Amazon's Fire TV experience is built right into these new Insignia televisions

Amazon is partnering up with Best Buy once again to begin offering its Fire TV functionality built-in to Insignia televisions. Earlier during 2018, Best Buy announced that it would start selling Toshiba Smart TVs with the Fire TV experience built-in, and they were such a success that a new line of TVs from Best Buy's private label, Insignia, has been unveiled.

The original Toshiba Fire TV Edition televisions started at $329.99 and came in sizes of 43 inches, 50 inches, and 55 inches, while today you could snatch one from Amazon starting at $300. The new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions don't vary here; they'll be available at the same $329.99 starting price and in the same sizes.

Similar to the Toshiba line of televisions, the Insignia Fire TV Edition will offer 4K UHD resolution while integrating live, over-the-air channels with streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video. You won't need to plug in any dongles or anything like that; simply connect the TV to your home's Wi-Fi network and you'll gain access to thousands of channels, apps, and even the Amazon Alexa smart assistant. You'll also receive a Voice Remote with Alexa that makes it easy to locate titles, apps, or music; it can even control your smart home devices.

The new Insignia Fire TV Edition televisions are priced at $329.99 for the 43-inch version, 50-inch for $379.99, and 55-inch for $449.99. You'll find them now available exclusively at Best Buy's website and Amazon's, while physical Best Buy stores are slated to receive stock soon.

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