Is Amazon the best place to buy Adobe Premiere Pro?

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro (Image credit: Windows Central)

Is Amazon the best place to buy Adobe Premiere Pro?

Best answer: No, Amazon is not the best place to purchase Adobe Premiere Pro. We recommend going directly to the source.Adobe: Adobe Premiere Pro ($21+ /mo)

Can you buy Premiere Pro on Amazon?

It's possible to find some listings for Adobe Premiere Pro and Creative Cloud in the form of yearly subscription packages, which result in you needing to activate a redemption code with Adobe. Thing is, Adobe allows you to pay for its Creative Cloud subscription service on its own website. All you need to do is create an account and enter some card details.

The company would then be able to immediately offer access to Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as set up automatic renewal plans for quick and painless payments. Going directly also means you get to choose how you wish to pay for Premiere Pro.

Do you want to pay per month just to see if it's what you need after a few attempt, or would you rather save some money per month and lock yourself into a one-year contract? You're going to need to create an Adobe account regardless as to where you buy the subscription code from, so you may as well use the Adobe website alone.

Buying outside of Adobe can be problematic

I've read horror stories of people purchasing Creative Cloud subscriptions from certain storefronts on Amazon and other stores only to have the redemption codes not work. This is obviously bad news as you'll need to deal with support channels to get a refund or another code. Adobe likely won't be able to help much here, especially if your code is sourced illegitimately from questionable websites.

That's why we recommend going through Adobe unless you can be sure you're buying a legitimate code. And even then, Adobe makes it easy to get started and you won't be saving that much money in the long run.

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