Amazon Echo's Alexa can now read your Microsoft calendar

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo's Alexa just got a little smarter with the ability to keep an eye on your Microsoft account calendar. As first spotted by The Digital Lifestyle, Alexa can now be connected to your Microsoft account for keeping track of upcoming meetings and other events on your calendar.

Echo Microsoft Account Integration

All you have to do to get started is head into the settings portion of the Alexa app or website and click on Calendar. From there, you'll see the option to connect either a Google or Microsoft account. Just click on the Microsoft option and you'll be prompted to log in and give the necessary permissions for the integration to work.

Using an Amazon Echo with Windows 10 is easy!

Previously, only Google accounts were supported, so this is a big deal for anyone who relies on Microsoft's ecosystem for managing their various calendars. And while it is possible to migrate Outlook calendars over to Gmail, not everyone is willing or able to abandon Outlook for the sake of Echo integration.

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