Airyware music tuner for Windows Phone drops from $4.99 to just $0 with myAppFree

If you play a musical instrument, then you know how important tuning is in making sure your sound is right. Airyware Tuner is a top-notch tuning app for Windows Phone (7.x and 8.x) that lets you tune your gear wherever and whenever.

Airyware Tuner is normally $4.99 but starting today, they have hooked up with myAppFree to drop the price down to zero. If you have ever needed a tuner, today is your day, as once you lock in that license for the app, it is yours forever at that price, including updates!

The developer describes Airyware thusly:

"Airyware Tuner is a top rated app for tuning musical instruments and it is recognized as a professional tool among musicians. The app brings the ultra-fast pitch detection with scientific accuracy in the wide 9 octave tuning range, utilizing the most advanced signal processing algorithms available. Airyware Tuner has presets for more than 400 instruments and 900+ alternative tunings. Even if you do not play music, you may find it entertaining to use this app to see oscillograms of ambient sound around you."

Indeed, the app is neat to play with, even if you do not need to tune up (although obviously musicians get the most value out of it). Airyware should be free for the next 36 hours after which it reverts to its regular price of $4.99, so best to go get it now!

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  • we dont need to install myappfree. , wpcentral will inform us :p
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  • And.... Done :D, thanx for the back up guys!
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  • Ooh I love oscilloscopes!!! Getting it now.... :D
  • Have never seen this, thanks Dan for the heads up! I've got six guitars that will benefit greatly from this. 
  • I LOVE myAppFree
  • Same here, this is the second free app I got from myAppFree. Tge first one was WP Central.
  • I suggest you to download our app and get one free app a day!
  • Hayyy Massimo
    I Thank You for this Awesome app
    And I'm an old myAppFree user
    I really appreciate your daily work
    Thank You Very Much
  • Working for you! The best you can do to help us is spread the word about myappfree and give a review on the marketplace : ) Regards
  • Sir, dont knw whats wrong but to me its showing "translator with speech".....any idea!! thanks in advance.  
  • Sure I'll do that. Any thing else to help you sir?
  • Same here. Got wpcentral for free and now this.
  • Second? I already have around twenty. Some of them I already deleted since I didn't really used them much but some are very useful.
  • 20?I have more than a 100 :p But Idk why they have blocked my account :/ I mean I didn't do anything wrong except maybe uninstalled myappfree app for one month,downloaded again,tried to log-in and BAM! my account has been blocked and Idk why :/
  • Did you try contacting the app support?
  • Hi Usama let's investigate on it. Drop me an email ; )
  • Forgot about this app until this article. Hard to hard reset downloading myappfree now.
  • Awesome!
  • I have myappfree and like it but I wish I could sign into it with my MS account. Besides that love it and the devs are doing a great job with the app and a service for the WP community!
  • We will work on MS sign-in. Thank you for your support.
  • Now if I had time/money to learn how to play.
  • Inclination is the most important factor in learning to play.
  • Undoubtedly, but 12 hour work days and 2 small kids won't really work out.
  • I paid for this app a long time ago, it is a great value even at $4.99. Lots of features...
  • Never really got along with any if these phone based tuners. Prefer to just use the Snark that's clipped to the head of my guitar already. Much simpler.
  • The Snark rocks!
  • Indeed it does. Until I can afford a couple of gits with Gibsons fancy little MinE-Tune system its the best thing out there IMO.
  • My AppFree on my L720 notifies me at 15:00 BRT to check out the new free app o of the day, but it only shows it on the app at 19:00 BRT. Why is that?!
  • It's because of timezones, in a next version of myAppFree you will be able to choose the perfect timing for notification.
  • Great, thanks!
  • Is it a music player or what?
  • It is very good light weight guitar tuner. I love this app.
  • I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to mention this in a comment, but my app called GuitarKit is also free at the moment.. (instead 4$) Feel free to delete my post...
  • Hey man thanks for the heads up.....i will try! Hope it's better than others.
  • I'm working on a huge update. If you want to be a beta tester to try out the new version, feel free to contact me inside the GuitarKit App.  
  • Hey for inviting.....sureee!
  • Just downloaded, awesome app. Thanks!
  • Thanks buddy. We always try for the best..
  • Finally an excruciating app...that helps not only tune your jig....but also to figure chording for a song/melody....been there done that!!
  • Its owesome
  • Wow! Thanks for this wonderful...i was looking for a good tuner and I found it here... Thanks !
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  • G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Godlike
  • Don't need it but I never know if I will....for free I own it for ever, thanks foe the fyi
  • Nice, I don't have guitar atm but can find use to this because friends.
  • Got it
  • Is there a way to contact myAppFree, to give them suggestions regarding apps?
  • You can write directly to me at massimo[at]myappfree[dot]it
  • Still got "Translator with Speech" where I live. This one's not live yet
  • Check it right now ;) Airyware tuner is on 23 July (UTC Timezone)
  • Nice app
  • Great app both myappfree too
  • Nice to have this app on-board. Too funny that it does not show up on "myAppFree" ;)
  • That's because we tell the news about app of the day some hours earlier to Check myAppFree now (23 July UTC) and you will see Airyware Tuner.
  • Wow!..that must be the biggest discount till date, and I play the guitar so win win for me I guess.
    Thanks a lot Massimo! Very much appreciated.
  • Does anyone know of a similar app that will do something similar for a singing voice?  I couldn't get my dad to switch to Windows because iOS had this app called Do Ray Mi that would help him check the pitch of his voice.
  • This is exactly what I need! I already have the trial version, but this is definitely awesome.
  • M so downloading this right now :D
  • Cool. I have a tuner in my amp but will try this for the acoustic guitar. Always fun to "see" sound too.
  • I saw this and jumped on it right away. As a guitar player it will benefit me very nicely. This app is amazing and to get it for free is very cool. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Lol. MyAppFree is the best scheme ever. WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN Everybody wins. You guys are awesome.
  • Thank you (:
  • Got it! Impressive!
  • As a person with sever hearing impairment who uses a lot of alternate tunings and is a cheapskate, this is absolutely heaven sent. MyAppFree is awesome.
  • Downloading :)
  • Plz help me guys hows it workz ?