UWP Alexa app reportedly in the works for Windows 10 in S mode

Alexa PC app
Alexa PC app (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft and Amazon have been cozying up quite a bit lately, most recently by integrating their two digital assistants, Cortana and Alexa. There's also now a dedicated Alexa app available for select "Alexa compatible" PCs (though, it's questionable how useful it is in its current state). And while that's great for devices that are able to install apps from outside of the Microsoft Store, it leaves one particular group in a bit of a pickle: devices running Windows 10 in S Mode.

But that barrier may be about to come down, according to a report from German blog Windows United.

While demoing the current Alexa app at the Trekstor booth at IFA 2018, a Trekstor spokesperson informed Windows United that an Alexa UWP app destined for the Microsoft Store is in the works. The is expected to be available by the end of the year, according to the report.

Amazon hasn't yet confirmed that any such UWP version of Alexa is in development, but it wouldn't be surprising to see the app hit the Microsoft Store in a bid to net as many users as possible. Given the restrictions on Windows 10 in S Mode, this would be the only way to get the experience provided by the Alexa app for devices without switching out of S Mode.

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  • If it offers more features like the Android app, then Windows is all the better for it. As it is, using the web version gives you some bit of control and most basic functions, but it is missing the finer details like adding/configuring smart devices, Routines, Recognized voices, etc.
  • We need a UWP Amazon Video app too...
  • This even more than Alexa
  • I'm hoping for some kind of kindle edge extension or some kind of Books Anywhere type service so I can read my kindle books!
  • We need a Kindle app too.
  • I really don't get this. Aren't they supposed to be competing digital assistants? What's the end goal here?
  • I am thinking the end goal is that amazon and Microsoft are forming an alliance and Alexa will get all of cortana's features. Windows will eventually be only Alexa and it will take out a lot of googles market share with their assistant. Well, in the perfect world that's what would happen. MS has been known to screw EVERYTHING up on occasion.
  • Wen in India?
  • Wow, we haven't had a reason in a while to use the ole "when in India" tag line!
  • but but with UWP s***s, you cannot do anything /s