Analyst IHS Markit almost doubles its 2017 Xbox One X sales forecast

IHS Markit provides information and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments around the world. They're involved with industries like aerospace, automotive, defense and technology.

A few months ago the firm said that it expected the Xbox One X to sell around 500,000 units in 2017. Note, the console launched yesterday, November 7, 2017, so this figure only represents the expected sales figures for a little under two months. However, based off of the popularity of the product, IHS Markit is raising the estimates. Piers Harding-Rolls, director of research at IHS Markit, said the following in a statement on GamesIndustry.

Feedback on pre-order volume for both the limited edition Project Scorpio Xbox One X and for the standard version of the X console has led us to increase our 2017 sell-through forecast for Xbox One X. The Project Scorpio limited edition pre-order strategy has been particularly effective in driving what is expected to be a robust launch week in key sales territories. IHS Markit has therefore increased its 2017 forecast from 500,000 to 900,000 units... A small share of PS4 Pro gamers that are keen to have the most powerful hardware for playing third-party published games are likely to shift their usage across to the new console.

Many expected the Xbox One X to not sell that well given its $499 price tag. It's definitely great news for Microsoft that this firm and other analysts are raising their estimates. Hopefully we'll know exact sales figures later in January 2018 when the lucrative holiday shopping season is over. If this trend continues then Microsoft may have another winner on their hands like the Xbox 360.

The Xbox One X launched yesterday and it's the most powerful console ever made. The device features 6 TFLOPS of processing power and 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM. In addition to that, the Xbox One X also contains a 4K Blu-ray player and offers a faster hard drive. It's still available immediately on the Microsoft Store.

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  • BOOM!! :) I love it! Sounds like I may want to buy some Microsoft stock again.
  • I need to get on there stock lol. Cant wait to get my Xbox x to
  • Why?  We've also heard this week that MS is 'committed to bringing more first party titles to the platform'. We all know by now that committed to X is code for, we're quietly figuring out how to shut it down or sell it off.
  • Aren't these the same guys that said the X was too expensive and it wasn't going to sell or was it some other analyst. Happy with my Scorpio(110" 1080p gaming ) and standard X(55" 4k gaming)
  • You got two of them? Lol
  • I have 2 Ss, about to replace one with an X. It's awesome being an adult with a decent job that decided not to have kids. Edit: And, 2 Xs for the price of an iphone, I don't see anything wrong with that.
  • Dude I hear you. I'm about to hook mine up to my 75" 4k set and buy some new games to play.
  • I also hear you.... Which is why I'm stuck playing my only XboX on my 3 year old 55" 4K only during late night hours. Kids are fantastic. =P
  • Yep, one for theater room the other for home office. Wish projectors kept up, not a lot of 4k projectors out. Hope Epson makes a 5050 that's true 4k since the 5040 is enhanced 4k.
  • That’s great news!  Just finished moving my Day One edition upstairs to replace my dead 360 and Wii.  Both died within two weeks of each other.  Got the X loaded up in no time in the Man Cave and was gaming within an hour.  Woulda been gaming earlier but UPS guy delivered my X to the wrong frickin house!
  • that's scary!!! Panic time!!! Glad you got it sorted.
  • Retiring my day one Xbox and replacing it with an X guess my son will want to upgrade his S as soon as he plays on the new console. My new LG OLED is waiting.
  • ...and I am happy with my 4K Samsung 40"...OLED, very nice...the new Xbox will put a smile on your face as well.
  • I cannot see anyone with a logical mind to purchase a 1080p tv when the comparable 4K version is so closely least here in Canada.  I also cannot see anyone who likes console gaming to purchase anything but an Xbox One X, since this console will display the best experience on a 4K screen and permit one to play 4K bluray movies. It only makes sense folks...oh, and my Scorpio Edition absolutely put a smile on my offers an experience I was hoping the PS4 Pro upgrade would do, but did not.  There is a visual differnce right out of the box even without many enhanced patches that are coming soon.  MS did deliver this time...the Pro is nice, but the new X is better and well worth the extra $100 investment...cheers.
  • I get that. However, from my experience the majority of games look better on a 1080p TV when you use an Xbox One X than a 4K display. For example, during some parts Assassin's Creed Origins goes down to 1700p on Xbox One X. This causes the image to appear slightly blurry but on a 1080p display it's always crisp and clear. There's less detail overall but there's no muddy effect. I can understand why someone would want a 1080p display just for the consistency alone.
  • "I cannot see anyone with a logical mind to purchase a 1080p tv when the comparable 4K version is so closely least here in Canada."
    Well, many people already have a HD tv or recently bought one so buying a new TV may not be a priority.
    Also I know you were talking about Canada but I don't think the difference in price between HD and comparable 4K isn't as close as you make it out to be. I saw it was around 40% on a site. The thing is that many average consumer still look at price as a priority.   "I also cannot see anyone who likes console gaming to purchase anything but an Xbox One X, since this console will display the best experience on a 4K screen" 
    Sorry but this sentence doesn't make sense if you look at what console gaming is all about.
    Console gaming is about compromise. It's been about game library over power. If a gamer's priority is best performances he would be playing on PC. It's as simple as that. I just wonder if you were promoting the PS4 since 2013 since that was the more powerful console? Something tells me that no... LOL I understand that you're trying to get people to buy the XB1x but at least try to make sense with your argument. Sorry but to me you sound like a used car salesman...