Amazing Weather HD updated with dynamic lock screens and more live tile options

Amazing Weather HD is one of the top weather apps available for Windows Phone hardware. The Windows Phone 8 version of the app has been bumped to 4.1 and adds two new features. While the app is a slightly heavy download (86MB), it has continuously been recommended by ourselves as one of the best weather solutions for Windows Phone.

So what's new?

Dynamic Lock Screens and the ability to mix and match live tiles provide consumers with more levels of customisation outside the app itself. The lock screens designs are nothing short of beautiful, with a number of styles and themes to choose from. While the aesthetics are more than pleasing, we're not being hit negatively for functionality.

Amazing Weather HD App

The themes to choose from include metro and the use of Bing wallpapers. There's a number of combinations to be used that can help keep the look of the lock screen fresh. We would like to see the ability to add your own wallpapers to the lock screen with Amazing Weather HD content on top, but we're sure this will arrive in a future update.

As for the live tiles, you can now "mix and match" styles and content on the front / back of all three sizes (wide, medium and small). The option to customise them to each city added in the app provides more flexibility and choice.

Overall we're extremely impressed with what developer EizSoft has achieved with Amazing Weather HD. There's a good reason we continue to recommend this app over the likes of Weather Flow, and the added lock screen support with high resolution icons and images make the experience that much better.

This update is for Windows Phone 8 users only? Correct, but the developer does note that Windows Phone 7.8 owners have not been forgotten. An update for legacy hardware will be published. 

You can download Amazing Weather HD ($1.49) from the Windows Phone Store (free version). Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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