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Amazon Prime Video now available globally on Xbox One

Microsoft has announced (opens in new tab) that Xbox One owners in Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, and India can now download the Amazon Prime Video app from the Microsoft Store and start streaming on Xbox One. The Xbox expansion follows Prime Video's global launch to more than 200 countries and territories at the end of 2016.

Amazon Prime Video offers up a pretty extensive streaming catalog, though it may be fairly limited in certain countries and territories. Still, Amazon's originals, like "The Man in the High Castle," "Transparent," and "The Grand Tour," will now be available to check out on Xbox One in more markets. This also follows the official launch of 4K content on Amazon Prime Video for Xbox One earlier in 2017, which, of course, will also be available on the Xbox One X with its launch later in November.

Prime subscribers should be able to download the Amazon Prime Video app from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One now to get started. And if you haven't tried Prime Video, you can sign up at Amazon to try the service for $9 per month. Microsoft says that customers in New Zealand and Australia can sign up for $2.99 per month for six months, before jumping to $5.99 per month after. Brazilian subscribers can sign up for $7.90 per month for the first six months before increasing to $14.90 after.

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  • I have amazon prime video subscription in Canada and I have found exactly the same number of shows to watch on amazon prime video as number of comments on this post before I commented. Ironically enough I did find some good content in Indian amazon prime video  -_- 
  • Yeah, I'm curious how many people get Prime because they want the video. Maybe it's enough of a bonus to be the tipping point for somebody already considering Prime for other reasons, but I can't imagine anybody thinking $80 a year for that content is worth it. I would like to watch American Gods, but not enough to get another subscription service - and if we did do another streaming service we would probably go Crave before Amazon.
  • Yeah. I don't think a lot of people buy prime specifically for video. as you said it might just be a bonus to be the tipping point for few, very few people. Most peole like me, have amazon prime video coz they bought prime for other reasons. 
  • Would be nice to have a Windows 10 app
  • A Win 10 App would be awesome! Just so i can listen in 5.1 surround and maybe choose resolution, which the Browser version doesn't allow..
  • Exactly, Netflix have a really good WIndows 10 app
  • Amazon Prime has nice content, but nothing I haven't found on Movies & TV or even Netflix and Hulu, plus Amazon still has that cumbersome, annoying process of requiring you to purchase the content from a PC or phone and not directly on the Xbox or smart TV.  No other service I have does that. It is really irritating and always costs Amazon a sale unless they are the only source for something I want to see and that doesn't happen too often. C'mon Amazon, allow me to purchase directly on the Xbox or my smart TV, like everyone else does.
  • I always assumed that was Microsoft stifling competition to their movies nd tv content. On my bluray player I can buy content. Would like to see ms open that.