Amazon's Alexa PC app now available on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10

Alexa PC app
Alexa PC app (Image credit: Windows Central)

Alexa Microsoft Store

As was hinted at in August, Amazon has finally brought its Alexa for PC app to the Microsoft Store. While the app was previously available outside of Microsoft's digital storefront for compatible devices, you can now download the app and manage its updates directly from the Microsoft Store.

This is a fairly big deal because it opens the Alexa app up to compatible devices running Windows 10 in S Mode, which are restricted to installing apps from the Microsoft Store. It'll also allow you to manage updates via the Microsoft Store alongside all of your other UWP apps.

Alexa for PCs has been available for several months now, but it got off to a rough start. The app allows you to tap into Alexa, using voice commands to do things you'd normally do with one of Amazon's Echo devices. You can control smart home devices, check upcoming events on your calendar, listen to audiobooks, and much more.

This comes after Microsoft's own digital assistant, Cortana, has cozied up with Alexa as well, allowing the two to work together.

If you're ready to give the app a shot, you can now pick up the Alexa app at the Microsoft Store. It's currently available in the U.S., UK, and Germany.

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