Latest Analog Clock Tile update adds multiple tile and custom background support

Analog Clock Tile is a popular app for Windows Phones that puts an analog clock on your start screen. The app has been bumped to version 3, bringing multiple tile and custom backgrounds support. It's quite the update and one we're sure fans of the app will welcome with unlocked lockscreens.

If you're not familiar with Analog Clock Tile, the app takes advantage of changes in Windows Phone 8.1 where Microsoft allows developers to update live tiles every minute, making a clock tile actually viable. This also means 8.1 is required to be able to use this app. Here's what is new in version 3:

  • Multiple tiles support
  • Custom background colors
  • Time zones support
  • Memory and bandwidth optimizations for low-spec phones

Now you can pin numerous clocks to your start screen. memory and bandwidth optimizations could prove to be a massive improvement alone for those rocking low-end hardware. Interested in trying out Analog Clock Tile? It's available for free on the store.

Download Analog Clock Title for Windows Phone (free)

QR: Analog Clock Tile

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Try out it's Beta too. Much better.
  • Where can I get that?
  • It's the same version now. Thanks :-)
  • Is it still taking ages to create a clock face ???
  • Not very long...
  • I use beta app and it's great favorite tile is wide text tile :-)
  • I'm using that one, I love it
  • I really like the geek (?) ones too
  • I was a part of the beta program, developer was very good at good communication for feedback.
  • Ya nice guy.
  • What about battery? Does it drain too much?
  • Gulps it.
  • I was just being cautios!! :D
  • Didn't notice any difference
  • Thanks!!
  • It takes less than 1% of battery per day for me.
  • Thanks.. Installing!! Good way to decorate start screen while adding functionality!!
  • Maybe I can see Microsoft implementing analog clock on the glance screen for windows phone
  • Why does this app needs to be on the phone since this Update...I can't move it from sd because my Ativ S is full to the limit :/
  • Background image on the phone please
  • Awesome!
  • Offtopic : How to change color of twitter tile?
  • Use any third party shortcut app. Like "Transparency Tiles" for Windows Phone
  • Just fyi, these type of tiles are static, not live...
    I don't mind for twitter, so um yeah :)
  • Transparent Tile Pack
  • Great job, love the new update!! 
  • Doesnt work on l730 wp10...
  • Scooby dooby d.o.o.
  • I want background wallpaper you used in the above screen shot can you sent the link please