work well.  Only advantage to upgrading on Windows (as opposed to rooting on Android and forcing an upgrade) on old devices is that you have the ability to use the SD card to run like 99% apps out there, whereas on Android you can only run like every other app off of the SD card.  W 10 M is just too experimental, too buggy, for an official rollout on old hardware.  It needs newer hardware, and even then it doesn't run well.  On old devices you'll end up with newer apps that require half as much RAM as you have to spare and you'll see resuming a lot.  Facebook Messenger, for example, is like 220 MB. The best way to get people to upgrade is to offer insane discounts on new hardware, like what I ended up with, and aggerssively push those discounts through prepaid carriers, like Microsoft used to do with the old Nokia phones.  There are entirely too many performance complaints, by those that aren't technically inclined, with Windows Phone to support doing this, which is why Microsoft did what they did.  Which I can respect, but they should not have led us on the way that they did, which was just poor customer service and send out the wrong message to consumers with budget devices.  I still don't like that transition transpired, years later, even though I don't ever see myself returning to Android and I definitely am never going to return to Apple.  
  • Despite the unselfish assistance of Russian hackers in the elections Russian Cortana did not appear so 8.1 has no any voice dial and all that staff 🙂
  • Yup.. I agree but windows 8.1 is also fine....
  • The Windows Phone 8.1 fans who most likely would know about the availability of the Windows 10 Mobile update would be the ones who own either Nokia Lumia 1020 or Nokia Lumia 930 or Nokia Lumia 1520. Of the three Nokia Lumia smartphones mentioned above, a fan who was really paying attention on both the smartphone and the mobile OS market, most likely would have chosen the Nokia Lumia 1020, which due to its outdated chipset was the only one of the three Lumia devices mentioned above which didn't support the Windows 10 Mobile update. Well done Microsoft.
  • With no new hardware in sight I suspect that many who owned Windows Phone 8 devices already have gone to android or iOS at this point. So I see no point to push a forced upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. In mobile in general Microsoft have lost the war. I think they had a chance for some years ago when the marketshare in Europe was high in some countries. Then Nadella shut down that was left of the old Nokia. I think it was a huge mistake, they could atleast release a few Microsoft smartphones now and then to keep up the interest for the platform.
  • Used win 10 lumia 930 for a year. Most anoying is edge, wikipedia and a lot of other sites completely suck with win10. Even MS sites show with to big or to small characters. Conclusion… win 10 is not ready for older devices and it probebly never will be.
  • I think the 930 is bascially the same devices as my Lumia Icon. From that experience, I can say that the Icon is much better off with Windows 10 than it was with 8.1. Edge, which for good or bad follows Chrome's rendering model, renders pages more reliably than the IE, whichk is included with and cripples Windows Phone 8.1.
  • What about tablets with RT? I own Nokia 2520 and I want W10 also there lol
  • What about tablets with RT? I own Nokia 2520 and I want W10 also there lol
  • What about tablets with RT? I own Nokia 2520 and I want W10 also there lol
  • Yeah,  I have an asus vivotab RT that would benifit from running windows 10!
  • I'll second that. It is of course an ARM device so it could benefit from the 'phone' update, but it isn't a phone.  I would love to see it offered the Windows on ARM option, which would actually make it better than ever.
  • As for this, I gave it up for my Surface RT device, since this one only is a 32GB version, and with only 2GB ram, the performance is too unsatisfying.
  • I have Lumia 950XL on OS build 10.0.15063.0, still as my secondary phone. I've restarted it several times, always only to find that most of the applications I use doesn't work. My Edge doesn't work, it crashes after few opened pages, curently Phone doesn't show missed calls on the live tile and on the locked screen, not to mention many other issues. Besides that, I hate rounded People's pictures from very beginning. On live tiles they look really pathetic with all that empty space around and friends with missing face parts, but somebody wasn't able to find another, smart way to be creative. So, my primary phone still is Lumia 1520 with Windows Mobile 8.1 and it's going remain that way as long as possible. Anyhow, it's never going to have Continuum and in all other apects it's much better and much more useful then my 950XL which was meant to replace it more then a year ago.
  • I'm not sure it is a good idea at this point. I had 520's, 720's, 920's, 1020's, and 1520's upgraded to Win 10 over the course of the preview program. The only one I found really acceptable was the 1520. The other's certainly ran it, but had enough issues that they would have been unfairly criticized and tarnished Windows 10. I don't expect most 8.1 device would be much better today. Certainly not the low end ones that make up the bulk of Win 8.1 share. I think it would just result in a lot of dissapointed folks, and support issues. Don't forget too, a good number of these things still have carrier branding, and those guys aren't keen on getting support calls on devices they abandoned two years ago. This could blow up in MSs face.
  • Since creators update it's pretty doable to run w10m on 920 and 1020.
  • They meant that phones that could actually get the update through the update advisor app should be getting the update rolled to them OTA. With those phones, performance was acceptable and now has improved. When all those phones update then Microsoft and over developers can go all in on UWP (Yup developers still make new windows phone 8 apps today for this very reason).
  • Still nowhere to be found for T-Mobile's Lumia 640, right?
  • I wonder this same thing. Just because W10 works on the L640, doesn't mean every carrier's version got the update.  So, in Zac's recommendation, would these systems get the update or not?  The only reason mine got it is because of the Insider release.
  • I only agree if Win10m update is available for some other elgibile WP8 devices, like Samsung ATIV S.
  • Frissítettem.
    A Windows 10 lassú.
    Lumia 730
  • I upgraded.
    Windows 10 is slow.
    Lumia 730
  • Please help how to upgrade Nokia Lumia 1020 with windows 10 creators update, thanks 
  • I want to upgrade windows 10 on my lumia 1020
  • They did it this way because they knew windows 10 mobile is a total wreck. LOL, even MS does not trust this mobile OS to be good enough :))) how pathetic.
  • Windows Mobile is like being on the Titanic, do I stay and hope things get better or jump ship?
  • I have a 1020. I didn't want to bork that phone's most unique feature (the camera) by upgrading. So I got a 950 after the price drop :-)
  • I would love to upgrade my phone to W10. I had it for awhile but had to downgrade to 8.1 because W10 was working terribly! 
    Will this update be available for the Lumia 925??? Another thing. What should I say to my mom and friends that I convinced to buy Lumia phones but now they won't get any support" (as if there is any now)??? Just sorry?!?!  
  • So many comments! We are all waiting for this change!)
  • i have lumia 1320.... can it be consider for update now.....??????
  • Precisely. Offline mapping and offline GPS available for free on 8.1; paid for mapping and GPS available on 10. Much like Microsoft, it's a no-brainer.
  • Maps(app) is free and works offline. I use it every day(lumia 640). For me here maps and here drive was better because of other language support, but they are not available for WP10
  • I also dearly miss traffic being overlayed while driving directions were active. But otherwise Maps pretty much covers Here pretty well.
  • It is the biggest and the worst betrayal of their users on widowsphones, we was promised UPDATES upon purchase of their phones!!!!!
  • My Nokia Lumia 1020 is not supported?
  • EXACTLY! I have a Lumia 1020, and no it is NOT SUPPORTED so what is the point to advocate MS push W10 to WP8.1? When/if/ever MS supports at very least all the older high end WP8.1 (such as Lumia 1020) for W10 upgrade, some confidence in MS respect for its phone/mobile users might just begin to be restored. I can't see that happening - Zac Bowden is just in denial about MS betrayal of its WP users.
  • Recently had the time to upgrade my mom's AT&T Lumia was a grand disaster. All her text messages disappeared, contacts luckily were synced with her Microsoft account, and I'm guessing her photos only survived because they existed on the SD card. A sleuth of many other issues cropped up, but that was the worst. Spent two days trying to restore her phone to normal operation. Once setup, she admitted the update was an improvement, but there is no way I could expect a "casual" tech user to upgrade their Windows phone and be able to handle the wildly random issues that can come up.
  • That's exactly the problem. Microsoft is obviously NOT focused. And does not care about it's users. I have a Lumia 920, great phone, but sadly Win 10 was not available for it. Many thousands of people are leaving Microsoft for Android. Microsoft's App Store is the worst piece of crap a user could ever use, No good apps of any kind whatsoever. Can we really blame anyone for ditching a company who clearly has crapped on it's users?  
  • If my Samsung ATIV S cannot be upgraded to Windows 10 then I shall hang on to 8.1 until the phone's demise. At that time I will think hard before sticking with Windows for the replacement.
  • Please add nokia lumia 1020 for windows10
  • plz add nokia lumia 1020 for win10 update
  • Upgraded my friends Lumia 535 to Windows 10 mobile and he seems to be enjoying it. I had to force it though with the upgrade advisor app cause he didn't no there was an update available.
  • Agreed