Android Pie brings full Xbox One controller support with button mapping fix

Xbox One Controller
Xbox One Controller (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you're fortunate enough to already have a phone running Android Pie, you may notice it works much better when paired with an Xbox One controller for gaming. As of Android's latest update, Google has added full support for Microsoft's controller, correcting some button mapping issues that players were experiencing prior to Pie's release.

Though Xbox controllers have been shipping with Bluetooth on board for some time, the experience of pairing them up with an Android device hasn't exactly been smooth. A number of users have reported issues with button mapping that hinder their usefulness. But, as spotted by XDA Developers (via The Verge), a Google engineer recently closed a bug report related to the problem on its issue tracker. "This bug should be fixed in P," the engineer said, noting that the bug report is now marked as fixed.

This is big news for a large swath of games, where ditching your digits for the elegance of a controller may be preferable. CNET reports, for example, that Fortnite will soon add Bluetooth controller support, making it much easier for those looking to jump between Xbox and mobile to do so without losing the finesse of a controller. This could potentially be big news for a future where Xbox games are streamed to mobile devices for triple-A gaming on the go.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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