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Alleged Lumia 535 with Microsoft branding leaked in China

Lumia 535

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it will be launching the first Windows Phone with its branding on November 11. It looks like the device may turn out to be the Lumia 535, as images of a handset with that name sporting Microsoft's branding have surfaced on China's Tieba, an online community powered by Baidu.

Lumia 535

From the images, Microsoft branding is clearly visible at the front and the back of the handset. As for specs, earlier leaks point to a 5-inch qHD screen (960 x 540), 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal memory, 5 MP camera with flash, VGA front shooter and a 1,900 mAh battery. The device is rumored to be available in a total of seven color variants, and is said to offer dual-SIM functionality.

What do you guys think of the leaked images?

Source: Tieba

Thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip!

  • Wow..... Too glossy..... :) Looks like 625 and 1320
  • Yea, very observant. I'd have expected a 6MP cam though ;)
  • Would like to see Microsoft logo being more subtle.
  • I would too.
  • +1020
  • ++1
  • It's just as subtle as the Nokia one. In fact more subtle, because its not in all-caps. Edit: I missed the picture of the back. Yep, that one is pretty in-your-face.
  • I also prefer the tilted 4 squares for the logo. As on the Lumia 930. Just looks better to me.
  • The tilted version is the Windows logo, the flat one is the Microsoft logo. To put the tilted logo there they'd also have to replace the Microsoft text with 'Windows'.
  • Ah, did not know this. Thank you.
  • No they don't need to replace it, they just made a poor choice, surfaces had the windows logo and were not forced to write Windows instead of surface stop making shit up.
  • See the Microsoft logo and company name here:
  • Lol!
  • They can't use the Windows logo and put Microsoft next to it. It needs to have Windows next to it or nothing at all. It's important to not mix branding.
  • Actually, you are correct @Nabkawe5
  • That's just the contrast on this colour. It's crazy luminous so will stand out. Be more subtle on blacks and silvers!
  • Since MS can't market, maybe this will help
  • I know that's a joke, but no. I work in branding and I know how important it is to abide by branding rules and not mix logos.
  • True! Just the emblem symbol would have done
  • Microsoft Branding is something that's always been too subtle.  I love seeing it on the phone.
  • It's not too bad compared to the Verizon logo this is tiny lol...
  • The logo doesn't bother me. Most people don't even notice that stuff.
  • Plastic dummie... Not real phone
  • I'm thinking that too. The dummies have this low production value. The back plate especially looks like one. The actual device will be much more subtle. EDIT: In fact you're right. Note the time: 5:35. Same as the model number. This only happens on renders and dummy phones. Also the fonts and icons are slightly off and sometimes stretched. And the People tile is the same in all photos when instead it should be animating. These photos are of a low quality dummy prop, not a production quality device.
  • It sick , why another low end phone, huge disappointment here
  • Aahh my eyes...
  • They should've put Lumia on front! Unfortunately that's definitely not happening...
  • Exactly. People just started to recognize the Lumia brand, and they put huge Microsoft logos everywhere. Don't they understand that a lot of wp costumers bought Lumia devices because of Nokia? I guess that they believe in Microsoft brand way too much.
  • They don't have a choice, they can only use the Nokia name for feature phones.
  • i have 2 lumias with me now, but basically i think nobody ever buy a Lumia just because of "Nokia" logo on it, i think everybody buy Lumia because they want Windows Phone and because they know what special feature Nokia can offer us ( the Glance, the free Here ..... ). As long as the device still get the soul inside, i dont mind if it is branded as MS Lumia or Nokia Lumia
  • Damn insightful post. Seriously. Wish more people thought like you.
  • I just purchased the Lumia 535 some weeks ago and i must say i am very much impressed with it. I really don't see any issue with the branding. Microsoft now owns Nokia and has released a series of it called 'Lumia'. Definitely it has the right to attach its name on it. Too much details spoils the fun of branding. Apple products do not give much branding to their products; one only sees 'ipad' on their boxes and that's it. But through successful marketing everyone knows who the ipad series belongs to. From where I come, we have a proverb that says, 'quality stuff sells themselves' (literal translation) which points to the fact that once you manage to build a giant name for yourself or your product, branding does not necessarily matter to the customer...
  • Lumia never had a logo or word mark though. That would need a whole new branding exercise.
  • Samsung going metal Microsoft going plastic
  • Lumia was already plastic.
  • First, it's a very low-end device. Second, Lumias plastic has always been much better than Samsung's.
  • How did you know it is a very low end phone not low end?
  • This looks better in than previous low end 5xx models tho. When Microsoft finally gets around to announcing that flagship device next year I'm sure they won't disappoint. 
  • It looks like the iPhone 5c.
  • it turned out to be fine... the brand name in front and at the back... it's not that awful as some others said on other articles..  IMO
  • I certainly like that it has ffc and flash. ALL phones should have that, low end or not. The branding on the back is a bit obnoxious. What I want is a 1030 of course... not sure just how many low end phones we need... can't we throw some dev dollars towards a high end? I know they don't sell as well, buy it's very important to keep the tech enthusiasts on the platform... they sell to their friends.
  • The green case for the 620 was glossy too, but the white one was mat, this might have different finishes depending on the color too
  • it is Microsoft Lumia right? But I cant see the "Lumia" sign anywhere, just Microsoft. To be honest, this looks bad, we have enough of this low/mid range devices and it looks terrible IMO.  
  • It was Nokia Lumia and you couldn't see Lumia written anywhere back then. Stop complaining just for the sake of it!
  • ^ This
  • Youre actually right. Didnt thought of it that way. It just looks weird with Microsoft on it. I guess I was used to Nokia more.   But it doesnt change my opinion that it looks bad and it didnt attracts the attention that WP should get.
  • It looks fine
  • I am with you .. I want "Lumia" back .. Not just fucking Microsoft ... No one will by a phone with just' Microsoft ' on it ... It ugly
  • If you don't like Microsoft I guess you should't be liking the WP platform too. Lumia is the name of the product family (Microsoft's smartphones; they've Asha and basic phones too as their product families) and every company on earth, esp., phone manufacturers put their name on the product rather than the product family name...
  • What Lumia sign? There's never been one.
  • People this is not the actual phone. It is a plastic dummie
  • Loved the 625 ;) #indestructible
  • Of topic : Can somebody give me some tips ; i have a problem with the vibrator motor in L920 it is not vibrating... Has somebody experienced that ?! :( and i dont wanna give it to the service to change the motor . Whats hould i do to fix it :/
  • Start by posting a forum on it
  • There's not an easy fix. It's a hardware problem, not software.
  • Make sure you didn't turn off vibration in SETTINGS > TOUCH (navigation bar).
  • Looks like the rm-1090 both have a vga ffc and both a flash
  • It's not a real phone, it's the dummy pro for in-store display. They are often more glossy than the phone because they don't use the real material.
  • Interesting device for the low end...
  • Boot screen should change to microsoft or it remains the same"Nokia"
  • haha..that would be ridiculous if it still boots with "nokia".
  • It will not have the Nokia boot logo because it's not a Nokia phone Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So this is what they're going to unveil on 11th November? Too bad I was expecting 1030.
  • I hope the unveil a new flagship
  • This may not be the only thing that's on the cards though. We may see other devices too.
  • Tell me more, Harish! *_*
  • Sam commented +1525(back when this site had a redesign), You're saying we might get something more, Microsoft did an unexpected release for the Band... I'm keeping my hopes up for "other devices"...
  • Guessing a new flagship will come with Windows 10..
  • Daniel Rubino and Tom Warren, among others who are very well positioned, have been saying "no flagship this year" since McLaren was canceled. You guys keep wanting to believe that your own speculations about new flagships this year are true, although those speculations are based on nothing... Just don't come here crying when you finally understand that your hopes weren't true.
  • It's a rumour bro
  • There was no reason to expect a 1030, clues that this would be a low end phone have been here all along.
  • Yes but considering the 1020's popularity, I was expecting Microsoft to make a move in that direction.
  • ^ I don't agree with you. Low end lumias are much more popular. I own Lumia 1020 myself.....
  • I am DYING for a 1030, but we do have to realize sales were not good. Microsoft is definitely selling way more on the low end. But it is important to have high end phones on the platform... it's bad press otherwise, and the tech enthusiasts will leave and start badmouthing.
  • @poddie +920 +1020
  • Go to the r/windowsphone subreddit and you'll find that's pretty much all we do. A lot of people jumping ship cuz they have NOTHING to upgrade to unless they want a 1520 on ATT (or outright buy for tmo). Not everyone wants a big screen and people aren't friendly toward the M8 as they would be a 930.
  • Of course sales where not good, MS decide to give all the good phones to AT&T. I would have bought one if it was available at T-mobile. I really think the exclusivity with only AT&T is really hurting windows phone sales.
  • Seriously, have you looked at the ATT line up? They have 5 options, the 1520 (to big), 1020 (old, really only offers a camera over the 920), low end 635,  the 830 (while a decent phone hardly a flagship), and finally the HTC M8, the only true flagship but not without it's issues. The really top phones (ie. Icon, Samsung ATIV SE, M8 for a while) all went to Verizon this year and they refuse to support them with 8.1/cyan.  
  • If there is no top end phone like the 1030 released this year in switch to android
  • Bbye ed1444..we will miss you
  • I will not miss him! Why would I miss anyone who even considers Android, the worst OS ever, a viable alternative?
  • This is really getting old with their stupid low-ends, and why the duplicity in branding !! It should've been Lumia on the front and Microsoft on the back, I thought they bought the Lumia brand for that.
  • Yeah just like Nokia used to do, right? No duplicity!! Oh... wait... Nokia also used to have duplicated logos on the front and back of their phones...
  • Don't you know? Complaining is the new in thing these day on WC.
  • That is no freaking joke man. I usually don't even fiddle around with comments because of whining childish crap like this, but I happened to be interested in this device and actually signed in for once. No more for me, though.
  • Yeah man, I really love and am proud of the Lumia branding on my 521! Oh wait, it just says NOKIA on the front and the back.
  • It's was Nokia on the front and Nokia in the back... Why people are complaining when Lumia doesn't even have a logo? ¬¬
  • Windows Phone really needed a new low end device, its not like they have released four already this year...
  • I wish that thing had some respectable specs!!!! Come on! FLAGSHIP NEEDED.
  • Which ones are respectable and which are not? Lol
  • ALL the specs are low end! 1.2GHz, 1 GB ram, 8 GB storage...
  • Ok I will give a 42.2 ghhz...128 Gb ram...1 tb storage..and a 100mp camera...with windows 99....are u now happy...this is ur flagship...ohhh...with 21..inch screen
  • So you're arguing that competitive specs are too much to ask for?...
  • well, this isn't really low end, more like midrange, and probably not too expensive
  • Sure, if you want to break it into 3 sections, it's medium end....but that's kind of beside the point. Releasing phones like this continues the trend of phones that get forgotten about.
  • 52X didnt get forgotten about.
  • I'm switching to android if there's no 1030 or other super high end phone before 2015
  • Then I suggest you start looking already because we already know there is not goig to be any flagship, most likely until Windows 10. B-bye!
  • K Den
  • The black logo looks ugly as fuck. From a distance the 4 little squares look like one fat spot, it screams. I hate screaming branding.
    On my L920 it looks subtle the Nokia branding.
    A next flagship better has more subtle branding or i ain't buying it.
  • You wouldn't buy a phone because the logo on the front is too bold?  
  • On the back.
  • I think people are pointing out that its a dummy device so the branding looks more polished on the final product
  • Only if the price is right!
  • Is this for real?
  • Guess so. Looks like the Lumia 530 with a larger screen.
  • No it is a plastic dummie
  • Another day, another low-end with 2012-spec Lumia.
  • Can we get that Microsoft label imprinted on the existing Nokia devices?
  • Nope
  • Get a hot metal nail and try it yourself....... ;)
  • Hahaha xD
  • No. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes.
    Posted via the Windows Central App for Windows Phone
  • Pretty nice looking
  • Well, where is ziss optics and glance screen feature??? It should be, common Microsoft, please don't ditch everything....
  • That's for flagship devices
  • if it had amoled and a proximity sensor it would have glance
  • 930 has both, yet no glance. Too much to ask for a low-mid end device.
  • You seem to not grasp the concept of low end phones... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This is o very good upgrade to 520. I hope price ranges to 520 - 530 models.
  • Agree. I would consider buying this as a back up phone for my Nokia 1320. Specs are good if it is released as a low end phone... Plus it looks damn good!
  • It's definitely the Lumia 535. Look at the time on the device. That's how they always do it. It's quite unfair though for the Lumia 630/635. This one has a front camera and a flash, and it's just a 535. No CBD though, I see :-) Windows Central App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000
  • It's simple... If you don't care for 1GB RAM, front cam/flash, get a 63x. If you want those, get a 535. If you want the cheapest of all, get the 530.
  • If you can find them still, grab the 520/1 over the 530.
  • +630
  • Good to know but I just care about the Lumia Denim for my 1520
  • You can take a look at the forums to see if it's available to other users in your region.
  • How many 5xx series we have so far this year? Seems too much.
  • Only the 530 was released in 2014. In 2013 they released the 520 and 525, so no difference there.
  • you have seen one 5xx in 2014 its 530
  • very glossy
  • if  that background image is to be believed it should be a 4.5" phone.
  • That's the Lumia 630 listed in the background. Notice the bottom right corner of the device.
  • Oh ...great!!!
  • Button your shirt.
  • Hey, if you've got it
  • That logo is just horrific. Who did they hire to design that, someone from Apple? Just to make sure that it doesn't lure anyone to buy a Lumia?
  • I liked the front logo but the logo on the back looks rather cheap. Should've designed it the way Nokia did.
  • I feel the front should have had "LUMIA" in Nokia font. That Microsoft logo looks real bad at the front.
  • It really is; very amateurish! :-( Not sure it'll actually affect sales numbers, but it'll sure make me curl my toes every time I look at it...
  • Agreed..should have been more subtle.. I liked the way nokia used to do it..
  • The four squares is what is ruining it.
  • what are you talking about logo looks great
  • As I guess.
  • 1: I'm not too crazy about the rounded corner design; I far prefer the sharp corners of the 1520 and 720, or the flattened ends of the 1020. 2: WP is overflowing with low-end and mid-range devices; enough already! We need a fresh high-end device to take over from the aging 930 and 1520, and we desperately need a 1020-successor to bring that fantastic camera tech up to date, if not for a sales profit then simply as a branding mechanism...
  • I think these will appear with Windows 10...
  • Whenever that will be...
  • I don't know that I've ever heard of someone that prefers sharp corners on their phone. Rounded corners are much nicer to hold.
  • Rounded corners may be much nicer to hold but sharp corners of the 1520 / 720 looks way better.
  • Hey why you forget the 520? Its the face of Windows Phone. And I like its sharp edges.
  • OMG!!!!flash...
  • No thanks. I'll stick with my 1020 until better comes...
  • Until there is no successor of 1020 or 1520 better leave this Microsoft platform and go back to the device that actually releasing flagship.. I am 1520 user but i am so pissed the fact Microsoft is slowly killing windows phone.
  • So if they rereleased 930 with 801/805 are you going to buy it? As I can't see anything to be outdated
  • Disappointed right now. Same old sh*t of Microsoft, well at least it has different colors.
  • Seems decent low end device. Balance of all.
  • I actually like the gloss on my 1520. It makes the red really standout. Sure it will do the same for green on this phone. Price it at $49 off contract and you have yourself a hit. I see Lumia 520's everywhere! No reason this wont be the best selling Lumia during the holidays.
  • Looks bad Microsoft cheated we 525 users : Angry: If this phone was in pipe line y three hell they announced 525
  • 525 is almost a year old device by now.
  • yes.
  • Looks pretty decent if you ask me but it'll cannibalize 630/635 sales. That numbering just doesn't make any sense whatsoever, this should be the 638 or something along those lines. It's also possible that it'll only be available in emerging markets like India/Asia. The dual SIM is a strong indicator, carriers in Europe and the US don't want you to use two SIM cards.
  • Since they've made a mess of the numbering, this is what think their naming should be like with windows 10.
    Lumia A = 9xx series
    Lumia B= 13xx (B for big)
    Lumia B+= 15xx
    Lumia C = 8xx
    Lumia D= 7xx
    Lumia E= 6xx
    Not sure if they should keep the 5xx because F= fail.
  • Sadly, the numbering system has been a mess for a while. Granted, you and I get it, but when I go to multiple retailers to check out a 1020 as a replacement for my beloved 920 (Rest in Pieces) and I'm informed that the 1020 isn't out yet (and it had been out for a couple months at this time), but the 921/930/Lumia (yes, he just said the Nokia Lumia is coming out soon, this was Best Buy with multiple Lumias already on sale) you know there's failures on many fronts.
  • I would change it to this   Lumia X = 9xx Lumia X Plus = 15xx Lumia A = 8xx Lumia B = 7xx Lumia G = 6xx Lumia E = 5xx Lumia C = 10xx