Remedy finally announces Alan Wake 2 with first look at The Game Awards 2021

Alan Wake
Alan Wake (Image credit: Remedy Games (screenshot))

During The Game Awards 2021, one of the big reveals of the night was Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake 2. While the first game had horror elements, Remedy lead Sam Lake announced it would be the studio's first ever survival horror game. You can watch the reveal trailer on YouTube.

"We know this is going to be a pretty scary experience," Lake said at the awards, adding that the team has been interating on the concept for a while now. "Now we are convinced everybody is ready."

The trailer shown off at The Game Awards shows Alan talking about stories while we flash through multiple scenes, including one that looks like Bright Falls during the festival from the previous game. "This is not the story you want it to be," Alan says. "This story willl eat you alive."

In a press release, Lake added that the move to survival horror is a great way to "dive deeper than ever before into building an intense atmosphere and a twisted, layered, psychological story."

The game is set to release in 2023 and will be available on Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, meaning it's a fully next-gen experience. Remedy will be revealing more information about the game this summer.

A sequel to the 2010 psychological thriller, the game focuses again on the titular writer, who previously showed up in the Control AWE DLC. This DLC officially merged the worlds of Control and Alan Wake, creating a "Remedy Connected Universe."

Originally an Xbox 360 exclusive, the first Alan Wake was later ported to PC, before making its way to PlayStation platforms as well with the launch of Alan Wake Remastered earlier in 2021. In our review, we noted that Alan Wake Remastered isn't a perfect experience and more could've been done in modernizing the game and that "A few more extras would've been nice but this is the best way to play through Remedy's horror adventure."

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