Amazon launches Prime Stations in the UK to get you jamming

Amazon has launched Prime Stations in the UK. The online retailer previously rolled out the feature – enabling those with Prime to take advantage of personalized genre-driven music stations – in the U. S., but now those in the UK will be able to tune into their favorite genres and enjoy. The feature is available to Prime members through the Amazon Music app on iOS, Android, Mac, PC, as well as the web.

The stations themselves are ad-free and are curated around a specific genre or individual artist. Utilizing a familiar rating system, listeners will be able to thumbs up or down each track played for the service to further personalize playlists. It's a neat feature that will certainly appeal to those who opt for choosing a genre (or artist) and hitting play. As noted above, you'll be able to enjoy Prime Stations on the web or using Amazon's Music app (opens in new tab).

Ready to get started? Hit the link below to learn more about Amazon Prime Music, its benefits, and to sign up for a free trial.

Learn more about Amazon Prime Music (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Would really love an Amazon music app for w10 mobile
  • And an Amazon Prime Now app
  • Yes
  • Amazon annoys me. Prime Video plays on the phone if you change it to "Desktop" browsing.  So it needs no Flash and totally works.  Except they don't allow it to work in Mobile mode. There's no bias there... Music does still need Flash, but an App would not be hard for them to write for desktop and mobile. Thankfully Pandora is excellent.
  • All media providers have restrictions of some variation. Which is annoying.
    For example, a series will be available as DVD only or a mixture of DVD and digital. Then the latest series is available on another service but not the one you're paying for. I don't pirate media and pay which leaves me with restricted access for digital downloads. Whereas those who pirate have immediate access to everything for free. So all media providers need to offer those paying customers access to all media so we can buy what we want when we want.
    So many film/music companies complain about pirate media yet do nothing to support paying customers gaining full access.
    Just following on from your comment......rant over :/
  • +950
  • I have amazon prime. I would like a Wm app to.
  • Same here amazon prime movies app would be great
  • Amazon Audible has a good app. Amazon shopping App is pretty crap.  Ultra crap on the desktop. Need Music and Video apps.  I watch Netflix using the Netflix app... sometimes I don't think they want happy customers to use their services. And then they have Cloud and Photo... but care a lot less about them.
  • Well.. why advertise for them if they cant show any love for windows 10 / windows 10 mobile. 
  • Well on the flipside they will get a bunch of angry mobs asking why they didn't cover it lol.
  • Don't know why people are complaining about the lack of certain amazon apps, they are just doing the same thing Microsoft is doing, going where their users are, or isn't that the argument?
  • You are such a tedious whiner.
  • It's odd they make a brilliant app like the audible app and then just ignore all the rest of their apps on W10M.
  • I remember MS used to own similar service that came with NDS deal. Then it was sold for pennies. Mastermind.