Alltel Touch Gets ROM Update: EVDO Rev A

Alright, the Alltel Touch (see our Hands-On here) is officially the best of the Touch devices available today. More memory and power than the GSM version (though it does lack WiFi), smaller than the just-introduced-to-the-US Touch Dual, less likely to force you to use crapware than the Sprint Touch, and has a 4th side to the TouchFLO Cube, unlike the Verizon Touch.

Oh, here's one more reason: Alltel has already managed to crank out a ROM Update for the little guy. The update adds some sweetness:

  • Adds EVDO Rev. A capability for faster download and upload speeds
  • Improves Bluetooth performance, fixing connectivity issues with some headsets and other devices.
  • Adds ability to receive video messages.

That last point must grate on Sprint users just a little bit, eh? Maybe someday you'll get MMS. Meanwhile Alltel folks have everybody else beat.

WC Staff