Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro gets Windows Device Recovery Tool support in latest update

Microsoft has released an update for the Windows Device Recovery Tool that brings with it support for Alcatel's newly released IDOL 4 Pro, meaning those users can now recovery their devices if something ever goes wrong with it. This is great news, and it means Microsoft can now officially recommend the IDOL 4 Pro in the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program.

The update for the Windows Device Recovery Tool is available now as version 3.12.24302, and includes a few additional tweaks and changes over the addition of IDOL 4 Pro support. Here's the full changelog:

  • Support for Honeywell Dolphin 75e and CT50 of win 10 devices.
  • Added new device for Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro WP.
  • Updated the Ja-jp localization resources.
  • Accessibility improvements.

Interestingly, although the Windows Device Recovery Tool now officially supports the IDOL 4 Pro, the app still doesn't recognize the device out of box. This means you have to select "my device wasn't recognized" and manually go and find the recovery image for your IDOL 4 Pro. This isn't a huge issue, but it's something to take note of.

It should be noted that although Alcatel has added a new recovery image for the IDOL 4 Pro, the IDOL 4S NA recovery image is still broken, meaning those in the US who purchased the open-market version of the device still can't recover their phones if anything goes wrong. Hopefully Alcatel will fix this issue soon, as Microsoft is now looking into it.

Now that the IDOL 4 Pro has Windows Device Recovery Support, it shouldn't be long before the Creators Update is officially available for the device. IDOL 4 Pro users will know that the Creators Update isn't currently available to them without joining the Insider Program, so hopefully the update will be rolling out officially soon.

Thanks for the tip, @Manisharma1892!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • It *does* now auto-recognise the IDOL 4 Pro, tested here in the UK this morning. Though it's only checking 'firmware' and not OS version. Clearly things are changing behind the scenes 8-)
  • The Idol 4s image is still broken! Wow! GG, Alcatel and MS.
  • Are you surprised ? Microsoft phone department, all 7-8 of them must be incompetent. How long have they been working on this OS. Far to long. Now I remember why I sold my win 8.1 phone.
  • I'm actually surprised they added support for the Idol 4 Pro. The only reason I still use my Idol 4s is because I basically got it for free thanks to Amazon's great customer service. I also don't use that many apps so it does meet most my needs. Still, I'll switch to another platform in a hearbeat when this thing stops working or gives me any more problems.
  • Obviously a good thing to help owners.
  • Is there any sign that glance screen is coming to this? The device must be capable of it we are not in the old days when 'Oh it has no display memory' stopped flagships like Lumia 930 getting the feature. What enormous technical reason is delaying the feature?
  • I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think that Glance is one of the software features that has gone to Nokia (HMD Global). The new Nokia 8 includes Glance Screen, so it's unlikely it will come to any future Windows Phone (at least not with the Glance Screen name).
  • Congratulations Zac...You can now breath easier!