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Unlocked Alcatel IDOL 4S with Windows 10 Mobile now on Amazon for $450

Although there are slim pickings these days for Windows 10 Mobile devices at least Alcatel's IDOL 4S is becoming more widely available. Originally isolated to just T-Mobile in the US the unlocked version is also sold at the Microsoft Store.

You can now add Amazon to that list as the favorite online retailer is now offering the SIM unlocked VR-enabled version for $450 along with free shipping for Prime members.

Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10 Specs

CPUSnapdragon 820 | Quad Core CPU @2.15 GHz
Display5.5-inch FHD AMOLED
Dragontrail 2.5D Glass
Memory64GB ROM
Camera21 MP rear camera
8 MP front-facing camera
Battery3,000 mAh
Quick Charge 3.0
420Hrs Standby
15Hrs Talk
Windows HelloYes (Fingerprint)
AudioDual speakers with Hi-Fi surround sound
Dimensions153.9 x 75.4 x 6.99 mm
HD VoiceYes
Wi-Fi802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Wi-Fi Calling 1.0
BluetoothBT 4.1

Nothing else is different about this unlocked version. You still get the VR headset and slick phone. You can use this on T-Mobile, AT&T and any other GSM carrier (no Verizon or Sprint service, however for CDMA).

Full Review Alcatel IDOL 4S

The SIM-locked T-Mobile version is still available for $288 although some users are now reporting that they must get a plan with it on a purchase. That phone can be unlocked but only after 40 days of active service with T-Mobile.

Alcatel is rumored to be announcing the IDOL 5S in the coming weeks although it is unclear if it will be Android only or also include a Windows 10 Mobile variant. We'll find out more at Mobile World Congress at the end of this month.

Thanks, Bill S., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I wish this could be used on Verizon
  • I nearly switched from T-Mo to Verizon (to their new unlimited plan) but stopped cold in my tracks. I remembered how snowflakey their stupid network is about "authorized devices." So silly. GSM still reigns supreme, love the freedom and choices.
  • Is Verizon not GSM in 2017? Sorry if this sounds like a silly question, I don't live in the states, just thought this changed years ago.
  • Verizon is still cdma, but some of their phones work on other carriers like iPhone 6+ and moto 3nd gen.
  • Serious? Wow. Why would anyone choose to use such an antiquated system?
  • Because Verizon doesn't want to spend the money to switch over. Most people don't care. And the people unfortunate enough to find out how hard it is to switch carriers but take your phone aren't being informed as to WHY it's so hard. Verizon isn't exactly rushing to tell all their customers that they're using an antiquated and outdated network that locks them down to either Verizon or Sprint. GSM is the global standard, but that's not going to change Verizon's mind.
  • I guess at least on the plus side with the advent of HSDPA and the like both GSM and CDMA are becoming obsolete, but I imagine the US is much like Australia and 4G doesn't reach everywhere.
  • I'm pretty sure 4G covers close or above 90% of America but you're right it's not all.
  • Just made the switch from Verizon to T-Mobile. So far, I don't miss Verizon one bit and I don't think my wallet will either.
  • This is where Ricky Gervais comes in to let us know how stupid we all are for not being on Verizon, because you know...we can't ever use our phones as only VZW has any coverage.
  • That's my worry about switching is that i switch and i lose my unlimited data from Verizon and my coverage with another company is not good. I drive around a lot to different towns in my state and i need not only phone coverage but data coverage too
  • Other carriers have been offering unlimited data for a while now.  Coverage is the only thing you need to worry about.   
  • Stop using them....and they will provide you with all europe Jas.... Free calls
  • I see all 'Yeses" in specs. What are the"Noes"?
  • Apps
  • Lol. I switched to android a few months ago and I can't imagine going back to Windows Mobile. I still use my 640 occasionally in WiFi, but only to see what's happening (or not) with windows.
  • Cool story.
  • The camera
  • Windows
  • Well they have one that runs that crap android thing
  • You mean the version that sold more?
  • You know, people make mistakes, what can I say... Sales has very little to do with quality...
  • The first mistake was thinking that making a Window phone would turn a profit. The second mistake is Windows.
  • You think Android phones make a profit?
  • I don't know. Let's check with Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo.
  • I think he means the one with the 1440p screen and NFC.
  • Ha ha ha
    You nailed it 😁
  • You should consider it a badge of honor to get that many downvotes in this circlejerk of fanboys.
  • Camera is not so good. Also, happen regularly for me that fingerprint reader will consistently fail. Only a reboot fixes it. Think it's software issue though.
  • This might explain my issue. I just picked one up today from T-Mobile and can't even get through the fingerprint setup before it just stops detecting my finger - or at least reacting to a touch. I will try a reboot.
  • Okay, here's how to get fingerprint right. Erase what you have. For each finger, press the left "side" off digit, middle, then right. Think how real world finger prints are rolled, to capture all.
  • Never an issue with HP fingerprint reader.
  • You will be lucky if it receives feature updates beyond RS3, if RS3 even is a feature update for Windows Mobile.
  • That is good enough. Not many high end Android phone got past 2 update.
  • Same with iphones. Lot of phones get worse battery life and some even lose BT function. Designed obsolescence.
  • The 2013 iPhone 5C still gets the latest updates, and it runs just fine. 
  • You're lucky to get 1 update on some Androids. S7 finally got Nougat on AT&T a day or two ago. 
  • Android is constantly supported by Google. They only just dropped support for Gingerbread! Microsoft doesn't have this track record, I mean Gingerbread came out at the same time as WP7! Microsoft has dropped two whole Mobile platforms and getting ready to drop a third during this time!
  • Then you must be really happy over there. Makes one wonder why you waste your time over here.
  • best reply i have heard all day. :-) HaHa. keep em coming
  • +1 couldn't have it better
  • Sounds like you're butthurt someone talked about your favorite artist.
  • damn salty af
  • Yes, but not consistently for all OEMs like Samsung, LG, etc. Networks also slow updates down. It's why I like Nexus/Pixel for Google
  • Google updates EVERY Android phone through Google Play Services. It doesn't matter if you were on Gingerbread, apps still work just fine and only now will there start being issues with new apps. That is not the case with Windows phones. Even WP8 devices immediately lost app support when they didn't get updated. Gingerbread is as old as WP7! Android gets much better support. You can buy an Android phone today and be sure that you will still be able to install the new apps in 4-5 years. If you buy this phone today, You might not have app support a year from now as W10M is dead.
  • Ahhh, the "dead" mantra. You've been on about that for a LONG time.  Funny thing is that it's STILL here and you're STILL trying to convince everyone that it's not. It might be dead to you, but that brings up even more confusion. Why do you CARE about something that is "dead" and you don't like?  Why not just go hang around other happy Android users.  I mean, there are plenty of them.
  • It is dead. Microsoft has straight up said it is only around to keep LTE/ARM support in Windows. Once that is not needed, they will stop supporting W10M. The rumors are already out there.
  • None of those things says what you think they are saying.  One separates it into an entire SPECULATION section.  The quotes are vague and require loads of extrapolation to come to any conclusion.  I read Terry when asked why bother to be respond by stating that we will continue to invest and grow because it's hard to restart.  So while retrenching they are planning to move forward.  Of course, you just look for any headline that will support your "it's dead" mantra.  It's not dead.  (To be fair, I didn't read the one in Spanish. Is there some smoking gun in the Spanish one that isn't found elsewhere?) Plus, I'm STILL not sure why you get soooo much joy hanging out and bashing what you don't like. 
  • What are even doing here ??
  • You do understand that mobile apps depend on the UWP, and a app build with the UWP runs on anything Windows 10 ;-)
  • That still requires people to make UWP apps though, basically forcing developers to rewrite their software AGAIN just to cater to a small subset of users (and before you say Windows 10 as an all encompassing thing developers' apps/services are already available on PC's without UWP, this is literally just for bringing things to mobile and Xbox).
  • The whole thing was about being left behind again if you'd buy a Alcatel Idol 4s, just as happened with WP7 and 8.1. But this time around that would not be the case, because even if CShell and full windows 10 on ARM fuel a whole new generation of pocket pc's there wil always be a need for UWP's that make use of the 4-6inch screensize while those Pocket PC's are in mobile mode. Current Windows 10 Mobile devices will always have acces to the same UWP's as what ever revolutionair thing Microsoft might cook up to trigger their mobile efforts in the future!
  • For how long? They still need to target W10M at least and that will not be a priority if it isn't being offered on new devices.
  • that's to much $$$ for a windows phone. Lower cost phones with batter app selections are out there
  • Why downvotes?? He is right... Windows Mobile will be great again one day but for now there are better phones for less and with more apps, nothing that can be done about it...
  • "Better" is subjective. I don't need every app out there. I have a Windows and Android and I CHOOSE to carry my Windows device. My version of "better" is not universal and neither is yours. The OP seemed to be asking about specs and people jumped in with their soapbox issues. That's why I downvoted.
  • That's right! Don't tell me the OS is bad when I know it's not. I like it and I got all the apps I need.
  • LUL i still use my Nokia 7650 with Symbian. It has everything what I need
  • I'm sure you are giving your best effort at being clever while minimizing others, but I'm also sure there are people who would be happy with their old Symbian devices. I know people who still use flip phones. I know a couple of people who don't use cell phones at all. So LUL away with the delusion that your way is the only way and everyone else deserves ridicule and laughter from your almighty self.
  • @dalydose Like 👍
  • Is Sybian still workiaking good on your Nokia ? i have a t-mobile  Nokia C7 that i might fire up on my free line.
  • And I cannot let go of my Nokia X2-00 !!
  • fanboy is strong in here melhlore
  • Ahhhh, name calling those with a different preference out perspective. Good logical point. Well done.
  • This is a Windows dedicated website, of course there's MS fan's here.
  • because this is a fanboy site
    the truth hurts
  • Just download web tiles and boom! All the apps you need lol
  • App gap be dammed, I love my 4S.
  • Does it have wireless charging?
  • Nope
  • No, but Quick Charge 3.0. Really fast
  • After using Quick Charge, wireless charging feels useless.
  • I had the ability to use it for two phones now and STILL haven't felt the need to use it, even with slow charge final version.
  • Very beautiful phone 4s it's amazing Windows Phone...
    Can you imagine what windows 10 would look like on Xiaomi mi mix? #Epic... Apps is not big deal for me but high end Windows 10 mobile phone is...
  • Why not get an HP elite x3?
  • Pls bring this one to Europe and sales will rise again!!
  • Windows central should offer these types of unlocked windows phones on their store page with international shipping
  • I think that might've been true around 6months ago, but the market moves so fast that what was fresh in summer 2016 is fast becoming dated.
  • And to India.
  • And there it is!
  • As much as I like mine I wouldn't pay over the 288 I paid at tmobile. The camera is just that bad, and the lack of apps these days. IF there was some resurance where the platform going but the lack of info these days is alarming.
  • So you bought a phone knowing it had lack of apps and are complaining that it has lack of apps? And for the camera, the stock camera does not do it justice, to really make the camera shine you have to get 3rd party apps like Camera Pro or Camera 360 and then you'll see what the camera can really do. I have the Alacatel Idol 4s and love it and get complemented on it all the time.
  • It's a pretty phone.
  • Wow... Um yes I bought the phone knowing all the flaws because I'm a windows fan and my point was about the price. I will expect the flaws at 288 not at 450....ive tried one shot camera still sucks I'll try the other apps. I use multiple phones just saying the camera blows.
  • 288 is a lot of money ! For about 180, you can get a brand new Lumia 650, which is a beauty !
  • Overpriced when you consider the lack of effort and drive Microsoft puts into developing Windows Mobile these days.
  • Can get it from T-Mobile for $288 on monthly plan and right away pay it off then have it unlocked. All you need is find someone who is already a T-Mobile customer.
  • So handy for those millions of people that don't live in the USA. Just saying ;)
  • The encouraging thing here is it's another direct source. Not a third party selling them on Amazon. So should you buy it? The way I look at it, it's the best, reasonably priced Windows "Flagship" out there. If you're hanging on with Windows Mobile and gambling there is a future in Mobile, then this is a great one for the ride. It's not perfect, but it is a great performer. Looks great and feels great. The question I have is, will we see full support from Alcatel? There are a few issues that have come up in the forums that could be corrected with a firmware update. Will we ever see it? Alcatel will be at MWC with some new phones, an Idol 5 is rumored to be one of them. Will we see a Windows version?
  • Will you see support from Microsoft, let alone Alcatel? RS3 is rumored to be the last update for W10M!
  • With you being the source of the rumour, I presume?
  • Agreed, we have no devices to select from now on w10m in many countries, this device MUST be released worldwide immediately
  • You can still get 950/xl's around (awesome) HP Elite X3, buy the Alcatel from Amazon or MS USA and get it shipped. Wait a little for Wharton Brooks. There are still some choices, granted not many.
  • If either MS or Amazon sold this unlocked phone for $288, I'd be all over it. At $450, ... I'm still happy with my Lumia 1520 :-)
  • I would buy it if it was in the 200 dollar range....
  • Give it two years
  • That long?
  • There about, that's how market goes, well if you want it unlocked of course
  • Ah, yeah, unlocked. I guess I was thinking the locked version.
  • I would say 12-18 months. Meanwhile refurbs will start appearing much before that !
  • Still no incentive to 'upgrade' from 950XL.
  • I have a 950XL and want to upgrade to this for the better processor and additional RAM. Such a shame I can't buy this phone in Australia and Amazon US won't ship it outside the states.
  • There are some post services that can collect products from the US from a virtual US address and send it to your real overseas address. You should find out if you have such services in your country, and buy (and support) Alcatel's windows phone.
  • You can ship it to a PO box with Aus. Post in America and then send it here yourself. Works well, I got a camera that way.
  • I agree with Signal... When I look at my wife's, I still like mine better. I like the screen and aspect ratio better off the bat and her's doesn't feel that much faster or smoother. It needs a firmware update in some places still
  • Yes and no. 950 is awesome, but good to have something else as well. I have 650 as back up for my HP. Love both 😀..wife has 950xl, loves it.
  • T-Mobile link broken.
  • Verizon can't get their heads out of their collective @sses where Windows Phones are concerned
  • Just wait a year, then Big red will have upgraded to full GSM spetrum and you should be able to BYOD unlocked widows phone over to verizon then.
  • Windows*
  • Point to note, it's being sold Alcatel directly as Merchant on Amazon and not a reseller which is great for support and warranty replacements
  • I love my Idol 4s. I really love continuum! I love the multimedia capabilities. The only way I'll drop Windows Mobile is if apps like Netflix and Hulu drop support. And all video services work on the Edge browser in continuum anyway.
  • I have the 4S, just in the Blackberry DTEK60 variant. I'm sorry to say, but it runs circles around Windows 10 Mobile. And yes, I've owned a Nokia 525, 920, 928, 929 (twice), and even a Nokia X. I love this little guy.
  • Great to hear that. Just a little too late for me, iPhone in my hands now...
  • This would have been a good phone if it wasn't missing nfc which renders Microsoft wallet useless. Makes no sense that they omitted nfc since the DTEK 60 had it and the 4s has it. 
  • I need that wallpaper
  • Ask someone on forums who have phone already
  • I like this phone, it has pretty good specs as well. Since I don't use wallet, so no NFC is no big deal or the lack of wireless charging. The only reason why I passed, I found a brand new unlocked Lumia 950XL for $295 USD on eBay. Good thing too, because the seller put them back up to $308 USD.
  • A well-tuned phone indeed, but surely it still needs improvements. I'm considering to buy it though.
  • More and more places to buy this great phone. Very good news. Have to get it to Europe next.
  • Is it available worldwide?
  • There are some post services that can collect products from the US from a virtual US address and send it to your real overseas address. You should find out if you have such services in your country, and buy (and support) Alcatel's windows phone.
  • I'd be interested in hearing from the owners of a $450.00 Windows phone. All 3 of them...
  • I've got a $1000 phone and it's perfect. ***** on Android and Crapple.
  •   My Nokia 930 is still kicking....but nice phone!  Really nice phone!   Anyone know if this will work with Rogers in Canada?   Thanks,   Mr. V
  • Luv my 930
  • This may be a dumb question :) A Lumia 950 XL 32GB White, Dual Sim, Price: $300.00 , wouldn´t be a better deal ?