The Alcatel IDOL 4S bundled with a VR headset is coming to T-Mobile

Update: Looks like T-Mobile has pulled their listing for the IDOL 4S. We'll be keeping an eye out for its eventual return.

Want to get your hands on the first Windows 10 Mobile phone that comes bundled with a virtual reality headset? The Alcatel IDOL 4S bundled with a VR headset will soon be available from T-Mobile{.nofollow}, but only while supplies last.

Earlier this month, we reported on a T-Mobile employee training guide showing off a VR headset for the IDOL 4S. It's now confirmed that the phone will also come loaded with games and videos ready for VR, so you can immediately jump in and start experiencing a virtual world. Also included with the bundle will be a free copy of Halo Spartan and trials to both Hulu and Groove Music.

Alcatel IDOL 4S specs

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Data4G LTE
T-Mobile Extended Range LTE
CPUSnapdragon 820 | Quad Core CPU @2.15 GHz
Display5.5-inch FHD AMOLED
Dragontrail Glass
180-degree viewing
Memory64GB ROM
Camera21 MP Rear
Battery3,000 mAh
Quick Charge 2.0
Windows HelloYes (Fingerprint)

There is still no word from T-Mobile on a price for the bundle, but we'll keep you updated as soon as we know.

See at T-Mobile{.cta .large.nofollow}

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  • Could care less about the VR just give me the phone. Is the VR free with the phone or does it add on a extra $100-200 to the price of the phone?
  • It's packaged in the same box so I'm guessing it just adds to the price.
  • The VR Headset is the box.
  • No such thing as free. You'd be paying for it, no matter how it's marketed.
  • Its actually part of the packaging.  Instead of having the phone packed in a box, its packed inside of the VR unit and you have to remove that when you take the phone out of the box.  So I believe it will be bunded at the beginning but it seems later on they may seperate them.  (Their listing states "While Supplies Last" regarding the VR bundle.  I'm going to get it my AT&T plan and just buy it outright from T-Mobile
  • Good to see it on their site now. It's got to be close to releasing. Price would be nice though.
  • I don't see it on the page. T-Mobile has removed all windows phone. they had one now none.
  • I think it's very cool that it has a fingerprint scanner too. Nice specs.
  • Good news!
  • Looks good. I don't know if I'll Jump to it though... I have a S7 Edge on T-Mobile right now (Lumia 950XL that I use as my main driver) and I don't know if I can give up the ability to jump to android for this...
  • It says 64GB ROM. In the old days ROM was "Read Only Memory". What does ROM stand for now? I assume the 64GB is the normal storage.
  • Yes, I am unsure of why they use "ROM" but they are referring to storage
  • Looks like the two numbers are the wrong way round :-)
  • Yeah, I am seeing ROM being misused for storage more and more. Good grief, it just isn't that hard to use the correct terminology.
  • It's kind of like misusing bit and byte. I can almost understand common folk saying them wrong, but it's sad when manufacturers use them wrong though.
  • they misused it but to be clear you could always change what's inside the ROM by flashing it. For example Bios lives in the ROM but you could always upgrade it.
  • Yeah, the phone's firmware is in the ROM, so it does have some, not GBs worth.
  • Dang...VR Headset, Glass front and back with metal halo, DEDICATED CAMERA BUTTON, fingerprint scanner and more. Hope they let me use JUMP to get this.
  • Yeah jump and somehow it not being above $500 I will be all over this.
  • It does NOT have dedicated camera button. On the left side of the phone is the power button. On the right side there's the volume keys and in the place where the power button normally is, is the "Boom key" (with a design completely stolen from Sony) which *supposedly* can have a lot of functions but, at least on the Android version of the phone, is not very usefull and just "booms" sound.   Also, you might want to tone down your excitement over the phone. The original version running Android got very poor reviews (and before some WP-fanboy says it, no, none of them was because it runs Android). The fingerprint is slow, the camera is terrible, VR isn't good either and the battery life is poor. Just see, for example, Android Police's review    
  • Says right in the feature list on the website it has a dedicated camera button. Also as I recall this is running Windows 10 Mobile and not Android so the experience will be different. Also running Microsoft camera not android. As well as having better internal specs than the android. The "boom key" thing, which you say was supposedly "stolen" from Sony (which doesn't matter unless it was a patent feature) is probably what they are using for this. It doesn't sound like you have actually tried this device yourself whether on Windows or Android and just listened to what others say about it. I've found alot of tech sites, other than WC, that only give good reviews to high end main stream phones. I own the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL (posting from it now) and am VERY pleased with it and it's performance even for a budget device and I will gladly get this one as an upgrade. Nothing you say will change my mind. Nothing you say will influence my decision. Whether you say it's a good device or not won't keep me from getting one. I don't need the high end stuff to be super satisfied. I don't need a million apps to do what I need to do on a phone.
  • Welp, the HTC One M8 that ran on W10M definitly got much better battery life and camera performance compared to the Android version. So it's not really fair to judge the phone like that before having tested one in real time. I'm still happy to see this phone, even though I have a HP elite. Let's hope they do well! Also, cheer up man. At least they are trying. If anything, we should be glad to see OEMS pushing W10M, even if you don't like the phone. Without OEMS it won't get any better.
  • Agreed!
  • Will it be available direct from Microsoft too?
  • Must be an upgraded version of the hardware. Alcatel's web site has different specs for their IDOL 4S, although that one runs Android.
  • Yes upgraded cameras and processor
  • Very cool. It has a good processor, a good camera and a fingerprint reader (rather than slow iris scanner). I might be interested in picking this up to replace my 1020.
  • Definitely replacing my 640 XL with this. This will be the best specced phone tmobile has offered, and the best one I will be able to have without going unlocked on tmobile
  • I'm with you, tired of my 640-- especially since I've been on the insider "release" ring. I actually can't update anymore as my memory is just so limted (why Microsoft went with 8GB is completely beyond me for a 2015 phone.) I hope the price is reasonable. I don't want to spend $800 for it.
  • One of the main reasons I'm upgrading its a great phone but 8gb of internal storage kills it. Especially when trying to get the latest update and u have to delete apps to clear space for the update
  • That's my exact problem too. I hate having to delete virtually everything just to download the new update. I'm contemplating upgrading to the LUMIA 650,, that was when it was rumored the Surface Phone would be coming out in APRIL. Now that rumors point to that being delayed a year or more, I'm seriously reevaluating my options. This phone sounds great, or I might just pick up a 950XL.
  • They upgraded everything about the device except the lcd seem to be downgraded in resolution. Hopefully one of these is real, either it lower res but better tech or they did it to balance out the addition of memory storage processor and most importantly to me USB C. If this device is no more than $500 I will be selling my 950XL, not because this device is necessarily much better but I dropped it and shattered 25% of my digitizer.
  • I don't get it... It comes with a VR headset so how are we going to get VR content? Does the store have VR capable apps/games or it doesn't matter as long as the device is built to use it
  • There are some VR apps in the store
  • Cool, I was unaware. Clearly MS has not pushed this
  • There are some apps on the store and Microsoft just announced some new 3D features, also and video content still works just fine like YouTube.
  • For now there are only some low quality apps and just a few of them, let's hope situation improves because as it stands it make no sense to have a VR windows phone right now.
  • TMO's website has it listed as only accepting microSD cards up to 32GBs..... Seems odd.........
  • Nice phone, but if it doesn't reach the UK by New Year I'll be buying a 950xl instead.
  • Why the 1080p screen? I've thought the VR nature of the eexperience would've sugessted 1440p. It's also based on an Android device that is 1440 as well as a Blackberry.
  • Battery life.
  • Because for the tiny phone screen FHD is reasonable...
  • Tiny? It's 5.5, that's pretty damn big
  • Yet the Blackberry version (DTEC60) does have QHD. Also, whilst it's debatable that FHD is enough at 5.5 (I think 5.2 and then depends on screen tech), when you bring VR into the equation I'd argue that QHD is important.
  • Indeed. Actually, when it comes to VR, even QHD isn't really enough. Because you are magnifying the pixels, the more ppi the screen has, the better it will be for VR. That's why there rumour-mill is pointing at a 4K display on the Galaxy S8.
  • 950/XL FTW
  • Link no longer working on T-Mobile? It still shows up when filtering phones by O/S. UPDATE: Nevermind... it's working again.
  • Qi/PMA wireless charging? Dedicated camera button?
  • Specs do list dedicated camera button but nothing on wireless charging. 
  • No and not really. Wireless charging isn't present. Dedicated camera button is also absent on all versions of the phone. It does, however, have the "Boom key" which is supposed to be programable for various uses and even for a different use per-app. But this is on the Android version, where the OS can do that. It's *possible* that on the WP version Alcatel might have attached the Boom key to the camera...however, know that the Boom key is the round key on the right side of the phone where the power button normally is.
  • How do you know? You keep talking about the android version ...
  • I'm sure I will get downvoted, but I bought the 950xl only because it was top of the does this phone compare to it honestly? I see this has the 820 processor compared to the 810, but not sure what else really stands out..I don't use dual sim, barely use it for anything besides email, texting and web
  • CPU, memory, storage and fingerprint reader are the apparent upgrades. I see downgrades in other areas that seem like a missed opportunity to be missing since it is so easy to implement and low cost, that being wireless charging. I am sure I am not the only one that has come to rely on that form of charging in many scenarios.
  • Ok just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy as I wasn't sure if the idol was indeed an upgrade...I don't use wireless charging, so I think I'm going to get it and get rid of my 950xl. Thanks!
  • I have the 950xl... I can't see a reason to upgrade unless there is a good reason to. Of course, I would miss wireless charging if it is indeed missing but more than that, I think I would miss the awesome camera.
  • I also have the 950XL. One big feature the IDOL does not have: carrier independent, which means TMo can't get in the way of any updates. Still, Wi-Fi calling was nice when I had it on my 925 (also one of the best phones TMo ever sold... I mean "unsold").
  • Actually I also have the fierce XL from them and they don't care about OS updates, it's running th elatest insider build. Firmware on the other hand, I do think they can get in the way but I've yet to have any for the fierce.
  • They can't hold back insider builds, that's part of being in the program. They can hold back production OTA OS releases (and really hold back firmware), just look at the AU with the ATT 950.
  • Unfortunately, the Insider Program does not really solve the problem for the majority of users, who really should not join the Insider program. It could be argued that a lot of users in the program really should get out of it, because they don't really understand the ramifications of what they are really signing up for.
  • Agreed, that's why I am not in the program. I only have the one phone at a time and don't want to risk it getting bricked. I was just stating that carriers can still block updates and being on an insider build and getting them doesn't prove that they can't.
  • Agreed. Loved my 925. Really miss WiFi calling on my 950XL.
  • My 925 actually pushed me toward the 950/950XL. It started exhibiting some end-of-life weirdness, and at the time the other available Windows-based phone options were not all that attractive. It was pretty clear most would have had to be replaced within a year to stick with future Windows 10 Mobile builds.
  • Tmobile doesn't get in the way of any updates they come from Microsoft now. The only updates tmobile control are ones involving the radio.
  • > The only updates tmobile control are ones involving the radio. Which means TMo can still be the bottleneck on any needed firmware updates. When I was on the Insider Program with my 925, there was at least one firmware update held up by TMo for weeks depsite the fact that all non-TMo Insiders received it almost immediately.
  • Wow, that's kind of weird.
  • It looks way nicer besides the logos on the back, but I think that's really the only noticeable difference.
  • I'm in the same boat. I have the 950 and other than the idol 4 being a little higher processor I think the 950 might be a better bet,...but I'll have to check one out in person at TMO.
  • Fingerprint reader is the other thing separate from processor. But worse screen and I'm sure the back camera isn't as good. I'd imaging the FFC is better though. The only reason I'm really interested is I dropped my 950XL and don't think it's worth paying so much money to fix the digitizer.
  • May be true, but for those of us that don't want to leave T-Mo and can't afford an unlocked 950. If this one is in a reasonable price range and I can get it with a payment plan through T-Mo, it will do just fine.
  • I'd say the 950 is still a better buy, despite the SD820 being much better than the SD810 (it's not a frying pan, which helps). But the 950 has wireless charging, a much better screen and the camera simply smashes the Idol 4S one to pieces.
  • May be true, but for those of us that don't want to leave T-Mo and can't afford an unlocked 950. If this one is in a reasonable price range and I can get it with a payment plan through T-Mo, it will do just fine. Love all your negativity
  • So, post the images you have from this phone's camera. And I don't mean from the Android version of this phone. No? I thought not.
  • Alot of us don't need and/or can't afford the "top of the line". So this will do fine. I am the same as you on usage as well. Currently using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows (budget device) and am very pleased. This phone will be a step up for me. As long as it's not way over priced and doesn't raise my monthly payment too much.
  • I'm not sure what your talking about, YOu can get an unlocked Lumia 950 on Amazon for like $300,  pretty sure that will be cheaper than buying the phone above- chances are it's going to be above $500. You can get a 950 XL for around $400.00. 
  • I need the payments to be bundled on my phone bill...not on my credit card...I don't like using my credit card for this sort of thing.
  • Additionally, for those that need to make payments, T-mo's financing is interest frer. Not so withj a credit card.
  • Exactly
  • I need dual SIM version. I use one SIM for day-to-day but the other one for 2 factor authentication. Nobody knows the second number so nice addition...
  • I know what it is, but I won't tell.
  • If this works with the new Windows Holographic VR, it's totally worth it to me. If not, I may hang on to my 950XL a little longer.
  •   "See it at T-Mobile"?? Just checked it out and they have NO windows phones.    
  • The link used to bring you to the phone listing...I still have it pulled up on my phone.  However, yeah, I can't see it now on a new browser...
  • It keeps coming and going. Not sure why but when it is there, the slideshow doesn't work for me. Maybe they're having issues with the item listing.
  • I found it by doing a site search for Alcatel. Came up that way. Not sure I like the "for a limited time" comment.
  • None of the links to the phone on T-Mobile work today. Even searching for Alcatel doesn't show it. The most disturbing thing I found was that from the main T-Mobile page, if you try to do a search for ANY Windows OS phone, not only are there none listed, Windows OS isn't even an available search option. Crud.
  • This pulls up the phone for me.  However, clicking on 'Learn More' isn't working any longer:
  • Cool this has got a dedicated camera button on the side. Very nice!
  • I was hoping the HoloLens VR experience would be compatible with this and that it may have gotten a mention. Would be amazing
  • Usb-c? I assume it will since it's high end and the latest. But I still don't see it listed.
  • Well, the link is gone again for me but I believe the included accessories listed a USB-C cable.
  • It is listed. Or at least it was.
  • Is Microsoft paying to Alcatel to build this phone? Cause a high-end phone has a limited market share (considering the price + VR) and the whole win10mobile has like 1% overall !
  • I can't believe these stupid companies like Alcatel, Rolex, Ferrari, etc keep coming out with new products when they have almost no market share.
  • There is a difference. You sell one Ferrari and you make a profit equal to selling, what, a thousand phones.    And actually, in one case, Ferrari, did a good job (even if its market share is under 0.01%)   And rolex has a 11.8% market share with 4.500.000.000 annual sale.   I'm not criticizing their dicision to make a windows phone. I'm just curious about how they are gonna make a profit out of it!
  • I doubt it. It's more likely that T-Mobile did it. This phone has been used and reused to no end. The same hardware powers Alcatel's Idol 4S Android-version, the BlackBerry DTEK60 and now this WP version. It's pretty much "Alcatel made this piece of hardware, now put in it whatever you want to under whatever logo you want to".
  • Hopefully this can get unlocked and work on ATT
  • nice another high end phone for windows mobile, i wonder what made them push this out, unless Microsoft new love for VR is any indication that we will start seeing more devices like this in the coming future as Windows 10 gaming become a thing on smaller devices
  • Is this not coming to other regions?
  • I hope Alcatel sells at least a few of these, don't want to hear of any firings there because the guy/gal who kept pushing for WinMo10 development was blamed for Microsoft's lacking support (they should have at least mentioned it today out of respect for Windows Mobile).
  • Not anymore.TMobile removed the device listing. Also Microsot said on stage at yesterday's event that VR support will come to Windows with the Creator Update, which is coming in Spring next year.
  • Jumping to conclusions are we?
  • Why would final packaging be ready and a training guide released to T-Mobile employees for this device if it wasn't coming soon.
  • I've been waiting for this for awhile now and seeing it up on t-mobile site got me all goosebumping. Now listing pulled, no windows os option when using filters, and on the Microsoft store if you search for tmobile phones only starter sim cards are available. I feel so crushed.
  • Oh man what happened ? Does this mean the Alcatel won't be coming until next spring? I hope it's just the VR and not the phone itself. Everything with this platform is 'coming soon'. This is becoming nothing but frustration with this whole ecosystem.
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • I suppose I am. We'll have to just wait it out and see. It certainly takes patience to be a windows fan.
  • Patience is a good virtue to have in all areas of life.
  • Absolutely. I ask the Lord to produce in me patience for all things, that's when the trials and tribulations of life test that fruit.