Alienware's new VR-ready laptops are now available to order

If you've been waiting to get your hands on Alienware's 2016 laptop lineup, now's your chance. The refreshed Alienware 15 and Alienware 17 laptops featuring NVIDIA's GTX 10-series graphics are now available to order.

First unveiled during IFA in early September, both Alienware offerings are VR-capable thanks to NVIDIA's latest graphics chips. In the Alienware 15, you'll be able to configure up to a GTX 1070, while the Alienware 17 will be configurable with up to a GTX 1080 — though only the GTX 1070 configuration is available right now.

Otherwise, you're looking at up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage, FHD and 4K display options, and 6th-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processor options. Interestingly, Alienware has also included some interesting eye-tracking tech that lets you control the keyboard backlight by simply looking at the keyboard. When you look away, back towards the screen, the backlight will then turn off for distraction-free gaming. Oh, and there's Windows Hello support on board as well.

Interested? If so, you can configure a laptop of your own directly from Alienware's website now.

See at Alienware{.cta .shop}

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • ...I like that 15-inch one. Hmm.
  • Do you have any hands on pics from IFA of the laptops and the internals they had on show for press?
  • IIRC they were not at IFA.
  • Ah, thats a shame; thanks for the answer. :)
  • I wonder, if I connect the amplifier with a GTX 1070, and then a Razer Core with a GTX 1070 on the thunderbolt 3 port. Will it go Double SLI or Triple SLI? Will it SLI at all?
  • What would you need that for???
  • Because why not?
  • Not to burst any bubbles but, iirc, you need the SLI bridge.
  • Nope, it doesn't work that way, for sli you need something called an SLI bridge which is impossible to connect since one gpu is inside the laptop (soldered to the mobo and of course without the port) and the other in the external box plus in order to use extrernal graphic card enclosures you need to disconnect the internal gpu first (even in usb type c ones). If you buy one of these laptops then you don't need the amp, this is for example for when nvidia releases the 11 series and you want to drive a 4 o 5k external display without buying a new gaming laptop or desktop pc.
  • Can't wait until they put the geforce 1080 and Kaby Lake in the Alienware 17.  
  • Can't wait for the infinity screen migration from the XPS line ;P
  • but but but....VR is a gimmick...why would anyone want that?
  • I'm not saying VR is or isn't a gimmick, but if it were, that'd be exactly how you sell a gaming computer, call it VR ready.
  • But people here **** on playstation for offering the exact same thing but OMG when a windows equipped computer does it,  it's god!  ha ha
  • That's an apples to oranges comparison. I'm not going to comment on what others have said, but the PS VR stuff would be an objectively (graphically) worse experience than what these cards can offer. Whether VR is even worth it is an entirely different discussion.
  • LOL comparing a PS4 VR to a PC level VR, PS does not even come close to something like HTC Vive with a gaming PC.
  • Oh comeon.  The fact that they say ps vr is a gimmick,  and a dell laptop with vr is not....that reveals alot.  FANBOYS!   PS VR can pump out just as much as this computer can,  if it can't I bet all the people calling the PSVR a gimmick and this not would not be able to tell the difference... PSVR kicks ass....and these probably do as just making my point that all the FANBOYS here proclaim the PSVR a gimmick and then flip out with awesome when dell releases the EXACT SAME THING for MS!  
  • Would have to go on a user by user comparison because I would venture to say that those calling the PSVR a gimmick and those saying Dell VR is awesome are not the same people. That being said, tried out the PSVR when Best Buy was doing demos and will say it was pretty cool and can see VR as a fun way to play games in the future.... if only had more money :(
  • Not the same thing, sure with a corolla you can get from a to b but you wouldn't call the experience the same as going from a to b on a ferrari...    It is the same thing on concept but the execution is different, a thing about horse power, not saying ps vr is bad tho, it's just not as good as what you can achieve with a pascal card and a vive or a rift. You wouldn't call a samsung gear vr as the same thing as psvr, would you?, well, there you have it.
  • No,  but I would not call gear a gimmick either....unlike the xbox people around here...mention psvr and lack there of in xbox'dom,  and they all shout gimmick,  but then a computer comes with it and its almighty!
  • Steve, first off you need to learn how to reply to comments. It tried PSVR and while it is awesome, it is nowhere near the quality of PC VR. Even Sony has said that theirs is a mid-level VR experience. I'd consider buying it but it is entirely too dark. But it is the most comfortable VR headset I've tried, so I will give them that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You need to understand what I was saying.  I was making a point that Xboxxies were all screaming PSVR is a gimmick......however,  when its a windows device it's GOD!  I said nothing about what is better or not or more powerful or not,  it was stated earlier that PSVR is a gimmick and none of the windows/xbox gamers want vr.  however,  when windows devices come out with it its the second coming!