All Surface Books now out-of-stock from the Microsoft Store for preorders

Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000
Best Laptop Between $1500 and $2000

File this under a good problem to have but it looks like Microsoft has temporarily stopped pre-orders for all Surface Book models. Over the last few days, the Core i7 variants began to shift from pre-order to 'Email me when available' and now it is all variants of the new two-in-one device.

It is telling that the most expensive version – the top of the line Core i7 with 512 GB of storage and 16 GB of RAM – was the very first to go unavailable starting a few days ago.

Of course, you can still preorder the device from other outlets like Amazon and Best Buy – for now, but that $2,699 version is unavailable everywhere. Granted, Microsoft likely allocated only a certain amount of production units, which may have been a small amount. The company is likely ramping up production requests to meet demand, but it remains to be seen how long that will take.

For now, we can't say the Surface Book is a hit, but it's starting to feel that way.

Microsoft did tell some in the media last week that interest and demand for the Surface Book were higher than expected and that looks to remain the case.

Hopefully, Microsoft can adjust production and they will re-open orders as soon as possible. We haven't checked our local Microsoft Store to see what their status is, so if you live near one, it may be worth a shot.

Windows Central will follow-up when the Microsoft Store gets more in for pre-order.

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Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Thanks, Tao Le, for the tip

Daniel Rubino

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  • Wow, that was fast. Good products speaks for itself. Proud of MS.
  • It's a slick looking device - indeed all the surface related products are. It's a shame they rolled out Nokia leftover devices for the first w10m run: I can't wait for a surface phone! I can only imagine how much of a response that would get. The surface range has been getting great brand recognition, and rightly so, being as innovative and well thought out as they are. Can't wait for the surface phone. Have a surface book, sp4 and bands preordered. Getting my Christmas presents early lol
  • I'm totally with you.  As much as I covet the new Lumia 950 XL and desperatly want an upgrade from my 2+ year old Xperia Z, I have to remind myself that more then likely in MAY we'll be getting a "Surface phone." The question is will I be able to wait? I'm definately going to be picking up a Band 2 first. The Surface book and Surface Pro 4 are in my long range plans, it's starting to make me regret (just a little) my Surface 3 purchase 2 months ago.  (though I love it, i just think the new upgrades are enough to get super excited for).    
  • Im going to wait for as as long as I can... Not sure how long that will be... But I am waiting. My 640 is enough...but if there is a super deal for the 950, I will get it... I think the next phone is the one I will want to have... The 950 is desired just because it is new... I do want a dedicated camera button... But I would rather have a full compete phone hardware and software.
  • The surface phone won't be a flagship. It will be a business phone
  • Highly unlikely. Panos Panay will want to create THE best mobile there is, as the first 'Surface Phone'. Most striking part of microsoft presentation last week, and subsequent interviews of MS executives, was the sheer excitement and pride on their faces. I can't help but notice Panos stating upfront when unvieling the 950 and 950XL was that he has been with this project only since July. Clearly everyone knew that the phones were already 'ready' by then and there was not much he could do. But the Surface tablets, and now the Surface book, demonstrate that when it comes to envisioning a hardware, there is no one better than Panos. I am sure the new surface phone will be the best looking phone by the time of its launch. In terms of specs and features, even the new Lumias are right up there. But as an overall package, I can already sense an aura around the surface phones.
  • I agree, why wouldn't business user's want a "premium" phone?  I could see them put out a Surface "lite" phone - a mid-range phone as well as a premium one.  Give businesses options.  I would be shocked it they didn't swing for the fences and bring out their best for a "SURFACE Phone" they want the SURFACE brand to signal quality to consumers. I'd love a Surface phone with a similar look and feel of the Surface line.  I really like the new Lumia's but I'm wondering if I should be patient and see what happens in May.
  • My suggestion to you would be to not wait and take a plunge right away. by the time the new Surface phone comes, there will be rumors of even better phone coming in the future. So the wait could be endless. The newly annoucned 950 and 950 XL are truly amazing devices in themselves. If you dont want to spend that much pick up the 640 or its XL right away and upgrade when the Surface phone comes. With MS you never know how long the wait is gonna be.
  • I prefer your surface 3. It's lighter.
  • Glad I ordered on day one.
  • Now if only the windows phone team would take notes.
  • I'm really glad to see a MicroSoft product this successful. I get tired of hearing about Apple raking in the billions all the time. 
  • Praise from our community aside, media everywhere is pretty unified in their support for how well engineered this product appears to be. For years, many in PC community may have felt shame that there wasn't a real PC answer to the sexy function of the MacBooks. Microsoft has answered a need for functionality, first and foremost concern for PC users, AND followed up with an unrelenting ambitious form factor and aesthetics appeal. I think this product will fair better than Surface Pro because of the bear ubiquitous praise being levied. And we haven't even seen production ready "gimmick" Windows Hello. Exciting times and I'm so glad they decided to commit to making their hardware; they've pushed industry to innovate once more I a functional way and it's awesome!
  • I sent in a tip that also the Surface Pro 4s are all out of stock as well
  • Well done, have a cracker.
  • Emm, you sure a cracker is wise choice here?... Just saying. judging from that picture, I doubt there is a tooth in that mouth talk less teeth, and if there is any and God forbid I am wrong, I am putting smart money on 2 front top teeth max... So, I'll reccommned Garber source.
  • Thanks for sharing. I appreciate you sharing as a lot of tips via the app aren't shared for one reason or another. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Wish the phone had this problem. Still excited about my preorder though Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Which phone did you pre-order?
  • 950 XL. The dual SIM is important for me. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I certainly don't want the phones to sell out. Still waiting for at&t to say whether it will carry 950 XL.
  • I sent a tip, spoke with ATT, they said not until March/April.
  • March/april til what.... ?
  • until AT&T "will carry 950 XL."
  • Carriers strike again...
  • well that's when the rumored surface phone is supposed to come out in 2016, so they're pulling the same stunt they did with the Lumia 930.....
  • Selling out and showing high demand is actually what I want. We need MS to feel overwhelmed and underestimated. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Amen...
  • Doesn't mean you can't buy it outright and use it on AT&T
  • Maybe I'm misremembering, but I thought they were both only sold unlocked only from the MS store?
  • Sold out in a week, well played Microsoft!
  • Nice! Hope they sell 2 million or more
  • so they made like 10 of each one? It's silly how in 2015 these products are "out of stock" so quickly.
  • Not really it depends on their strategy, also competitions is crazy now thus making risk huge. Nobody want to gamble I guess.
  • Yes, like 4-500 people on this site were lying :P
  • Did you prefer an invite system?
  • :-) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Of course, you can't take orders of product you can't shift in the promised date. They have already committed all their stocks for October 26 shipment. That means, they have to stop taking pre-orders until they have stocks coming for another date of shipment. Like the article said, Microsoft might have not anticipated the volume of orders that's why the stocks are not enough.
  • You expect them to build 1million of these with no account for expected demand?  
  • They'll sell them all.
  • It's like in Soviet Union. Make a line and wait.
  • Yes, entirely similar. 
  • I used to live in Leningrad during the good ol days and you are correct. Communism is the way to go from the archaic capitalism. Praise Stalin and Putin savior of Earth Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • given how tight lipped the SB was. they probably only gave the design specs to the manufacturers last week! haha. Then they'll need to start the mass production to start releasing at end of month. yeah probably won't have a lot for the initial run.
  • So by now, I bet the have a surface all in one in the work. That'll be a killer as well.
  • They could do like the Surface RT and make too many. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If this is really out of stock OEMs will have a hard time bcoz they wont be able to make premium version of their own laptop. Almost all windows and android OEMs will have a hard time to del their premium device.
  • Those OEM need to start designing something good. How did MSFT get to design an ultrabook 2 in 1 form factor become a hit and these OEM have been doing it since Jesus came and they still get overshadowed by Mac Book Pro, Apple was not making their own CPU, GPU or nothing themselves hardware wise, Apple use same hardwares as these OEM. Well, MSFT is doing it to them also.
  • Microsoft has taken much risk than its OEM's on making surface book. Like how they suffered 900 million write off of the 1st surface then. That's what oems won't take risk what Microsoft has taken once. It would be a big gamble for OEMs. Look now how android OEMs finding used to earn profit.
  • Seems that Microsoft is filling the gap of premium Windows devices. OEMs still survive with rolling out low-end to mid-end devices.  But for premiums, people first consider Microsoft.  That's a good news for Microsoft.  They are starting to build up a good brand name.
  • Low end helps oems to get market share. Mid range to get a good amount of profit. But high end always squeezes profit which is always imp for them. The day has arrived for all android and windows oems to forgot earning from their premium devices. Microsoft has started making flagship laptop. Apple always their premium fans for laptops and iPhones. And nexus making flagship android keeping away OEMs to make high end smartphones saying the OS is stock android and with less bloated apps then other oems like Samsung and Sony. That's y Samsung wanted to get tizen on their galaxy smartphones.
  • There are some pretty good looking devices about.  For example HP produced this: Thiner than a macbook, longer battery than a macbook, more powerful than a mac book, more ports than a macbook, less expenive than a macbook (ok it is heavier - guess you cant have eveything).  Looks good too.
  • I remember back in the days Nokia Lumia always used to "sell out". It mostly turned out to low stock rather than high volume sales.
  • I suspect this product has more legs than the Lumia.  Probably won't sell at well as an Apple product but I am sure it will be profitable like the Surface tablets.
  • After the $900K write off because of Windows RT, It was announced that Surface line of product is now a $3B bussiness for MSFT, I doubt if Surface Book will make that worse from what we are seeing.
  • This is a premium device. It's not expected to sell in high volume. It's low volume and high profit margins. Apple doesn't sell the most pcs, but they make a lot of money from it. The worst thing you can have is inventory sitting in a warehouse.
  • Lumias still sell about 50 million a year. That's a lot of phones for one OEM actually.
  • Good Event, Good Product, Good Selling
  • They didn't make too many I believe. Firstly they want to check out the market, secondly they want to scare the OEMs not undermine them. Of course this is just my personal guess but doesn't it make sense? OEMs help MS for many years I hope they won't just stab them in the back though sometimes I feel they deserve it hehe
  • You mean the OEMs that flocked to making Chromebooks and Android tablets in their droves? I don't think they care much about MS, nether should MS care about them. At the end of the it's just business.
  • I mean the OEMs(and MS ofcourse) that made PC the dominant platform. But yeah you are right the OEMs failed - Fuck em :-D 
  • It's sad that we now live in a world where competition is seen as a backstab. These same OEMs sell Chromebooks and Linux machines but no one calls foul. If Microsoft can meet the demand for PC hardware then I say they should. I'm tired of half-baked PCs and stifled innovation from the big players (except for Lenovo).
  • Maybe "backstab" is the wrong word it just that they have had a good partnership for decades (obviously self perserving partnership). But if MS want to go have full control of software and hardware then fo for it but remember if all OEMs die, there will only be Apple vs MS. This won't be better for prices I believe - doesn't the frase "the more the merrier" fit here. Again this is just my personal opinion, who is to say that I am right? Although I mostly am LOLZ 
  • "Again this is just my personal opinion..." That kind of sensible approach has no place on the interwebs, even less so on a comment section ;)
  • I am in full favor of competition, but for crying out loud, These OEM needs to BRING IT or Hush Up. Anyone remeber when a Lenovo or was it Acer manager said MSFT should stick to what it knows and leave hardware to them the OEMs and that MSFT will fail woefully if it tried to make or compete with OEM on tablet and or laptop...... GAME ON... OEM
  • It was that shitty company Acer that said that.
  • All these efforts by microsoft is show their oems to make better laptops,because all these many years people prefer macbook because of their look and touchpad and all, Microsoft want to show them ,and all oems are now releasing surface inspired marvelous tablets, Microsoft just want this to happen in terms of laptops too
  • Agree. Surface Book is only available in US/Canada.  It's still not widely launched. Now that with the appealing demand, I believe Microsoft will consider the launch in more regions outside US.
  • Now the long wait for the release of the i7 1TB...
  • Wouldn't that be awesome! Unfortunately I can only buy the entry level one haha though I don't need the gpu, I just want the bigger tablet really.  
  • When will they publish in eu....
  • So does that mean the Book has such great demand or Microsoft itself has a few with it?
  • Probably both.  Remember how the Band was released?
  • Why isn't the media reporting on this? Oh yeah, it's not Apple!
  • And why is the media demanding exact figures of how many were manufactured before it went out of stock, but the media makes excuses for Apple when Apple specifically states that they will not release figures for how many watches they sold. Apple claimed that they will not release the number of watches sold because they want to focus on making the product the best it can be, but then they are quick to tell everyone exactly how many iPhones are sold. When the media needs to talk about it they then use some guesstimate and it is always the highest number possible from not a range from the lowest to the highest. But Microsoft sells out, and they decide that Microsoft only made 4 or 5 so it is expected they will sell out.
  • yep same her in NZ. I noticed last week that suddenly most tech ads and teh news staff are all using SPRO3 - yay but guess what? When they had ipads and mac books the apple logo was visibale. Now the MS logo has tape over it WTF?
  • Some other media outlets are picking up on the story with Windows Central as the source. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't think the most expensive version has become available yet. I checked the site shortly ater tHe presentation when they just put it up. All the configurations were available for pre-order except that one. I think that "email when available" link was there for the msot expensive Surfacebook and SP4 since they put the site up. Wouldn't be surprise they did the same thing with the most expensive SP3.
  • The Top Surface Book (512GB) was available, I pre-ordered mine. The top Surface Pro 4 (1TB) has never been available, near as I can tell. I had heard that the reason the top SP4 was never available, and the announced 1TB Surface Book isn't listed, has to do with availability of the new 1TB M.2 SSDs, but can't be sure.
  • Top one ,512gb, was available, ordered 2 with confirmation
  • No it was available at some point.
    Same as you, went right after the presentation, wasn't there. Then came back a couple of days later,and it was
  • They were on the preorders site a few hours after the presentation, not immediately after
  • You can still pre-order from Costco as well.
  • GTK
  • No one knows what that means.
    Does that mean going the koala Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because it's superior to the Windows Phone one
  • Good to Know...
  • I would love to order a Surface Book (I'm in Australia), but the 512Gb i7 with 16Gb and dGPU is AU $4,199 !!!
    The Surface Book looks good and I understand there's a lot to like about this device - but   $4,200  ???!?!?!?!!  Holy Shit! Remember that's not even the 1Tb version. I'd pay $3,200-$3,500, and a 1Tb I'd go up to $3,800. Sadly, I won't be getting a Surface Book. I don't intend on getting a second mortgage to afford to buy this. (Come on Australia - get the $ value back up to parity with the US $ so I can afford this kit. Even to get the Surface Pro 4 256Gb i7 16Gb RAM is AU$2,800! and then of course you need the keyboard. Wow. I may not be upgrading my Surface Pro 3 as soon as I'd like.
  • Jeez, those prices are high.  Do you Aussies hide VAT is sale prices, like the Brits?
  • Well, $4200 AUS is about $3000 USD... It is still expensive, but not as crazy as it sounds if you don't know the currency conversion rate
  • Hide?
  • Yeah, I think it should be include!
  • As far as I am aware every country, except the US, lists the full amount you have to pay for a product. How you can stand shopping and then getting hit with an additional fee at the counter is beyond me. Does every item have the same VAT percentage or does it vary for certain products, like in many european countries (e.g. in my country books have a lower VAT than food)? In that case calculating if you actually can afford the products once you reach the counter must be a nightmare....
  • Not all  states in the US  have the same sales tax ( VAT ), so you can not actualy place the price on a product for the entire US. Some states Delaware, Alaska and some others do not even have Sales Tax, so for them the te MSRP is actualy real price. We do not have federal sales tax at all. Some merchandize is non taxable like medicine, food and even clothes (NJ). In some counties of the same state there is a diferent sales tax (usualy half) to help it's economy and so on. 
  • The US has no sales tax. Individual states have sales tax, or don't. Most Americans like having the sales tax separate, so we know how much the gov is adding to our costs, since they already tax our income. Hiding it in the cost is BS, and I hear many Euros crying about how much more expensive items are over there. It is that way because of your VAT tax, an odd name for something that adds zero value to the item you are buying. 
  • It includes 10% GST, which is the same for all goods and services (hence the name) across the country. Most countries have tax-inclusive pricing. I've only heard of the US showing ex-tax pricing to consumers (not businesses) and having the bizarre situation of different tax rates in different states. And don't get me started on the ludicrous tipping situation over there!
  • Can't you just order it from America at our rate or have someone you know in America order it and ship it to  you?
  • It's possible... You'd have to buy a travel adapter for the recharger (a minor detail) but you'd be really screwed for any warranty returns (as in, it would be far more difficult and costly).
  • Love it!
  • If you're right I stand corrected but I did check not long after the presentation and that "email me when available" link was there for the 512gb surfacebook. Either way they'll have them at my local store. SP3 is alreadys old and When my paycheck comes I'm diivng in!
  • Haha! Was waiting for the 1TB option... As far as I know, there are no M.2 1TB SSDs available yet for consumers to purchase... Samsung or Crucial must be about to release an OEM version in that capacity that no doubt is affecting Microsoft's availability... And could account for the ludicrous price delta... You have to pay to be on the bleeding edge.
  • if only the drive was swappable ...
  • like  a BOSS
  • Good thing I'm buying from Best Buy
  • I would love to know how many were actually sold. I wonder if Apple ever had that problem with the MacBook?
  • Haha. I knew it!! Windows 10 and awesome hardware FTW!!!
  • Did an In-Store $0 preorder for the i5/dGPU and a white 950XL.  No commitment. Just means there'll be one of each for me to buy. Sorry if you don't have a store in your town...
  • Microsoft store?  
  • Yes. I did the same for my Pro 3.  Seems they just want to manage inventory on release date...
  • Aw crap I'll get one next year :cries:
  • While a sell out gains the vendor free publicity, I hope that Microsoft has enough units to meet demand.  If not on release day, within the next month.  Otherwise it is another swing and a miss at capturing impulse purchases.  Million dollar missed opportunity that Apple has mastered..
  • Not to be overly cynical but you have to wonder if the out of stock issue, which happened with the Band too, is partly manufactured for advertising. Don't get me wrong, I'm confident that it'll be one of the best laptops for productivity but creating demand is the best.
  • I wonder who purchased/reserved them.i have a suspicion that a great deal are going to Microsoft/windows bloggers and most likely the verge and Engadget.I believe I also read a blog from windows central, pocketnow, wmpoweruser or winbeta that a surface book it's being given away as a period to blog readers. ​
  • Well, I did...
  • awsome! which specs?
  • Im pretty sure units that are given away are separate from the ones that are put to sell on the website. So it shouldn't affect those units
  • C'mon man! you know the  Verge and Engadget are basically Anti-Microsoft and Pro-Apple, so you theory is out of bounds! They will continue using iProducts even if a Microsoft product is comparable or better; Heck the Verge even changed one of the best Windows news writer in Tom W.; He doesn't have the same passion or optimism he had   when running Winrumors.
  • I agree.  I'm so disappointed in Tom...  
  • I am glad  they are selling.
  • Means nothing. Their stock is small.
    Numbers or don't come with this news!
  • They probably didn't make lots, this is good for making sales.... Makes them seem to "sell out" faster.
  • It also balloons the prices.
  • I wonder if we'll see Microsoft announce any numbers after the preorders ship on the 26th.  I just hope they work well as a laptop.  I know the fulcrum hinge is supposed to maintain the balance, but having battery, processor, memory, and fan in the clipboard section is going to make it top heavy compared to a traditional laptop.  People are going to be frustrated if the Surface Book has a tendency to tip over. The SP4 looks to be selling well too.  I preordered an i5/256GB/8GB machine.  I had second thoughts and went back the next day to change it to the i5/128GB/4GB model ($300 cheaper) and it was already sold out.  As of now only the m3/128/4, i5/256/8, and i7/256/8 models are still available for preorder.
  • Most of the battery and the custom GPU are in the keyboard. I looked at one in the store and the screen is very light when removed from the keyboard. It won't be top-heavy at all.
  • Please stop saying all the right things!  :)
  • I haven't treid it yet (my local store doesn't have a demo unit available, yet), but from the reviews I've read from WC, Paul Thurrot, Mary J. Folly, Engadget, Mashable, etc, it doesn't sound like there's much issue with that. It may move a bit when you poke at the screen, but because they placed a various components, as well as a good chunk of the battery (about 2/3) in the base, it doesn't tip over.
  • Wow. That's impressive!
  • This is how it was with the Surface RT hahaha
  • I got my pre-order in on the i5
  • Surface Book is a hit if MS can stock this two-in-one device within two (2) weeks for pre-order customers, otherwise expect some order cancellation!
  • They are obviously doing something right
  • It better be available when I'm ready to buy mine
  • While we're marveling at the new surface book, have any of you noticed that with some milling adjustments to the fulcrum hinge and a different base made instead of the keyboard dock, Microsoft could add a second screen capable of docking like thekeyboard ultimately making this the cancelled courier project?????
  • Oh the courier still holds a place in my heart!
  • Makes you wonder is the hinge was designed for Courier. You wouldn't want two touchcreens sealing againt each other... I talked to some friends during ACL that were editing pics on their MBPs, half of them had the keyboard marks on their screens. gap FTW.
  • Canada's sold out too. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The new Apple arrives
  • I am just returning from microsoft store at chicago, i have gone checkout new surfacebook. I asked them about the same thing about pre orders,they said that you can preorder from here..and i just did one
  • To all those saying about the oems. Why don't/havent already the oems make top line products like this? They haven't done it and that's their fault.
  • It's the OEM's fault for not building high end Windows products that forced Microsoft into the hardware business in the first place. 
  • Making low initial stock to test demand is fine. Just never, ever, eva evaevaeva...go the invite route. P.s. F$&&% you One+
  • No biggy I don't need to have it "first" hope all the folks enjoy their new first Gen. devices.
  • LOL $3k for a non gaming laptop...I'll pass.  Nice machine but over priced.
  • It is $2699, not $3K. By the way, what is your spec for a gaming laptop?
  • The keyboard section has a very powerful Nvidia GPU in it. I'm quite confident that this laptop will be a pretty capable gaming device :)
  • Its an gaming laptop...
  • My local Microsoft store (Stanford Shoping Center) is still taking pre-orders. I switched my pre-order from a web order to an in-store order so that I can just pick it up in the morning on the 26th, instead of having to deal with any delivery issues (due to the price, if you're not home it will be taken back to the locla shipping facility).
  • So. I would imagine invetory are set to safe mode. Thus the out of stock. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Glad we ordered on the 7th. Four top of the line surface books and four pro 4s for the dev team.
  • What a lucky bunch :D The rest of the company is going to be pretty jealous!
  • I'm getting the l950xl, and if a surface phone comes early next year, I'll sell the 950xl and get that.
  • Come on MS, give us LTE versions asap
  • Dejavu.. same as the band.
  • A "surface book" phone will change things for all windows mobile destiny
  • No, it's not a good problem to have. Mainly because this is always intentional. It's complete nonsense to limit the availability of a product to generate a demand. All it does is annoy the shit out of people who want to buy the product.
  • Which is why that isn't waht they are doing!
  • Surface book 2 HMM Folks Microsoft's tech People are working on it for sure. If they put a kick stand on it and more battery life on the removable Tablet then it would be perfect. Look for the regular Surface 4 to get a stiff Keyboard this is what it needs to have a more stable Laptop mode.          
  • It does not look good for preorders outside US if they cannot satisfy demand at home. There goes my Christmas present :(
  • When are they going launch in India? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They wern't even in stock... 
  • My Uncle Lincoln got Hyundai Elantra Sedan just by some part-time working online with a cheap laptop➨➨➨➨ ➨➨➨➨➨➨ w­w­w..b­u­z­z­n­e­w­s­9­9.c­o­m
  • ? I see pre-order now for all configurations...
  • You can still order the Surface Book, though now it says ships within 5-7 weeks.
    I pre-ordered day 1 through MS, cancelled, and went through Amazon the same day.... With that said, now I'm concerned - No where on Amazon does it have a shipping date or specifications.  For those of us that pre-ordered early on Amazon, can we expect the shipments on 10/26?  Or did I screw myself and now I'm not part of the first wave of devices?
  • So, let me get this straight.  Ballmer's devices dream is keeping Microsoft's consumer dream alive.  Satya was initially averse to Microsoft in the devices business.  He was even against XBox which was the only MS product then that had consumer appeal.  So, Ballmer's devices is doing fine.  And, why was was tech press anti-Ballmer?
  • I am a big fan of Microsoft, but Ballmer was not right for MS.  He was a businessman who would have bankrupted the company with enough time.  First, he woefully underestimated the iPod, and tried to catch up with the Zune.  He woefully underestimated the iPhone, and tried to catch up with Windows Phone 7.  We woefully underestimated the iPad and tried to catch up with the Surface RT.  His quotes on how each of those Apple products wouldn;t do anything to help Apple were like the biggest spotlight on the fact that the guy had ZERO vision - he only played catch up.  Sataya is introducing new things (hololens, band, Surface book) and given enough time he will probably bring out something from left field that no one saw coming.  THat would have never happened to Ballmer.  I think Apple is going through this now with Tim Cook and once he really screws up there it will probably be written in stone that no businessmen will lead at Google, Apple or Microsoft ever again, that always has to be an engineer.
  • Wow! Best Buy is now sold out as well!!!!!!!! I am so glad I preordered mine right away!!!!!!!
  • It's back in stock on, shipping in 5-8 weeks though now.
  • Well, I per-ordered one when they were first released and then decided I wanted a different configuration. I waited until to day to re-order it and now it says it will ship in 7-8 WEEKS! So my Birthday present has turned into a Christmas present! :>(
  • Out of all the ads I have seen, Microsoft only compares itself to Apples MacBook Pro. Never to the IPad pro. To me, comparing two devices, with one costing substantially more is not real. It's like comparing a Honda Civic to a BMW. Both will get you where you want to go. And the biggest downfall of the Book? ITS STILL WINDOWS!!! I bought a Windows 8 machine last year. After a couple of unsuccessful pain in the ass weeks, I threw my machine in the trash. Never again, Windowvs. Here's an idea. Bring back Windows XP. Everything went downhill after that.