AGOS imagines VR space exploration and survival without all the aliens

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What you need to know

  • AGOS: A Game Of Space puts players in the shoes of an AI controlling the last ship to leave Earth.
  • Players must guide a small band of survivors through eight star systems to find a new home for humanity.
  • Ubisoft unveiled the game at its Ubisoft Forward virtual conference.
  • AGOS is a PC VR-exclusive title that debuts on Steam and the Oculus Store on October 28, 2020.

AGOS, which simply stands for A Game Of Space, is a VR game for PC that explores the possibilities of space exploration without all the hostilities that alien races seem to always bring to the sci-fi genre. In AGOS, players will become the AI that controls the last ship off Earth as it attempts to find a suitable home for humanity. While you're out and about in wide-open space, you'll be the unconventional tour guide for a group of survivors that are hoping to be among the first to gain entry to a fabled new planet.

During your explorations through eight different star systems, you'll be helping this small group of humans to survive by finding resources to power your ship and provide whatever else might be needed for the adventure. When your ship gets damaged, and it certainly will out in the dangerous wild west of space, you'll have to scavenge parts and mine asteroids to repair the ship. But mining isn't just for repairs, as you'll be able to find useful ores and other materials to upgrade your ship in hopes of increasing your chances of finding a habitable planet.

AGOS seems wildly different from most sci-fi adventures because of its sole focus on exploration and survival, as well as its unique physics-based control system. Players will interact with the ship and its controls via a unique interface designed for VR input and be able to take in all of the zen of space on any SteamVR or Oculus-compatible PC VR headset, including the Oculus Rift S, Valve Index, and HTC Vive family, to name a few. AGOS debuts on October 28, 2020 on Steam and Oculus platforms. Check out the trailer below.

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