Alleged Lumia 535 with Microsoft branding leaked in China

Lumia 535

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will be launching the first Windows Phone with its branding on November 11. It looks like the device may turn out to be the Lumia 535, as images of a handset with that name sporting Microsoft's branding have surfaced on China's Tieba, an online community powered by Baidu.

Lumia 535

From the images, Microsoft branding is clearly visible at the front and the back of the handset. As for specs, earlier leaks point to a 5-inch qHD screen (960 x 540), 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, 5 MP camera with flash, VGA front shooter and a 1,900 mAh battery. The device is rumored to be available in a total of seven color variants, and is said to offer dual-SIM functionality.

What do you guys think of the leaked images?

Source: Tieba

Thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip!

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Wow..... Too glossy..... :) Looks like 625 and 1320
  • Yea, very observant. I'd have expected a 6MP cam though ;)
  • Would like to see Microsoft logo being more subtle.
  • I would too.
  • +1020
  • ++1
  • It's just as subtle as the Nokia one. In fact more subtle, because its not in all-caps. Edit: I missed the picture of the back. Yep, that one is pretty in-your-face.
  • I also prefer the tilted 4 squares for the logo. As on the Lumia 930. Just looks better to me.
  • The tilted version is the Windows logo, the flat one is the Microsoft logo. To put the tilted logo there they'd also have to replace the Microsoft text with 'Windows'.
  • Ah, did not know this. Thank you.
  • No they don't need to replace it, they just made a poor choice, surfaces had the windows logo and were not forced to write Windows instead of surface stop making shit up.
  • See the Microsoft logo and company name here:
  • Lol!
  • They can't use the Windows logo and put Microsoft next to it. It needs to have Windows next to it or nothing at all. It's important to not mix branding.
  • Actually, you are correct @Nabkawe5
  • That's just the contrast on this colour. It's crazy luminous so will stand out. Be more subtle on blacks and silvers!
  • Since MS can't market, maybe this will help
  • I know that's a joke, but no. I work in branding and I know how important it is to abide by branding rules and not mix logos.
  • True! Just the emblem symbol would have done
  • Microsoft Branding is something that's always been too subtle.  I love seeing it on the phone.
  • It's not too bad compared to the Verizon logo this is tiny lol...
  • The logo doesn't bother me. Most people don't even notice that stuff.
  • Plastic dummie... Not real phone
  • I'm thinking that too. The dummies have this low production value. The back plate especially looks like one. The actual device will be much more subtle. EDIT: In fact you're right. Note the time: 5:35. Same as the model number. This only happens on renders and dummy phones. Also the fonts and icons are slightly off and sometimes stretched. And the People tile is the same in all photos when instead it should be animating. These photos are of a low quality dummy prop, not a production quality device.
  • It sick , why another low end phone, huge disappointment here
  • Aahh my eyes...
  • They should've put Lumia on front! Unfortunately that's definitely not happening...
  • Exactly. People just started to recognize the Lumia brand, and they put huge Microsoft logos everywhere. Don't they understand that a lot of wp costumers bought Lumia devices because of Nokia? I guess that they believe in Microsoft brand way too much.
  • They don't have a choice, they can only use the Nokia name for feature phones.
  • i have 2 lumias with me now, but basically i think nobody ever buy a Lumia just because of "Nokia" logo on it, i think everybody buy Lumia because they want Windows Phone and because they know what special feature Nokia can offer us ( the Glance, the free Here ..... ). As long as the device still get the soul inside, i dont mind if it is branded as MS Lumia or Nokia Lumia
  • Damn insightful post. Seriously. Wish more people thought like you.
  • I just purchased the Lumia 535 some weeks ago and i must say i am very much impressed with it. I really don't see any issue with the branding. Microsoft now owns Nokia and has released a series of it called 'Lumia'. Definitely it has the right to attach its name on it. Too much details spoils the fun of branding. Apple products do not give much branding to their products; one only sees 'ipad' on their boxes and that's it. But through successful marketing everyone knows who the ipad series belongs to. From where I come, we have a proverb that says, 'quality stuff sells themselves' (literal translation) which points to the fact that once you manage to build a giant name for yourself or your product, branding does not necessarily matter to the customer...
  • Lumia never had a logo or word mark though. That would need a whole new branding exercise.
  • Samsung going metal Microsoft going plastic
  • Lumia was already plastic.
  • First, it's a very low-end device. Second, Lumias plastic has always been much better than Samsung's.
  • How did you know it is a very low end phone not low end?
  • This looks better in than previous low end 5xx models tho. When Microsoft finally gets around to announcing that flagship device next year I'm sure they won't disappoint. 
  • It looks like the iPhone 5c.
  • it turned out to be fine... the brand name in front and at the back... it's not that awful as some others said on other articles..  IMO
  • I certainly like that it has ffc and flash. ALL phones should have that, low end or not. The branding on the back is a bit obnoxious. What I want is a 1030 of course... not sure just how many low end phones we need... can't we throw some dev dollars towards a high end? I know they don't sell as well, buy it's very important to keep the tech enthusiasts on the platform... they sell to their friends.
  • The green case for the 620 was glossy too, but the white one was mat, this might have different finishes depending on the color too
  • it is Microsoft Lumia right? But I cant see the "Lumia" sign anywhere, just Microsoft. To be honest, this looks bad, we have enough of this low/mid range devices and it looks terrible IMO.  
  • It was Nokia Lumia and you couldn't see Lumia written anywhere back then. Stop complaining just for the sake of it!
  • ^ This
  • Youre actually right. Didnt thought of it that way. It just looks weird with Microsoft on it. I guess I was used to Nokia more.   But it doesnt change my opinion that it looks bad and it didnt attracts the attention that WP should get.
  • It looks fine
  • I am with you .. I want "Lumia" back .. Not just fucking Microsoft ... No one will by a phone with just' Microsoft ' on it ... It ugly
  • If you don't like Microsoft I guess you should't be liking the WP platform too. Lumia is the name of the product family (Microsoft's smartphones; they've Asha and basic phones too as their product families) and every company on earth, esp., phone manufacturers put their name on the product rather than the product family name...
  • What Lumia sign? There's never been one.
  • People this is not the actual phone. It is a plastic dummie
  • Loved the 625 ;) #indestructible
  • Of topic : Can somebody give me some tips ; i have a problem with the vibrator motor in L920 it is not vibrating... Has somebody experienced that ?! :( and i dont wanna give it to the service to change the motor . Whats hould i do to fix it :/
  • Start by posting a forum on it
  • There's not an easy fix. It's a hardware problem, not software.
  • Make sure you didn't turn off vibration in SETTINGS > TOUCH (navigation bar).
  • Looks like the rm-1090 both have a vga ffc and both a flash
  • It's not a real phone, it's the dummy pro for in-store display. They are often more glossy than the phone because they don't use the real material.
  • Interesting device for the low end...
  • Boot screen should change to microsoft or it remains the same"Nokia"
  • haha..that would be ridiculous if it still boots with "nokia".
  • It will not have the Nokia boot logo because it's not a Nokia phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So this is what they're going to unveil on 11th November? Too bad I was expecting 1030.
  • I hope the unveil a new flagship
  • This may not be the only thing that's on the cards though. We may see other devices too.
  • Tell me more, Harish! *_*
  • Sam commented +1525(back when this site had a redesign), You're saying we might get something more, Microsoft did an unexpected release for the Band... I'm keeping my hopes up for "other devices"...
  • Guessing a new flagship will come with Windows 10..
  • Daniel Rubino and Tom Warren, among others who are very well positioned, have been saying "no flagship this year" since McLaren was canceled. You guys keep wanting to believe that your own speculations about new flagships this year are true, although those speculations are based on nothing... Just don't come here crying when you finally understand that your hopes weren't true.
  • It's a rumour bro
  • There was no reason to expect a 1030, clues that this would be a low end phone have been here all along.
  • Yes but considering the 1020's popularity, I was expecting Microsoft to make a move in that direction.
  • ^ I don't agree with you. Low end lumias are much more popular. I own Lumia 1020 myself.....
  • I am DYING for a 1030, but we do have to realize sales were not good. Microsoft is definitely selling way more on the low end. But it is important to have high end phones on the platform... it's bad press otherwise, and the tech enthusiasts will leave and start badmouthing.
  • @poddie +920 +1020
  • Go to the r/windowsphone subreddit and you'll find that's pretty much all we do. A lot of people jumping ship cuz they have NOTHING to upgrade to unless they want a 1520 on ATT (or outright buy for tmo). Not everyone wants a big screen and people aren't friendly toward the M8 as they would be a 930.
  • Of course sales where not good, MS decide to give all the good phones to AT&T. I would have bought one if it was available at T-mobile. I really think the exclusivity with only AT&T is really hurting windows phone sales.
  • Seriously, have you looked at the ATT line up? They have 5 options, the 1520 (to big), 1020 (old, really only offers a camera over the 920), low end 635,  the 830 (while a decent phone hardly a flagship), and finally the HTC M8, the only true flagship but not without it's issues. The really top phones (ie. Icon, Samsung ATIV SE, M8 for a while) all went to Verizon this year and they refuse to support them with 8.1/cyan.  
  • If there is no top end phone like the 1030 released this year in switch to android
  • Bbye ed1444..we will miss you
  • I will not miss him! Why would I miss anyone who even considers Android, the worst OS ever, a viable alternative?
  • This is really getting old with their stupid low-ends, and why the duplicity in branding !! It should've been Lumia on the front and Microsoft on the back, I thought they bought the Lumia brand for that.
  • Yeah just like Nokia used to do, right? No duplicity!! Oh... wait... Nokia also used to have duplicated logos on the front and back of their phones...
  • Don't you know? Complaining is the new in thing these day on WC.
  • That is no freaking joke man. I usually don't even fiddle around with comments because of whining childish crap like this, but I happened to be interested in this device and actually signed in for once. No more for me, though.
  • Yeah man, I really love and am proud of the Lumia branding on my 521! Oh wait, it just says NOKIA on the front and the back.
  • It's was Nokia on the front and Nokia in the back... Why people are complaining when Lumia doesn't even have a logo? ¬¬
  • Windows Phone really needed a new low end device, its not like they have released four already this year...
  • I wish that thing had some respectable specs!!!! Come on! FLAGSHIP NEEDED.
  • Which ones are respectable and which are not? Lol
  • ALL the specs are low end! 1.2GHz, 1 GB ram, 8 GB storage...
  • Ok I will give a 42.2 ghhz...128 Gb ram...1 tb storage..and a 100mp camera...with windows 99....are u now happy...this is ur flagship...ohhh...with 21..inch screen
  • So you're arguing that competitive specs are too much to ask for?...
  • well, this isn't really low end, more like midrange, and probably not too expensive
  • Sure, if you want to break it into 3 sections, it's medium end....but that's kind of beside the point. Releasing phones like this continues the trend of phones that get forgotten about.
  • 52X didnt get forgotten about.
  • I'm switching to android if there's no 1030 or other super high end phone before 2015
  • Then I suggest you start looking already because we already know there is not goig to be any flagship, most likely until Windows 10. B-bye!
  • K Den
  • The black logo looks ugly as fuck. From a distance the 4 little squares look like one fat spot, it screams. I hate screaming branding.
    On my L920 it looks subtle the Nokia branding.
    A next flagship better has more subtle branding or i ain't buying it.
  • You wouldn't buy a phone because the logo on the front is too bold?  
  • On the back.
  • I think people are pointing out that its a dummy device so the branding looks more polished on the final product
  • Only if the price is right!
  • Is this for real?
  • Guess so. Looks like the Lumia 530 with a larger screen.
  • No it is a plastic dummie
  • Another day, another low-end with 2012-spec Lumia.
  • Can we get that Microsoft label imprinted on the existing Nokia devices?
  • Nope
  • Get a hot metal nail and try it yourself....... ;)
  • Hahaha xD
  • No. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes.
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows Phone
  • Pretty nice looking
  • Well, where is ziss optics and glance screen feature??? It should be, common Microsoft, please don't ditch everything....
  • That's for flagship devices
  • if it had amoled and a proximity sensor it would have glance
  • 930 has both, yet no glance. Too much to ask for a low-mid end device.
  • You seem to not grasp the concept of low end phones... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is o very good upgrade to 520. I hope price ranges to 520 - 530 models.
  • Agree. I would consider buying this as a back up phone for my Nokia 1320. Specs are good if it is released as a low end phone... Plus it looks damn good!
  • It's definitely the Lumia 535. Look at the time on the device. That's how they always do it. It's quite unfair though for the Lumia 630/635. This one has a front camera and a flash, and it's just a 535. No CBD though, I see :-) Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • It's simple... If you don't care for 1GB RAM, front cam/flash, get a 63x. If you want those, get a 535. If you want the cheapest of all, get the 530.
  • If you can find them still, grab the 520/1 over the 530.
  • +630
  • Good to know but I just care about the Lumia Denim for my 1520
  • You can take a look at the forums to see if it's available to other users in your region.
  • How many 5xx series we have so far this year? Seems too much.
  • Only the 530 was released in 2014. In 2013 they released the 520 and 525, so no difference there.
  • you have seen one 5xx in 2014 its 530
  • very glossy
  • if  that background image is to be believed it should be a 4.5" phone.
  • That's the Lumia 630 listed in the background. Notice the bottom right corner of the device.
  • Oh ...great!!!
  • Button your shirt.
  • Hey, if you've got it
  • That logo is just horrific. Who did they hire to design that, someone from Apple? Just to make sure that it doesn't lure anyone to buy a Lumia?
  • I liked the front logo but the logo on the back looks rather cheap. Should've designed it the way Nokia did.
  • I feel the front should have had "LUMIA" in Nokia font. That Microsoft logo looks real bad at the front.
  • It really is; very amateurish! :-( Not sure it'll actually affect sales numbers, but it'll sure make me curl my toes every time I look at it...
  • Agreed..should have been more subtle.. I liked the way nokia used to do it..
  • The four squares is what is ruining it.
  • what are you talking about logo looks great
  • As I guess.
  • 1: I'm not too crazy about the rounded corner design; I far prefer the sharp corners of the 1520 and 720, or the flattened ends of the 1020. 2: WP is overflowing with low-end and mid-range devices; enough already! We need a fresh high-end device to take over from the aging 930 and 1520, and we desperately need a 1020-successor to bring that fantastic camera tech up to date, if not for a sales profit then simply as a branding mechanism...
  • I think these will appear with Windows 10...
  • Whenever that will be...
  • I don't know that I've ever heard of someone that prefers sharp corners on their phone. Rounded corners are much nicer to hold.
  • Rounded corners may be much nicer to hold but sharp corners of the 1520 / 720 looks way better.
  • Hey why you forget the 520? Its the face of Windows Phone. And I like its sharp edges.
  • OMG!!!!flash...
  • No thanks. I'll stick with my 1020 until better comes...
  • Until there is no successor of 1020 or 1520 better leave this Microsoft platform and go back to the device that actually releasing flagship.. I am 1520 user but i am so pissed the fact Microsoft is slowly killing windows phone.
  • So if they rereleased 930 with 801/805 are you going to buy it? As I can't see anything to be outdated
  • Disappointed right now. Same old sh*t of Microsoft, well at least it has different colors.
  • Seems decent low end device. Balance of all.
  • I actually like the gloss on my 1520. It makes the red really standout. Sure it will do the same for green on this phone. Price it at $49 off contract and you have yourself a hit. I see Lumia 520's everywhere! No reason this wont be the best selling Lumia during the holidays.
  • Looks bad Microsoft cheated we 525 users : Angry: If this phone was in pipe line y three hell they announced 525
  • 525 is almost a year old device by now.
  • yes.
  • Looks pretty decent if you ask me but it'll cannibalize 630/635 sales. That numbering just doesn't make any sense whatsoever, this should be the 638 or something along those lines. It's also possible that it'll only be available in emerging markets like India/Asia. The dual SIM is a strong indicator, carriers in Europe and the US don't want you to use two SIM cards.
  • Since they've made a mess of the numbering, this is what think their naming should be like with windows 10.
    Lumia A = 9xx series
    Lumia B= 13xx (B for big)
    Lumia B+= 15xx
    Lumia C = 8xx
    Lumia D= 7xx
    Lumia E= 6xx
    Not sure if they should keep the 5xx because F= fail.
  • Sadly, the numbering system has been a mess for a while. Granted, you and I get it, but when I go to multiple retailers to check out a 1020 as a replacement for my beloved 920 (Rest in Pieces) and I'm informed that the 1020 isn't out yet (and it had been out for a couple months at this time), but the 921/930/Lumia (yes, he just said the Nokia Lumia is coming out soon, this was Best Buy with multiple Lumias already on sale) you know there's failures on many fronts.
  • I would change it to this   Lumia X = 9xx Lumia X Plus = 15xx Lumia A = 8xx Lumia B = 7xx Lumia G = 6xx Lumia E = 5xx Lumia C = 10xx 
  • So the 12 million 520s were sold because it was a fail?
  • The 6xx and 5xx series seem to overlap now. Anything lower than that would be ridiculous. The 5xx would essentially be assimilated into the 6xx series. No use keeping the 5xx naming scheme.
  • As always lately there are pluses and minuses... the CPU on this one is nowhere near as good as the 635. So you get 1GB, flash, and ffc, but you sacrifice speed.
  • I just might be going mad, but this device, somehow, reminds me of iPhone 5C...
  • I guess you are right, that you might be going mad. Because you didn't notice how iPhone 5c used to remind us of Lumia 620.
  • I'm serious, you did make me laugh. Well, I was keeping my eyes on Apple's devices long before I turned my attention to Nokia's phones, so I guess all stands in how you perceive things, and of course, when.
  • The thing is, no matter when you started paying attention to it, Nokia's design was their first. So it's the iPhone 5C that looks like Lumias, not the other way round.
  • That's the whole point. For you, it may be so, for me on the other hand, it's exactly the other way around. Do not assume that every human being sees the things which surrounds him or her in a manner that is identical to yours. Because those designs are not essentially equal, you cannot accurately say who copied who. Therefore, for some of us Apple is the guilty entity and vice versa. It's something that will never change, no matter how badly we want it...
  • +2
  • I think it's so comfortable
  • Lumia Note pls!!!
  • Yes and Lumia Desire and Lumia Xperia and Lumia Galaxy as well.... /s -_-
  • Smh I was hoping for "Lumia" branding, or just the Windows logo at worst. But this is just plain ugly, and risks ruining the repuation for aesthetic superiority the Lumia line built under Nokia.
  • "ruining the repuation for aesthetic superiority the Lumia line built under Nokia." you wouldn't see this spec for low end under Nokia brand, the superiority of Lumia brand created by people who create these phones not Nokia logo and these people work under microsoft  and no its not ugly it looks great
  • No, it looks ugly as hell with the Microsoft logo.
  • no its not get over it
  • Where is the button
  • Of your shirt?
  • Always some mid and low end market make profits, but consider some high end flagship. Do not turn NOKIA models even though now rename MS into low end, I believe consumers would have enough budget to get your high end price. You see what apple done. Thanks.
  • Don't compare apple to oranges
  • Let MS drowning in orange world, sorry to sat that but things never be fair instead of who is making big money.
  • Looks nice
  • i love microsoft logo now i should ready myself for next phone changing
  • Thanks but no!! Enough with this lowend devices.
  • Seven colors so we expect yellow & cyan to come back : Dancing:
  • I hope so. So tired of green and orange.
  • Still love my Cyan Nokia Lumia 820
  • This is what they want to be remember. What is the first Microsoft Lumia ever release? That crap low-end 2012 specs of nokia remnants!! This is just stupid!!!
  • Unfortunatley you are right, The first Microsoft windows phone should have been a flagship phone that would have blown our minds. Guess MS is not thinking ahead. :(
  • Hopefully they're actually revealing a line, not a single device...
  • +930
  • +520 +Moto E +Moto Droid Turbo +Nexus 6(I can dream)
  • Low budget with decent specification
  • Finally, Microsoft made a good phone. I really appreciate it.
  • They've made A LOT of good phones.
  • -__-
  • I should call up OUP and notify them that a lot has been redefined to mean 1.
  • This is Microsoft's first phone....
  • Really? If I were Microsoft, I'd go out all guns blazing and introduce the first Microsoft Windows Phone which would wipe the floor with each Android and every iPhone. 41MP camera with xenon flash, 64/128Gb internal memory with expandable micro SD slot, quad/octa core processor, 5 - 5.5" Super Amoled display with glance and price it under iPhone 6 or every other Samsung, LG etc. flagship model. It might not sell very well, but it would give a hint of Microsoft's capability to manufacture second to none mobile phones. It's like introducing a brilliant concept car within automobile industry. Then I'd launch mid and low end phones for customers who are very picky about their budget.
  • Too much of glossy plastic already. MS please come up with something that would turn heads....towards the device not away.
  • Picture was taken in 5:35... Funny
    Plus looks like on-screen keys.
  • Wow its so big and beautiful
  • And also make that branding a little more subtle....come on, on both sides in bold???!!!!
  • Yeah that's stupid
  • Doesn't look like qHD...
  • Maybe it's just an unflattering picture.
    The display looks pretty bad, but Lumia's without CB have always been nasty looking to me.
  • Very interested with the mahjong (麻将) game app, store link please?
  • I wouldn't be at all surprised if this model was exclusively for China.
  • This is a dummy model, as you can see the time is 5:35. I am surprised the author failed to mention that!!
  • Me too.... Clear dummie....
    It is plastic phone.... Just to show...
    In China it's very popular dummies to show off in the store.... Once you ask they bring the real phone
  • I know... Dummies are available on every stores in India. I have a collection of all Lumia dummy models :)
  • Good eye!
  • I hope the ppl using lumia 520 can updgrade. In my opinion its ugly.
  • Yup, a true upgrade for 520 users, unlike 530.
  • Just got my 1520 in the mail today. So I'm good for a while! Super happy with it! :D
  • Enjoy!
  • +1520. This is a great phone. After this, you'll never be the same. No more looking at anything less then 6" and less powerful. Good, man!
  • 535, seriously? They should have just continued the 520 design, doing a bit changes. Or they should have just started 4xx series with this phone.
  • Stop saying its low end. It's a mid-range phone! Low end would be the 520, which has half a GB RAM, dual core processor and a smaller display.
  • Its a Nokia Lumia 625 with 1g of ram so whats new????????
  • It's a replace model for old Lumia 625.Like an owner of Lumia 525 lookin for 535 as an upgrade
  • It looks ugly with that Microsoft logo tbh. Looks worse than even Verizon logos in any phone. *sigh *
  • I kinda disagree with you on that. Verizon logo on your just deform the device, so horrific
  • Wow 535 with front cmera ,flash , 1gb ram,1.2 ghz spdragon 200??? This thing will definitely be a hit in indian can be best low end wp device... Bring it on...
  • Wow
  • Missing xmas season for a new flagship and not writing lumia on this low end device are examples of a company not market-Ing driven. Again and again and again. Microsoft, wake up. Do you wanna have a place in this market or not?
  • To grow the the market share of WP, Microsoft needs these low end devices in the huge markets like india and China. Flagship models will be better for us and uk.
  • It's just like Lumia 625 but it need to look into a high end phone as soon as possible.
  • From the pictures , it has on screen buttons .... And that is shit
  • You've good observation :)
  • No flagship ! Waited so long ! Sad face
  • I was hoping to see the next flagship device. :(
  • VGA camera.. worthy ?
    Ok.. Lets see this one too...
    I didn't invest in 530. Hope this may force me to grab it from the store this winter
  • I am pretty sure the 520 didnt have a front camera at all so this one is step up.
  • They just released the 530! :-(
  • Nice specs for a low end phone. Just want to see how much it will cost!!!
  • Exactly! If it's priced around that of 520, it'll sure be a hit!
  • Must be below 10k.
  • Yes 1gb under 10k surely break records specially in Indian markets...
  • Yeah, we've just got to wait a little more to know
  • Hope MS keeps the price close to the L530 and make WP phones a bit cheaper BTW MS got it right this time by adding rear flash and front cam in the lower segment
  • Maybe the images leaked because this is one of the "sample variants" that was set aside. Maybe the logos will be different on the version that is released. Maybe alot of things, I guess.
  • I really hope what you said is true. Not liking that logo at all.
  • Seems cool ;)
  • Maybe remaining Nokia X specs in stock will feed this handset; How bad for a Brand flagship which turned into low end affordable phone. I hope these leaks never appear to be MicroSoft SMartphone.
  • I really hope future high end devices include dual SIM like this phone.
  • The keys at the bottom should continue to be there.... They aren't visible in this pic though...
  • There should be only the windows logo. All this big "Microsoft" on the back is just too much, come on. 
  • Rear branding is awful. Looks like they used a rubber stamp. They better not put that on the back of the flagship I am waiting for. C'Mon MSFT.
  • That Elop greatest mistake. He should have put Windows in Nokia Phone instead of selling it to MS.
  • Microsoft should have just use Lumia....
  • I think it sucks. A flagship for the masses would be welcome. 830 body with 802 chip and 20mpx camera.
  • Now that's how a low ends phone specs should be not the crap Nokia was making.
  • We need a choice of msft flagship devices, not just one. The 830 is out and I still don't feel that it is worth upgrading from my 820. 930 has no glance, so no chance! I know alot on here are saying they will go to Android or Ios, and I understand the frustration, but I can't tolerate those platforms...... But things need to change soon on WP.
  • Hmmm
  • Like it.
  • Hmmm... No flagship phone? Looking to replace my 1520, but reluctantly might have to consider the Galaxy Note 4/Galaxy Note Edge...
  • Wait till wp10 dude....
  • I hear ya but wp10 is a long way away. I usually get a new phone every year. I will return to wp10... :-)
  • Same boat.....looking for a 1520 like successor soon or might go back to Galaxy Note 4 on Android
  • I agree. And as I said before, I will come back. Might go for the Galaxy Note Edge... Same specs as Note 4 but with revolutionary bent screen... Microsoft need to catch up! Love WP, but mediocre phones...
  • I have a feeling L1530 would show up with windows(phone) 10.
  • Another day, another low end phone. I understand that msft are in a bind and will probably have a great flagship available with their release of windows 10 - but for the holiday period, they're scalping themselves.
  • Onscreen keyboards after hidable..can't see that..
  • Wel they should have released it with 16 GB OF internal memory and 8 MP cam and the 1 GB of ram is enough
  • Then it wont be a low end
  • Don't say sensible things, every phone needs to have better specs for the same price, dang it! ;)
  • You really should stop complaining and whining about "I WANT A NEW FLAGSHIP! I WANT A NEW FLAGSHIP!" on *every* post, just as you were the only people interested in the brand and as you were the only true wisemen of mobile market. Really, get a grip. There will be flagship phones and low-end phones. Even if Lumia 930 was an Icon with another name, it IS a flagship phone. How months old is it? Not so much. It's clear that Microsoft has to bring out as many possible variants in the low-end category sooner as possible. Guys, USA are not the only country. Let me repeat it: USA ARE NOT THE ONLY COUNTRY. There is a world outside made of people who need and buy cheaper phone. I can understand your frustration. I live in Italy and we're accustomed to flagship phones. We pay a lot of money for that. But this is not the only reality. After this 535 - which is interesting because it gives to 530 and 630/635 a lot of points down (FFC and Flash) - there could be a Lumia 430, too. Cheaper than cheaper. Maybe, we don't know for sure but it will be strategically correct. But then, it will be flagship time. 1020 and 1520 need to be replaced even if they are clearly STILL VERY VALID PHONES. They work smoooooooooth, guys. There's no impellent need of changing them. Can you please stop whining? You're making us uncomfortable.
  • Lol, I see your point but come on... The others release a flagship and midrange year-on-year. I buy a new flagship this time of the year... I can't wait till wp10 comes out. If I go Note 4/Note Edge, I will come back. The note-writing from Samsung is miles ahead right now. And I agree, the 1520 still stacks up :-)
  • The 930 is the flagship for 2014. That's what people fail to understand Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Microsoft is betting everything on Windows 10. They are holding all top of the line devices until Windows 10 is released to make a big splash. This is why I am not buying a mini tablet until Windows 10 is released along with new Microsoft devices. This is all my opinion. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Microsoft have dropped the ball. This phone looks awful.
    They need to sit down, shake some sense into one another, & STOP releasing so many phones. It is just confusing.
    Come up with a clear strategy, build just SIX distinctly different phones that beat the rest of the market on specs and price....and then get them out to EVERY carrier;
    530 (basic)
    630 (better)
    730/830 (merge into one affordable flagship)
    930 (flagship)
    1030 (showcase device)
    1530 (phablet)
    Come on a are spreading yourself too thin, & confusing the public.
  • But there is a huge market for low-end with big screens. Your proposal doesn't cover that market.
  • Ok...make the 730 the basic setup with a big screen, & keep the 830 as the affordable flagship...
    Point being, Microsoft need to stick with the same numbering system for each generation.
    Snapdragon S4 phone are **20 series
    Snapdragon S*00 phones are **30 series phones.
    & so on.
    It is just too confusing at the moment.
  • That makes sense from a MS perspective but the carriers will never accept it. They want something distinctive and MS doesn't have the market power like apple to only put out one device across all carriers.
  • I am just waiting for a really good dual sim device. This one is still not enough.
  • That Microsoft branding on the back cover is ugly. Lumia would have been neat. I'm amazed no one in MS thought about that
  • Ok Microsoft, im not going to be over dramatic like others above and claim that im going to leave the platform(I wont, too engrained in it and the other two platforms offer me nothing that's unique) but im starting to get disillusioned simply because my 1020(a device I won) has gone the way of the dodo due to some internal battery fault even though the device is less than 1yr and Nokia has deemed it irreparable :'(. My contract is up and id like a new device but though im tempted by the 930 and 1520 I have been spoilt by the beast camera of the 1020 and cant go back to anything less(though im currently using my original 920). So in a way I can understand your thinking with the release of low/mid range devices, give the market a taste of the os to get them on board while not making a loss to produce the devices. Also its much quicker to build those devices too. Also, i can see why a release of a new flagship is pointless considering you have a new unified os to release and testing needs to be done BUT please give us a little incentive to let us know that a 1020 successor is inbound. I'm looking at build for this announcement but if earlier, then great...
  • another low end option ... its getting crowded down there while i see a gab the size of an average solar system between barely midrange 830 and the 930 ... it surely is a good idea to have some options for cheap phones to drive market share but can we have a snapdragon 8xx variant next that deserves to be named upper midrange / lower highend and can make full use of the denim features please?
  • C'mon Microsoft!!! You should give lumia 630 a front camera too and a flash if 535 can handle it :/
  • Snap200 with a 5inch might slow performance
  • Low resolution screen and the RAM upgrade should make up for the lower end processor. Don't forget that the 5xx already isn't exactly a paragon of speed. Some games take forever to load, have to keep checking the phone hasn't frozen.
  • I hear ya my friend. That's exactly my point too...if this thing has snapdragon 200 it's is going to ruin the reputation of first low end phone from MS. My expectations are at least SD 400 or any of the mid range 64bit SD processors. fingers crossed.
  • Rrrrrrrrrgh!!! As the owner of a 3 month old Lumia 630/635 I'm really disappointed that Microsoft have already made my phone obsolete. This 535 beats my phone in every respect apart from processor which doesn't matter coz it still be able to play more games than my 512mb can. Disgusted with Microsoft, I had enjoyed WP and was planning to upgrade to a better Flagship early next year but not giving them any money with practices like this. iPhone 6 here I come. Rant over.
  • It was obsolete the day you bought it. Just like any other low-end phone.
  • This sounds like a Apple troll. Who moves from a lowend 635 to a iPhone 6?
  • I know this is off topic so apologies... But one of the main reasons I bought Windows phone was for the unrivalled integration of office apps and services... Now MS has released a new better (than WP) version of office for iphone and all MS services are available for that device and Android what's the compelling reason to buy a Windows Phone device?
  • Did Microsoft hire someone from Verizon? Does the navigation bar hide? Nl 625 via Nl 1320. All in all it looks good. Usually more than one device is announced and I am of the opinion that more than one device will be unveiled.
  • Any exchange offers for 525 users ? :p
  • It is actually very impressive for an entry level device...from Microsoft, finally a complete entry level option, dual sim, front facing camera, rear shooter with flash, if it's priced near to 90usd it should be a champion. Having the Microsoft brand on the front literally have me a headache though, literally, still hurting now. Having Lumia branded on the front and Microsoft on the back should be the only option, ONLY.
    Well, once again it seems its time for the horse and pony show without a flagship device, many years ago many people left Sony Ericson T Series phones, great full featured camera phone, and never returned because of their slowness on producing a worthy flagship smartphone, an exodus to Samsung and in my case Nokia, the N96 to be exact, and I have been on "Nokia" ever since. Careful Microsoft, at least start teasing a LUMIA, yes, LUMIA flagship or something, and make it good.
    Something in the way of a 1030 and 103X...5" and 6" variants, I like the idea of 61mp 10X lossless zoom, 64 to 128gb internal with sd slot...lets never make the mistake of leaving out the expansion slot again...and cutting edge tech, not that lacking dying tech the 1020 got.
    And yes, lets not forget and 1530.
    Both priced under $600, that's right, you want to beat the champions Microsoft? You have to fight harder, why would any Android or ios user jump ship without more reliable, Innovative,cutting edge features for a noticeably better price? Heck, I am barely hanging in here and I have been with Nokia for so very long. Now that the Symbian file freedom and USB to Go is gone the only thing keeping me here is the free offline turn by turn navigation and the hope of a super camera, literally.
  • I'm also hanging by a thread. Got a 1520 for 10 months now. But ill keep waiting as I feel something SUPERIOR flagship phone will come out when Windows 10 comes out.
  • I always thought it would read Lumia on the front, MS in the back.
  • Wow a 5inch screen for the lumia 5xx line.. Wish the front cam was better though... Front cam on all lumias except 730 sucks ass.... My 1520 front cam takes bad photos
  • Wouldn't it be better off being called a 630 successor??
  • I do like it
  • I do like it, Microsoft logo looks great on the phone
  • This is what people wanted with the 5xx Lumia line up 1 gig of ram, ffc Camera and flash!
  • Just posted that with the right price, this will be my next phone. I own a 521 and even though a hard reset and the Denim update seemed to fix all my lag issues, those are all my only real complaints with this phone (though best phone I've ever used BY FAR for the $50 sale price I got it at).
  • It should have been Lumia at the front and Microsoft at the back. Anyway, if this device sells less than US $100, I will buy one as a secondary phone to my yellow 1520.
  • I want LUMIA In front and Microsoft on back..
  • 95% of potential buyers of WP don't even know WP exists. As far as they are concerned there is android and ios. Marketing wise nobody has ever informed them there is a WP alternative. Unfortunately the same goes for the people in the stores selling phones. Ms can release a 100 different models, if they are not in the stores and if people don't know anything else exists besides ios and android, that is all wasted effort and money. As it stands now they are busy positioning themselves in the market as a cheapo product, this pretty much eliminates iPhone users as future buyers. They don't want to be caught dead with a bottom of the market phone. This leaves android users, who already have a zillion cheapo phones to choose from with generally better specs and more apps. Ms can only take over these markets by buying them with high end specs and low end prices. Once they have a market share of 10% they can change their strategy. I find this new phone to be tacky looking, green and shiny is just too much.
  • India here has 12% wp market share and ranks 3rd after micromax and Samsung. Though ppl go for androids more even here too but the ppl who ahve veen buying Lumia arent considering market share but considering a quality budget phone.
  • Shouldn't Cortana be Xiao Na in China?
  • So it's basically a Blu Win HD...
  • Microsoft once again demonstrating why they have almost no market share. Maybe they should sell their cheap phones at McDonald's, buy two Big Macs and get a Windows Phone for 12.99
  • Actually, as much as I'd love to see a big, beautiful flagship (15x0, 1030) right out the gate, cheap international phones are almost without a doubt the biggest reason they even have the market share they do (go ahead and look up their sales numbers by phone).
  • It's a dummy model. Also the Microsoft logo on the front looks as bad a everyone feared it would be. Leaving the space blank would be an improvement.
  • TOLDYA ITS 535!
  • This should not have been their first device. We want a halo phone.
  • They're leaving Lumia for the higher specced models.
  • It's design is poor.. My lumia 520 is still far better than this. It's back should be engraved just with MS logo.. Don't include the word. And the front can be engraved with "lumia" with all-caps like nokia before, or maybe "microsoft" isn't so bad... But this time lumia is just getting bad design year by year for low-end devices.. Its look cheap than i own lumia 520..
  • People on Verizon looking for a phone during the holiday season are gonna see this and write WP off as a "cheap" handset provider. Missing by the way the idiot employees his the icon Anna now HTC in a dark corner, they might even be the ones who tell them this.
  • Meh. Low end
  • Now the 630/635 are just pointless
  • Pretty much.
  • Replacement of Lumia 520/530/525
  • Still waiting for 1030 to give a shot.
  • Will it be available in India..????
  • Figured it was going to be a bargain phone considering the "everyday mobile technology to everyone" line. So it seems like this is gonna be a world wide release, wonder what it will mean for carriers in the US? Would be fantastic if it were releasing on all four major carriers at the same time.
    Anyway, with the right (read: Cheap!) off contract price, this will be my next phone. I'm using a 521, which works great now that I have finally have Cyan and Denim, but screen size, RAM, no FFC and no flash are my only real complaints and they all seem to be addressed here (that does look like a tiny LED flash on the back, doesn't it?).
  • In the 2nd photo, the dummy unit has MS word, PowerPoint and Excel tiles (in addition to the normal office tile above). Does this mean we r getting the new office sooner rather than later?
  • so this is the new phone they gonna unveil ? was thinking they will launch a flagship
  • No never buying this will just upgrade to Lumia 730 from my good old 520
  • Ahh, more "we want a flagship" tears. LMAO
  • Another low end device not even mid range? Ugh. And that gloss.. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I found an image, it's the many colours of the Lumia 535 :)   The colours are Blue, Orange and Green   EDIT: I can't post the image as it triggers the spam filter D:
  • Looking great....beautiful device, but does it have a quad core or a dual core processor?? Coz snapdragon 200 Is used as dual core as well as quad core in some phones.
  • This is a real 520 successor. They actually improved it instead of making it thicker, slower, smaller, and have a worse screen.
  • Me a baby and Brazilian so me say "me" instead of "I". Me wanty a flaggy ship fone! Jk, im American lmfao. MORE FLAGSHIP CRYS, BAHAHAHAHA!
  • snapdragon 200? really disappointed.i am still hoping it to have snapdragon 210 or any of the new 64 bit processors with global LTE bands . 200 is ultra low end and that too with first Microsoft branded Lumia phone?
  • Looks good so far, nice logo
  • Pretty much what i expected.
  • We need some flagship trend setting phones..... Lumia 5xy series is fine ..... Give us some high end phones.
  • Absolutely.... This is getting ridiculous!!!!
  • 1 GB RAM, front camera, flash. It's best low end Lumia.
  • Super spec but size large
  • Oh, so this is what happened to the Nokia X devices that were "repurposed" for Windows Phone!
  • Microsoft phones(tee hee) don't need Lambo engines to run. Similar to iPhones. That said, it makes purchasing one easy as fuck and guarantees you will get your money's worth even if you don't have much of it. As much as I complain about my 630 I also love it. It really makes my original plan of "use this phone and get an iPhone 6 unlocked when they release" really difficult to stay focused on. That is fucking brilliant and admittedly totally unexpected. I think you guys are really taking for granted what these phones accomplish with "low-end specs". IPhones only release in "flagship" and still use dual core processors and as of the 6 release, NOW have 1gb of RAM. No troll, but someone please humor me and say that iPhones run like crap or are incapable of running xx app because of this. Optimization is far more paramount than specs IMHO and Microsoft nails it.
    Posted from my Nokia 630
  • +620
  • me too
  • Do we know if its the snapdragon 200 or the 208/210?
  • Where is the high-end stuff?
  • Is this nokia XL with windows os   ​
  • i like this more then the 530
  • Looks fine. Price point will be critical here. If its priced really low, as the 535 model number would make one hope, this could become a huge seller. Assuming also global availability which is not necessarily given or make again take a while, especially given 530s and 63xs already in retail channel.
  • WOW Microsoft on the front and the back? They need to get their branding down because this looks horrible. Would you want a flagship phone with Microsoft written on the phone like that?
  • I agree.  Microsoft on the front, especially, is just atrocious!  Hopefully, this is just an experiment with the branding, and when they get serious, they'll exclude that 'Microsoft' on the subsequent devices.  I just can't see myself carrying a phone with 'Microsoft' on it.  The Windows logo, is OK; 'Microsoft' - just no! I will be using my Lumia 1020 for a very long time otherwise.
  • Big and cheap
  • The first Microsoft phone should be a monster flagship, I hope this is a trick and then they launch two phones and other is a flagship, fingers crossed
  • Looks good can't wait for my upgrade
  • Wow more low end phones! When will I stop! I mean doesn't ms have enough low end phones out there . How many high end 2 maybe 3. And there old ones at that, the m8 maybe new to ms but still old .
  • Perfect Phone for me if the price is right.
  • Glossy gloss Glossy Glossy
  • The logo should be similar to what Apple does on their iPhones; the middle back should have the Microsoft 4 squares logo only and then lower back should say Lumia.
  • Sounds good; but more importantly to me, from an aesthetics point of view, the word 'Microsoft' on the front is horrendous. Microsoft branding on the back can easily be remedied with a case; 'Microsoft' on the front under the earpiece - gotta get a little more creative to cover that up, but I experimented with a solution that I think will work :)
  • It actually has a light for camera at least
  • Yep. I considered the 635 (now very happy with an 830), and this phone addresses just about all of the doubts I had on 635: 1gb ram, flash, ffc, and bigger screen. As long as the performance is "good enough" it will be a hit. And for all of you "where's my flagship" whiners, get over it. MS has clearly stated that they are focused on growing their cloud services. You do that by increasing the total number if devices being used in the wild. Cheap phones that are widely adopted in India and China will help that strategy much more than a new flagship in the U.S. That being said, I do think that there is some possibility of announcing U.S. availability of the 930, since Verizon has abandoned the Icon.
  • Snapdragon 200!! Seriously....??
  • 8GD internal of memory with a 5 inch screen,I'll past. This phone is just like Nokia Lumia 1320.
  • Is it me or the Microsoft branding on the back is just above the surface unlike Nokia which comes embossed in the body? If its written on the surface with paint, i would love to remove it by scratching :D
  • Specs are interesting for a low end. 1gb ram is great.
  • Cool, with 1gb ram, front camera, flash ... For a 535, cool device :)
  • So very bright. Not afraid to use good colors! Thumbs up
  • Need to release a flagship tbh this is a bit meh
  • I don't trust Chinese. It looks like a fake.
  • I think a lot of people are missing the point with this release. If you read the teaser it says for everyone. The 530/630 is not for everyone. Without a front facing camera you are cutting out the 30 and under generation that take selfies at events. Without a flash you are cutting out most of users who use their phone as a camera. With 1gb of RAM you wont have any issues not running certain apps. If this is truly the new 535. Wow. We get these specs on the most entry level device in the portfolio. Nokia didn't give us those. It will only get better as we get higher into each series.
  • Y A W N
  • About time, a company adds 1GB of ram to a low end Windows Phone. Finally, they got the message
  • This makes no sense compared to the 635. If this 535 had Clearblack - a cheap polarizer that improves the screen tremendously yet costs next to nothing - it would be a GREAT purchase. Similarly, the 635 is a great buy but it only has 512mb RAM and lacks a front camera & flash/sensors. Stupid hardware decisions Add Clearblack (they ALL should have it by now, it's so cheap) to the 535 and it becomes a great buy. Add a front camera, flash\sensors and 1gb RAM to the 635 and it becomes a great buy. In their current condition, both 535 and 635 are horrible compromises, making them a mediocre buy an not worth the time/price. I'll happily replace my cracked 920 with a 6xx, but it has to have a minimum amount of acceptable hardware decisions.
  • Ugh, another low end phone? And what's with the oddball resolution? I was hoping Microsoft's acquisition would lead to the lineup getting simplified. Obviously that's not going to happen.
  • enough of those low-end plastic toys!
  • Oh great another cheap crap budget phone...just what we need...hard to stay loyal to wp
  • They should go with just the Microsoft logo instead and maybe only on the back and for instance here in the states for AT&T have their globe logo on the front like my 1520 and MS logo on the back. That would be minimalistic and cool.
  • pleaseee put the LUMIA brand on the front(((
  • Microsoft are scared to take a Big risk, Nokia took, if they continue with low end phones, WP will die prematurely...
  • If this is the start of the Microsoft branding, then I'll wait for the 925 replacement with SD card support, full hd 5" oled screen, 32gb storage, Qi and NFC, large battery and quad core or I'll go to Android.
  • I've joined WC so I can bitch
  • Seems like all the things I've felt have been missing from my 520 are in this phone. If O2 in the UK have this phone, then I will likely buy it.
  • Finally! Idk why Microsoft doesn't like to put flash and front cameras on cheap devices, finally they change there mind. Maybe windows phone can finally compete with moto g. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Again, this phone us not worth an announcement unless it's contract free and works on ALL CARRIERS. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • OMG, I really wish people would get a grip. Yes, it kind of sucks that there is not a true flagship this year, but personally I would rather hang onto my 920 and wait for a Win10 device. For whatever reason the McLaren was canceled I have to believe it was a technical problem that something just didn't work like they wanted.
  •    Finally! The 520 gets a true successor.
  • Maybe that is the RM-1090 that Mcrosoft are planning for next week
  • I'll be surprised if MS brings flash to the 5xx series, but that sure would be nice as long as it doesn't significantly raise prices for low-end users.
  • Now that is awesome specs for a 53* series. It's a long shot from Lumias 520 and 525.
  • If this is real then they're doomed. Why release a low end device as first launch? I don't get it, it looks identical to the low end Nokia Lumia phones that we've already seen
  • Wow Finally! 1GB of Ram and Front facing camera... And flash!! In a low-cost device.
  • 7 colors? I don't think so... Look at the second picture... behind the smartphone it shows all the colors e can have... So... The yellow is back! bye bye ugly orange! :)
  • Finally low-end device with 1GB of RAM!!!!
  • I like all Microsoft products, haha, Look forward to new products   ____________________________________________________ coque iphone 6 housse iphone 6 plus
  • will the hardware quality be same like nokia lumia?