Call of Duty 3 now playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility

Call of Duty 3, the World War II-themed first-person shooter from Treyarch and Activision that was released for the Xbox 360, is now available for the Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Call of Duty 3 was first released in 2006 and is the only major game in the shooter series that was made strictly for consoles; it was never released for the PC. It takes place after the Normandy invasion and has four single player campaigns (U.S., British/French, Polish and Canadian). It also contains several multiplayer modes.

John Callaham
  • keep them coming , this is one advantage for xbox one over Ps4
  • Loved World at War!
  • Awesome! Been waiting for this one. Hopefully the multiplayer is still active.
  • Why wouldn't it be?
  • Because it wasn't well-received and is, like, a decade old?
  • Then why put a game in back compatible if you cant play multiplayer...
  • Active, as in, popular. 
  • The issue is that the population might be near-zero. If the matchmaking is running, but not enough people are there to make a lobby, then it is kind of a mess.
  • Because some of us don't give a rat's butt about twitchy multiplayer? Campaign is all I care about. Always annoying when people think only what they care about is what everyone cares about.
  • LOL, nice hypocrisy.
  • What's the hypocrisy? I noted what I care about. I didn't say they shouldn't release the product if it isn't exactly what I care about (like swizzlerz). He basically said that because he thought it only had single player and he didn't want that, they shouldn't release it to backward compatibility.
  • Well, I first think Swizzlerz mistakenly took the interpetation to mean that they stripped out game functionality. IF you're doing that, his point is more valid. As for your hypocrisy, maybe I picked the wrong word a bit. However, you get on those people who only care about multiplayer, saying you only care about campaigns, as if what you care about has bearing. Injecting your personal opinion into the matter while trying to tell someone that personal opinion shouldn't be the driving force, seems hypocritical to me. Then there's the clear attempt at disparaging people who like the multiplayer with frequently used insults of calling it a "twitch shooter," which people use to attack games like CoD. Basically, your point was fair, that only considering personal views isn't a good way to gauge the whole, but delivering that with crude remarks and personal opinion seems to just hurt your argument.
  • Much better post. I don't really agree... I don't mind others expressing what they like or don't, as long as they don't tell me what I should like or that something is worthless because they don't like it. I was definitely being a bit scrappy of course, but i think that's ok here. ;-)
  • Because some people rather enjoy a solo story driven gameplay mode better than multiplayer maps with annoying kids.
  • .
  • This. I like multiplayer and play it a lot, but I am really fond of the older CoD games. They started to go a bit down hill in recent years, I think the main reason most people are buying the newest is to get the MW Remaster lol.
  • By far the best CoD multi-player to date. Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • It'll be at least you and me ;)
  • Well if I buy the game well im sure I have played it... I will just play it on 360. :) where more people are playing the multiplayer
  • What do you mean on 360 where more people are playing the multiplayer? You can play a BC game on Xbox One against Xbox 360. There aren't separate servers for those on BC, that wouldn't make sense.
  • Im being dumb as a joke ;)
  • I want remastered!!!!
  • The unranked matches are still active, not so sure about ranked.
  • Of all the games...
  • Watch the prices rise on pre-owned copy's of this
  • Although you can just get the game off the Xbox Store as well if people are cool with digital.
  • Yes! This is my least favorite of the series, but I would like to finish my veteran play through...
  • I know the feel, the only single-player achivement I never got in CoD 3 was finishing on Veteran.
  • We need MW2
  • I need more in life than a game lol
  • Nice,  I miss this one, maybe I'll finish it up for the achievements
  • Can't wait MW3 ! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Played a lot of multiplayer on this game.
  • This was back when entire major factions like the French weren't removed and made into Premium DLC (cough cough Battlefield 1).
  • If I recall, this seemed to be the first cod where your ai squad mates would actually advance a bit in front of you, and you didn't have to be first around every corner. I've dug out my copy to play campaign a bit again.
  • COD 2/3 are the same game and are the best WWII games ever made. I enjoyed all of the later ones, but these 2 were the standard.  
  • They're actually incredibly different games made by two different developers. I have no idea how you can say they're the same game, I'm not even sure they're in the same engine, physics for one is completely different in each.
  • OMG yes! I love CoD 3, this makes me super happy.
  • I think I'll buy this on the store just for nostalgia's sake. I bought this when I'd just started moving into my current house. My partner and I were so excited we moved in with just a bed, the TV and a few belongings while we waited to move the rest of our belongings in a removal van. I played CoD 3 sat on the floor with her with just two beanbags, the TV, my 360 :)