Amazon updates Kindle for Windows Phone 8 to include fast app resume, new Live tile and more

Microsoft has a fairly strong ecosystem when it comes to content. You’ve got Xbox Music and Video for your entertainment needs. However, there’s no solid reading ecosystem in place with them. Which is fine, because Amazon’s Kindle platform is tough to beat in both price and convenience. With Kindle you’re also buying into an ecosystem where your content is available on nearly any device you can think of – including Windows Phone. The app for Windows Phone was just updated today. Let’s check out what’s new.

The last update for Kindle on Windows Phone came out nearly a year ago last January. With it came support for double wide tiles and resolution support for higher-end devices. However, it lacked fast-app resume and other features we’d like to see in a Kindle app on Windows Phone. That was update 2.0, so what’s new in version that just came out today?

  • Fast app resume
  • Live tile with book progress
  • New wide tile image
  • Fixed: books loading blank pages
  • Fixed: Kindle Store links

Fast app resume is finally here in the app. Which is something we’ve been wanting for nearly a year. It works as advertised and we haven’t had any issues with it during the few moments we spent poking around the app. The new live tile with book progress is nice. It’s a feature that helps show off the strengths of the Windows Phone platform and we’re glad to see it come to Kindle. The app also has some bug fixes pertaining to the app previously loading black pages and broken Kindle Store links.

Download the update and let us know what you think!

Amazon Kindle for Windows Phone is free and available in the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR code below to download it or swipe to the right in our app.  

Thanks for the tip David!

Sam Sabri
  • Nice!
  • Good....
    ...but no news on Asphalt 7 getting a pretty good update. :)
    Seems to bring it on par with other OSs.
  • Asphalt 7? Or 8?
  • I got the update for 7 today already...958mb around
  • Which are the new things? Any changelog?
  • No changelog on the download, and I've yet to fire it up to see what is different.
  • We are missing a feature that android and iOS have.. The ability to sync personal documents..
  • yeah, i've been waiting for that feature, this update is welcome though, the loading was very bad before especially when it loads with no connection, often times just loads a blank page
  • Absoultely I have been pegging them on twitter about those features maybe we should do a hashtag or something?  Kidle #canwpviewpersonaldocs2  
  • Bah, still no comic book support. Good update however.
  • Comixology has an app for Windows 8 but oddly nothing in sight for WP8. Best app for comics imo.
  • Does comix support Japanese ones like narutard?
  • Amazon's support for WP is a little disappointing. I'm glad they even have apps for WP, but we're still missing ones like Amazon Instant Video, and apps that are on WP are missing features that the other platforms have. Here's to hoping for better support.
  • Personally I want Amazon Cloud Player.
  • Yea that app is needed and should be easier then a instant video app
  • Agreed. I have had been sure to give them feedback on that. Please make sure you do.
  • I won't renew my Prime and won't order from Jeff Bezos until his company releases more WP support.
  • You should tell Jeff that. :P I honestly couldn't go without Prime. I buy too much stuff on Amazon to not have it.
  • Oh yes.
  • Still no in text dictionary ability! :(
  • ^^This Still no ability to highlight/see highlights?
  • All of this.  The ability to take notes and highlight is important to me.  I figured that it would have shown up by now.
  • No highlighting and no note taking is no Kindle. This doesn't qualify as Kindle Lite. It ain't a book if you can't mark it up. Who is failing here - Microsoft or Amazon? I think both, since they both will lose business (as will Nokia).
  • Oddly, highlighting is one feature I really do miss. 
  • No dictionary, one font, no highlighting, no notes, no x-ray, no social features... I'm glad Kindle is providing updates but Kindle app for both Windows and Windows Phone is "C" grade compared to iOS and Android. I don't know whether producing a Windows Phone app with these features is technically difficult or expensive or whether the Kindle folks just don't think Windows Phone has enough customers to bother with it. Of course with no Kobo or Nook app in the ecosystem Kindle has no competition on Windows Phone from any major book retailer. I would be happy with solid performance and a built-in dictionary. I hope Kindle looks good on the 1520.
  • I wish they would update their Windows 8 app.  It is nowhere near as good as the Nook app at this moment.
  • Which has yet to be ported to WP8.
  • Can you buy someone an amazon gift card? I want to get the 48 saws of power in digital form but dont want to buy it myself. I'd like it as a christmas gift though
  • Yes, I do it all the time.
  • No relevant improvements after one year... Thank you Amazon!
  • Maybe it's because of their quarterly losses?
  • Good updates but I was really hoping they'd switch back to the old tile.  That orange is terrible!
  • Thanks for the Kindle update Kindel
  • Wow. I just complained about this app on Instagram on Saturday & now the problem is resolved.
  • quickly, start complaining about all the other apps that need to be updated or released!
  • Haha. Bitch some about Xbox Music and see what happens.
  • This. Gapless audio please.
  • Ok so I updated but I can't find the settings for the live tile can anyone help?
  • Does this app sinc reading progress with my kindle reader?
  • Yes
  • This is good to see but I wish Barnes and noble would bring nook to windows phone. Amazons' windows and Windows phone apps are average at best imo
  • I have no opinion on B&N, but I am curious what you find average about the Windows app. I actually prefer that one to the app on my iPad. I think we can all concur that the WP app is less than stellar.
  • The kindle for windows 8 app annoys the crap out of me with its page turns. The lag with switching between pages. I like the fact that the nook app gives you real page numbers vs the location thing kindle uses to tell you your place in a kindle book with the little progress bar. Half the time when you hit the store button on the kindle for windows 8 app, it will give you an error and you have to hit it again before it will open. These are just various things that annoy me when I use it with my surface. Also the nook app gives you the ability to sideload your own books and read through the app. You can't do that with kindle.
  • I too wish Barnes & Noble would produce an app for Windows Phone. I emailed them about a year ago to request one. They have a great app for Windows 8/RT, I use it daily, and I would like to be able to read those books and magazines on my phone.
  • Really missing in book search, highlight, notes, PDF support...glad it's here at all but still.
  • ^ This. Without search, programming, textbooks, and other reference books on both 8/RT and WP are useless. But for general reading, the Kindle apps have worked well for me.
  • Any chance that this version supports MOBI format files not from Amazon? I use Coffee Reader for this now, but would be nice to have it.
  • No, it does not. I was hoping for this as well.
  • Still get this " some content formats are not yet supported on kindle for windows phone 8
  • That tile design doesn't work with the light theme because most of the tile bleeds in to the white background. When the tile is medium-sized, the flip side (that shows the book cover) doesn't work in the dark theme because the left and right sides bleed into the black background.
  • And this is why the official Windows Phone design guidelines say to never have the tile art meet the edge of the tile ...
  • Still no magazine support which is the only thing I want.
  • They need to make fast app resume mandatory on all apps, especially ones just joining the Store. It's odd having some apps support it and others completely restart...just defeats the purpose of using the live tile or the app list to resume an app if it doesn't work for all of them.
  • All new apps created since the Windows Phone 8 SDK was launched have it automatically. It's only WP7 apps (and WP8 apps that have been upgraded from WP7) that don't have it by default. I don't understand why these apps lag behind as it's super simple for devs to implement.
  • I think they should allow Bingdrive/Skydrive support.
  • Love the new tile logo
  • I have been having an issue. Every so often about once per chapter, i get a blank page and i am missing a few lines. I have to change font size to get it to redraw properly and then its fine but grrrr   I hope this is fixed.
  • New live tile looks great on a white background
  • I can't believe that there is still no way to sync or view your entire Kindle library, including non-Kindle books. The feature to "Deliver to my..." any of my Kindle devices are also missing. Android and iOS have no problem with this feature. I really wonder if these omissions are a software or competitive limitation.
  • Aaaaand...still no orientation lock??? For shame!
  • STILL no dictionary support?  COME OOOOOOOON!!!!!
  • Great update! But the medium tile is horrible, it doesn't even say "Kindle" or "k". The small and wide tiles are great though.
  • Still no support for Japanese books.  This app is a textbook example of how WP continues to lag badly behind Android and iOS even when it "sort of" has the big apps.
  • Does Amazon have a catalog of Japanese books to read?  Last time I checked the selection was abysm, although it was hard to get Japanese ebooks at all in the US. 
  • Yes, they do.  They opened up KDP (their self-publishing program) to Japanese people something like a year ago, and have had good support for Japanese on actual Kindles as well as the Android app going back before then.  If you search the Kindle store for "Japanese edition" you'll find almost 16,000 Japanese ebooks.  At any given point in time around 50-100 of them are free on promotion.  You can find these by sorting by price from low to high.
  • This looks 1000% better than the bland orange tile before. As i only download and read Kindle books this app suits my needs and does all I want at present. Sweet.
  • Still no support for side-loaded books, but then that's just Amazon not the app I suppose. No cloud support at this update?
  • I wish Sony would get on board with their Reader App for WP8 and Win 8. I still have a credit with them that I would like to use. I have been playing with a Nexus 7 and the app is there but not very good. Want to dump the Nexus for a Dell Venue 8, but would really like this app available.
  • Hehe, I love my Sony eReader with stylus. I can draw and highlight like on real book pages. No app beats a real eReader when it comes to serious reading.
  • It's always good when one of the big names is available on wp8. But do people really read books on a smartphone? I don't know a single one so I'm not sure what to do with kindle on my 920.
  • I use my kindle to read at home and it syncs with this app, when i'm going to/from work (on the subway) i don't take the kindle with me I use my L920, which has a big enough screen for reading. This way I can use both devices without losing progress.
  • I use kindle on my phone all the time. Syncs well with my actual kindle. Any time in out and about it catch a few mins to read. It is a small screen but it works...
  • "Fixed: Blank page"
    (now please bring text-to-speech! :D)