Amazing Spider-Man and Real Soccer 2013 swing onto Xbox Windows Phone 8

The recent launch of Asphalt 7: Heat on Windows Phone 8 was just the shot of vitality that Microsoft’s newest mobile OS needed. Considering the rocky start that Xbox Live releases have had this year, we might have expected a puzzle game or no release at all. Well, we needn’t fear such a bleak scenario this week either. Hot off of Asphalt 7’s heels, Gameloft will follow up today with not one, but TWO new Xbox games for Windows Phone 8. And one of them is even free! Are your minds blown yet, mobile gamers?

Yes, two of the 12 Gameloft games announced last year have popped up today: The Amazing Spider-Man and Real Soccer 2013/Real Football 2013. We haven’t put them through their paces just yet, but we do have plenty of details, screens, and pricing! Note that both titles require 1GB of RAM, so they won’t work on the Lumia 620, HTC 8S, and other low-memory devices.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Gameloft’s mobile Spider-Man title is based on the 2012 movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. The film has some structural problems due to a major last-minute change in story that required numerous reshoots, but I absolutely love it for its superior acting, Spidey action, and authenticity to the comics.

The game adheres to the movie’s basic structure, complete with cinematic sequences voiced by so-so sound-alikes. However, Gameloft’s adaptation is completely different from the console title from Activision. Both games use the classic Spider-Man 2 movie game as a template for their gameplay though, so they do share some similarities. And who doesn’t want a free-roaming Spider-Man game to play on the go? Super villains, that’s who.

Get ready for some sticker shock, as The Amazing Spider-Man costs $6.99, the highest mobile Xbox pricing tier. That’s how much it runs on iOS and Android too, though of course those versions are far likelier to go on sale than this one. Plus we are talking about a console quality game here, other than the voice acting. How much does the Xbox 360 game sell for again?

While it costs a lot more than Asphalt 7 (which needed to be cheap in order to build an online community), Amazing Spider-Man still offers optional in-app purchases. Here players can buy in-game currency in order to advance in the game quicker, just like Asphalt 7. This currency can be spent on health refills, new moves, and unlockable costumes such as the black suit from Spider-Man 3.

Of course, gamers can simply earn money through normal gameplay and grinding, so the microtransaction element doesn’t hurt the game. Protip: buy upgrades that increase XP and currency gains before anything else to naturally speed things up.

Get The Amazing Spider-Man here at the Windows Phone Store. File size: 565 MB (requires approximately 2 GB of space to install)

QR: Amazing Spider-Man

Real Soccer 2013

Real Soccer 2013

Alright, so the first Real Soccer for Windows Phone 7 was a horrible mess of missing modes and broken Achievements. But Gameloft is taking Windows Phone 8 development much more seriously, so this version should come with less bugs while retaining all of the iOS game’s modes and features. Fingers crossed!

The real reason to get excited for Gameloft’s latest soccer game is obvious though: it’s free! Yes, Real Soccer 2013 has become the first free Xbox Windows Phone 8 game. As you might expect, it relies heavily on in-game purchases in order to speed up progression. The necessary currency can be earned through gameplay as well, but it takes a lot longer to progress without spending real money in this one.

Real Soccer also boasts the FIFPro license, off-the-field simulation aspects like building facilities for your team, and motion-captured animations. I’ve never been too good at soccer games, but given the sharp visuals and free price, I might have to give this one a chance. Plus it looks like the Achievements will be stackable for users who download both versions through regional trickery.

Windows Phone Store links: Real Soccer 2013 (US and Canada) Real Football 2013 (the rest of the world). File size: 809 MB (requires approximately 4 GB of space to install)

QR: Real Soccer 2013

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I downloaded real soccer to try it out, but real football isn't available for the L920.
  • It's region-locked.
  • To which regions? It doesn't appear to be on the store at all in the UK on my 8X
  • Give it a day or so to show up. The store updates at different times for different users, annoyingly. That's why we always get these "Not available for my device" comments whenever a new game comes out.
  • Football is for the UK and Soccer is for the US.
  • Makes sense!
  • The animations on Real Soccer are not running really smooth. Game runs fine. (L920)
  • Real Soccer being free is not a positive thing. It just means you are limited to tiny amounts of play unless you continually pump money into it. Its a horrible way to sell a game and shouldn't be allowed by MS. I would much rather pay 5 quid for a game and play it when I wanted to for as long as I wanted to.
  • Real Soccer 2013 is freemium on all platforms. If MS prohibited it, we wouldn't get the game on WP. The free-to-play model is extremely important in the world of mobile games, much as some users object to it.
  • Freemium titles are abundant on the other OS's.  In fact on our ios devices  almost every "free" game we download implement this.  Many of my kids have titles are flat out annoying how they implement.  Regularly a popup will stop gameplay and ask for you to purchase some gems, coins, etc.  A mermaid game for my daughter is the worst.  You can do absolutly zero unless you spend the cash.
     I agree that paying one time price would be awesome for myself.  I would like two options, the freemium and a regular price to unlock the title.  I am happy titles like this are available.  You and I may rather pay a one time fee, others may not.  In fact I always read the other opinion, "should be freeeeee".  Games are even rated poorly by some because of a price of .99 cents!  Cannot make everyone happy. 
  • Get used to seeing it more. I anticipate Xbox and PS4 will feature the free\low price upfront model, which then offers you micro transactions as a pay while you play model.
  • Nothing Major, of course...but the actress that you're thinking of is Emma Stone, as opposed to Emma Watson :)
  • Oh, thanks for catching that. :)
  • Awesome! Things are really picking up for wp8!
  • Awsome now this is news not 1995 shit old games thanks Paul :) great stuff was waiting for these games ;D
  • +1
    Finally we are starting to see worthy games for a dual core CPU phone...Maybe they will start bringing the standard up and everyone will follow...
    Sick of older simple graphic games when you see so much better on Android or iOS
  • At the start of the first game's description:
    "Gameloft’s mobile Spider-Man title is based on the 2012 movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Watson."
    It was Emma Stone, not Emma Watson.
  • More like Emma who-cares... ;)
  • Whoa Whoa Whoa there Daniel!!  Emma Watson is one of the hottest actresses on this planet.  I care!! ;)
  • That's what I get for typing their names from memory instead of looking it up. And I would argue that Emma Stone is one of the hottest actresses in the biz as well. :-D
  • Agreed
  • Surely you mean Emma Stone? Anyone who fancies Watson is just wrong.
  • And what about one, such as myself, who fancies neither? What are you going to do about that?
  • I once read celebrity news that Daniel Radcliffe hangs out with Kevin Spacey and smokes cigarrettes.
    No, seriously, that was the "news".
    But anyway... point being... if you don't like either or both of the 2 Emmas,  I gave you the above bit of celebrity gossip for future spank material (let your imagination carry you awaaaaayy)
  • I'll just go ahead and say "no," as saying what I normally would say would surely cause problems.
  •  Well some like oranges, some like apples, some like Tobby Maguire or whatever....all good. 
  • Ok....I'll take both!
  • Daniel, you shock me too....
  • Emma Watson was the only reason I could stomach the Harry Potter series. I like that chick.
  • I'm not in celebrity worship ;) They're just regular people and no reason to fawn over.
  • We shall begin the deconstruction of the Dan Rubino worship shrine. And you forget about that star on the Windows Phone walk of fame now.
  • Just regular people who are known by pretty much the entire world and earn millions per month. Yes, just regular.
  • That's how I feel about most actresses and superhero movies in general right now. I'll stick to the buffet of sci-fi and sitcom shows that I watch.
  • Look at these comments, here we have two new Gameloft games, we should be pumped promises are being kept, I am for one. :)
  • That Spiderman game is awesome.
  • Spider man is not my thing, wish I made better use of my time to play games and study, I hope you enjoy it!
  • "Real Soccer"...'cause American's can't call football, football LOL Jokes aside, I hate football but since the game is free I might as well get it for some extra achievment points. As for 6.49€...LOOL I'll wait for the next store glitch to get it for free. Otherwise I'll pass on it. I'm not paying that for a smartphone game. No. freaking. way.
  • Well quality has its price and it seems like some people just keep complaining, no matter what.
    I'm very happy with those games.
  • That's why I'm not paying almost as much for a smartphone game as I pay for a PS3 or a PC game.
  • yea.. A pack of cigarettes is a far more better investment
  • What does one thing have to do with the other? (Besides, you just shot yourself in the foot. I don't smoke.) (Dear whomever edited my post without my consent: I noticed it.)
  • "more better"? Sounds like the cigs are gettin' to your head. :P
  • I buy multiple apps and games per month. If the prices are that high, my monthly app purchases will go over $40, which is not right. With a price tag of $2.99 for a game like this I can afford. This way I can keep my monthly purchases under $15-$20.
  • Of course, these are also really long games. They might cost more, but you can argue that you get your money's worth from the quantity of entertainment they provide.
  • Free for Real Football, that means pay in game.....:-(
  • Unfortunately.
  • I want to buy these games but my "other" storage folder are keeping all my free memory...ohhh wellsss...
  • Get this app called shrink storage it clears up some "other" memory
  • The price of Spider-Man is a big turnoff for me, so I'll probably steer clear. However, nice that they countered it with making Real Soccer/Football free.
    I was all thinking how awesome it would be if we got another game today. Then I saw that we got two and was excited. Then I stopped and realized I haven't finished Gun Bros. OR Asphalt 7, so it's not like I have time for new games anyway. It's just like how I was excited for (and then disappointed by) MLB 2K13's release, only to realize I haven't finished the previous 3 installments yet.
    Regardless, good job, Gameloft, and I hope they get the many customers they deserve. I know I'll be keeping my eye out for more of THEIR games to buy, unlike that dirty EA's stuff.
  • Wow 4gbs, that is a large chunk of memory.
  • You just need the 4 GB free to get the phone to allow the download. It will only take up the stated 809 MB once the install is finished.
  • Thanks, good to know, haven't got a wp8 yet but will in a month or so
  • It will take 809MB it the Apps storage and at lest another 809MB in the "other" section. And the other section won't get released when you unisntall the game.
  • Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!
  • Its sad but true :/ i just put up Large Videofiles and some  music on the Phone till it was full and gain 4 GB back on my 920, now i have over 20 GB again but it really took away this much space !!!
  • I'll dispute that. It might do that AT FIRST, but that's not a permanent thing. You can either sync a bunch of music to overload the phone's storage, or you can use the app Shrink Storage. In either case, those will cause the phone to release those unneeded files in the "Other" section. Example: After I installed Real Soccer 2013, my "Other" storage was 5.50 GB or so. I ran Shrink Storage (I would normally sync music for this, but the app is much easier to do this with), and it's now at 3.65 GB.
  • Well that's theory, but in practice Shrink Storage can free only 700MB of the 3,5GB of "other" on my phone.
    Oh, and 5.50 GB of "other" wouldnt even be possible on my 8GB Lumia 820. Right now "other" is at 3,88 GB and the phone has 3MB (!!) left.
    I didn't know the music/video trick. I would try it, but I have no space left to put any files, soo...
  • Meh. None of these were on my list of Gameloft games to buy but at least they're out of the way now. Wishing for Nova 3 next week.
  • Typical, moan when there are no games and moan when there are games but need to pay. Tip, if you're that hard up for this small amount of cash sell your phone and get a job, and come back in a few years.
  • LOL this cracks me up
  • Agreed.  I basically stopped reading comments on boards and sights because the vocal majority bitch and moan about anything and everything.  On this topic if it isn't moaning about "no gamezzz" it is the complaint "it should be free".  Then when it is free the complaint of advertisments or pay content is inserted. 
  • Not free but reasonable.
  • People will pay $5 for an over priced coffee that lasts 10 minutes but won't pay roughtly the same for a game they can enjoy for weeks.  Silly.
  • i don't have 4 GB free space ,, and wp8 does'nt allow to install on micro SD f**k this s**t :@
  • What's the toast notifications for?
  • In for real soccer skipping spider man. Not really into action games on mobile.
  • im on wp7.8...i feel like being forgotten by Microsoft once again...
  • As someone already stated, there's no way these games could get up and running on the older hardware. That, and porting them would have been too much of an undertaking and probably would have never even happened had the porting process for WP8 been less streamlined.
  • Look at it this way you wouldn't feel this way if you looked at tech and compared it to consoles and PC. I did not feel forgotten when crysis was released and my three year old PC could not run it at the time. Or new super Mario wii-u was released on wii-u and not the Wii.
  • WP7 has a weak Snapdragon S2. Even the best looking WP7 game isn't that great looking.
  • And what about 512mb users? Sad.
  • We'll check with Gameloft and find out if these will be updated for low-memory devices like they plan for Asphalt 7.
  • how about wp7.8 users??
  • They would need to completely reprogram the games from scratch because WP7 runs a different kernel than WP8 and the hardware is much different as well. So unfortunately, separate WP7 versions aren't feasible.
  • Can WP7 hardware even handle Asphalt 7?
  • If they made the graphics way worse it could. But the game as it is now could not run on WP7.
  • That's what I thought.
  • I doubt Gameloft will waste their time to make the game for WP7.X. WP8 is much easier to get ported games from other platforms. With WP7.X, they will have to start from scratch.
  • The kernel is not the problem, but the APIs, WP7.8 hasn't support for DirectX and native code that probabily are used by Gameloft for these games
  • Somehow I doubt that it is ram related. I think that the main issue is insuficient storage for lowend devices.
  • Two separate issues. Games can only take up a certain RAM footprint on low-mem devices. On high-mem devices they're allowed to utilize twice the RAM.
  • That's definitely not the case. If storage was the issue, then the addition of a microSD card would fix it. That, and the ONLY devices that could handle it would be the Lumia 822, Lumia 920, and HTC 8X. All of the other Windows Phone 8 Lumias have 8 GB of built-in storage, as does the 8S, I believe. However, the 810-920 devices all have 1 GB of RAM and can run these games, while the 520-720 and 8S have just 512 MB of RAM, and are listed as unsupported. So, it's clearly a RAM issue, not a storage one.
  • Been following this website for a bit now (since I got my lumia 920) so thought its time I joined. Best site around for my windows phone. Keep up the good work Paul.
    Anyway happy with the releases today, will buy superman to support gamesloft so these decent games keep coming. 
  • Thank you for reading, FastTrack! Article comments help show the app and game makers that our readers care about their products, so it's great that you've decided to comment as well. :-D
  • For $7, Spider-Man had better be a better be "Amazing".
  • great releases. thanks to nokia.
  • Nokia wasn't involved in these releases.
  • i dont think microsoft done anything so far for the platform. im sure that nokia is the one pushing gameloft.
  • It's not Nokia this time around.
  • Now tdkr, mc4, and nova 3...
  • Just finished installing both games, will try 'em out after I get home tonight. Thanks Gameloft!
  • woohoo !!
  • I was just about happy with 32GB on my 920, untill recently when all these games started coming out, I dont even have enough space on my 920... Next phone Nokia, needs at a minimum 32GB with MicroSD, if no SD, 64GB is the new minimum!
  • This is my issue.  I have to delete old titles to install new titles.  A bummer because any game saves will be deleted with the title.  Hope this is fixed, but I may never go back to the old games if I completed them anyway...
  • I want to get this but my phone is full, thanks to asphalt and it will be a long way to go before I will be finishing that game. It has multiplayer as well.
    MS should really allow us to move games to SD card.
  • Once you start a match there is no quit match function in this free version. Silly.
  • And no Messi in the starting line up of Barca :(. May be gameloft are planning to make money on that...
  • Meh. Spider-Man is too much money and Real Soccer requires more free space than I have. I'll just be glad that running Shrink Storage for the fifth time finally freed up enough space for me to download Asphalt 7 yesterday.
  • I just wish Microsoft would come up with solutions to back up your WP7 & 8 games saves for situations like this.
  • I agree. I won't be buying any more games until they allow for save data to be backed up.
  • Is there anyway to "purchase" these free games/apps that are for Windows Phone 8 while I have a Windows Phone 7 handset, that way whenever I upgrade it's already in my purchase history? Don't want to miss out on these chances.
  • Unfortunately no. Of course, if the game gets delisted in the future, having it in your purchase history won't help. Unlike Xbox 360, delisted games can't be redownloaded.
  • Yeah, I've had two games delisted. Shame, I'll never be able to complete them. Guess I'll just need to upgrade sooner then later, but I feel like I need to hold out just in case there are any surprises soon.
  • Yeah, if you can wait till the fall there's guaranteed to be a new hero phone that surpasses the Lumia 920. That is quite a few months off though.
  • I have been able to download games that were delisted directly to my PC from the online store using the download and install manually that allows you to put it on the SD card. The only thing is that game would still need to be comparable with the phone otherwise when the SD card is in it shows up as not comparable with the device. For example I had a WP7 where I had the Starwars games which got delisted a while back but was able to view them online and download them to my PC and loaf it on my SD card for my Nokia Lumia 822 but they won't play since they were for WP7 and do not work for WP 8 so can't install them.
  • I didn't realise one can do that. That should lower the space required to install by 800MB, shouldn't it?
  • €6,49 for Spiderman? Omfg...
  • Another XBL games I won't be able to play because of WP8's storage fiasco. Yay!
  • Just noticed that The Amazing Spiderman is one of those apps that is allowed to run in the background but can't be blocked manually. Weird! Hope it doesn't result in battery drain :\
    And why would Gameloft not allow users to disable it from running in the background? I was able to do that for Asphalt 7.
    Edit: never mind, after launching this game for the 1st time, and selecting "no" when asked if I wanted to enable push notifications, i was able to go to settings->applications->background tasks and disable this from running in the background.
  • I've yet to install Asphalt 7 and I'm hesitant to install these two as well because of the 'other storage issue. Can someone tell me how much 'other' storage space are we talking here?
  • Omfg. This ish is getting real. Next NOVA and Six Guns
  • tried spider-man now. great graphics. same as ios version. way cooler on bigger screen. waiting for real soccer to download.
  • spiderman is pretty cool. feels like the console game. only thing that lags is the web swinging, terribly slow and laggy. the demo is cool though, fighting is fluid as hell. gonna wait on buying this untill i see what else gameloft has up their sleeves
  • I have 1.22G avail but can't install on my L810
  • We do explain why that would be in this article.
  • I saw the reason for Soccor but not for Spider-Man...
  • not available for me in finland .. yet
  • Really glad to see these games finally come to the Store. Things are moving faster than I expected, Microsoft has been working hard. I'll buy these games for sure!