Another LG Windows Phone render revives rumors of a return, this time on Verizon

A render of what appears to be an unannounced mid-range Windows Phone made by LG with a Verizon Wireless logo is making the Internet rounds today, but no other information about the alleged device has been revealed.

LG Windows Phone Render

The render was first posted at Neowin, via a unnamed source, and shows what appears to be virtual buttons on the bottom, which may or may not indicate a device with some low-end or even mid-range hardware.

The article didn't offer any other information about this device, including specifications, a timeframe for release, or pricing. The render itself is incredibly generic, not lending much to get excited about at this time.

Long, dubious history

This render is just the latest in a series of rumors over the past couple of years about LG returning to make Windows Phone devices, none of which have born any fruit so far. The company was one of the first manufacturing partners to work with Microsoft when Windows Phone 7 launched in 2010, but the firm has not released any new devices for the OS since that time.

In 2012, Windows Central managed to acquire the LG 'Fantasy', a prototype device with support for NFC (a first for Windows Phone at the time). However, that phone never made it to commercialization.

In 2013, some rumors claimed that LG would make a new Windows Phone product but those reports were quickly denied by the company. In 2014, a "leak" of another LG Windows Phone render was later shown to be a hoax.

AdDuplex recorded what appeared to be a new LG Windows Phone in its in-app stats in July 2014. However, so far there's been nothing to suggest that the device is being launched anytime soon.

Will LG return to Windows Phone for real this time? Without more information, we have to remain cautiously optimistic. It would seem odd for some carrier releases pre-Windows 10 at this point, but predicting Verizon's behavior is never easy.

In addition to this phone, according to our reporting Verizon is still planning to launch the Lumia 735 sometime in May.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham